Saturday, July 25, 2009

Brandon has done a triathlon!

That's right. Read it. Take it in. The former fat kid actually is now a triathlete. I'm as shocked as you are right now, and it's going to take some time to soak in, but it will, and once it does, you will get a great race recap. Right now, I'll give you a quick summary of how it went...then you have something to look even more forward to next time I blog! Oh, pictures will follow too. Steve in a speedo will be happy.

- getting there early is good
- clouds are a blessing
- swim didn't go so well
- glad I practiced transitions
- best ride of the season
- didn't struggle on run, just slow
- what the hell is T3?
- demons got chased away at the finish

That's a quick quick recap. Be prepared for more...probably tomorrow. Thanks to all of you who read our blog and support us. Your support did not go unnoticed today.

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Dr. J said...

Good for you both, TRIATHLETES!!!