Saturday, May 31, 2008

Stupid Sports Asthma

Followed the boy on a run today - I was going to do the whole two miles that he did, but I just did not have it. Near what was probably going to be the end, I started having an asthma attack ... for the first time since running at Red Rocks. This obviously did not please me.

Still, after mapping it out, I figure I did 1.65 miles in 16:41ish ... which is basically a second faster than yesterday. Crazy, I know ... especially since it was hot as hell today and it took a while for my legs to get into it.

A pretty crappy workout

Hoped to improve on my last couple runs and really see something in myself. Yeah, didn't happen today...

Used the Nike+ thing to run 2 miles. It is cool because it tells you when you have done .5, 1 mile, etc. It even counts down from 400 meters to the final destination. The girl followed me today. I had no destination, no real place to go, just was having a run. And goddamn did it not go as well as I wanted it to. I think my time was like 17:49 or some shit like that.

Really hot out, and humid. I slugged my way through it, but was hurting very badly. I haven't had a workout end in tears yet...until today. A lecture from the girl lifted my spirit, however.

Time to take a couple days off from running...

Friday, May 30, 2008

Closer to my goal

Although yesterday we didn't technically "work out" we did walk around the zoo laughing at all the dirty hookers. It was nice to get a little working out in while still having a day off. However, today it was time to climb back on the horse and get to work.

Went for another run around the neighborhood. I changed up my playlist a little prior to the run to get me a little more variety (hooray for The Used and Cary August!) and again let T take the lead to start us off. We ran up a hill that was just a bitch. Honestly, after that, I could have died, but still, did good.

Ran 2.35 in 20:28 for an 8:41 minute per mile pace. 11 seconds away from my pace goal. Need to get consistent with this's hoping...

Good Run of the Week

Looking back over my runs lately, I've realized that I typically have one good run a week. As of right now, this week's good run was today.

Decided to get in an evening run, running a harder neighborhood route (go down the hill ... and then back up a bitch of a hill and then down and up a better but still evil hill). Ended up completing about 2.09 miles in 21:10 for just over a 10 minute mile (10:07, to be exact). Which isn't bad, but I need that loooooower.

My goal for next week: have all my runs at the 10 minute pace and my good run to be just below.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Need for Speed

So Brandon wanted to run today and even though I had a crappy ass workout this morning, I decided I'd run again with him ... partially because I need to and partially because I don't want him getting lost. ;)

In any case, we just did some random loop around the neighborhood though our final stretches ended up being a bit different due to miscommunication. I ended up doing about 2.33 miles in 25:05 ... which still puts me at a 10:45ish mile which is CRAP. I need to get a lot faster than that, let me tell you.

I mean yes, I could blame my legs, but they were feeling okay once I got into a groove. I could always blame my stupidity for wearing a sweatshirt (later, cooler ... but stupidly humid) which made me uncomfortable about a half-mile in ... but oh well. I guess it partially goes back to the lungs in all honesty - I just don't have it yet. I need to find it though, and soon.

Running with good news!

After a stressful day of a job interview (which I got! Go me!) the girl and I ran, even though our muscles were in oh so much pain!

We stretched out REALLY good and the girl took off while I coordinated the Nike+ thing. I eventually caught up to her and was actually feeling pretty good. Along a trail, she told me to go ahead and would meet me at home, so I kicked it up slightly and kept going.

Got some of those side pains along the way which slowed me WAY down...I gotta figure out how to prevent those things. According to the Nike thing, I ran 2.35 miles in 20:59, which averages 8:54 per mile. Not too bad, but could be a lot better. I will continue to push myself and improve.

Tomorrow...who knows...

Legs = Dead

While Brandon is interviewing this morning (good luck baby!), I decided to use the time advantageously by working out in a way he can't yet - by riding my bike. Haven't ridden since last week, so I figured I'd get a ride in. I knew it would be interesting since my legs are still toast from Monday (my quaaaaddddsssss), but I also had to get a ride in.

Sooo, I left the house and decided to do the 470 trail despite it being ridiculously hilly. Oh, and it's windy out. I went the E-470 route first ... got to Peoria and turned back around. Didn't want to quit there, so I went up to Quebec on C-470, turned a little and then wound my way through the neighborhood and the park back home. All in all, I did 8.38 miles in around 38:30 ... which equates to a crappy, crappy 13mph or something. Without the wind, hills and jello legs, that would have been a lot better. But, at least I got out there, right?


Running later with the boy.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We feed off each other

Went back to the gym today (what what!) and worked the arms and core. Legs are a little sore from yesterday (stupid calves).

T and I started off with the ball twist things on the incline situp machine. We also did planks, reverse ab crunches, and this other leg thing where you push down on your partners legs as they lift them up. Hurt like hell.

Then arms. Started with curls, then we did tri's. Introduced shoulder raises today and also worked a little on the back with seated row.

Job interview tomorrow, and run. Run a lot.

Pump It Up

Didn't run today (oh, the leg soreness ...), but did get back to the gym to lift the core and upper body.

As I said, we first did the core. We did these ball twist things on a decline ab bench (start in situp position; take medicine ball, rotate to side, sit back up, pass ball off, return to starting position, rinse, repeat), planks, reverse crunches and this other ab thingy where you keep your legs in the air, your partner pushes them down and you raise them back up. They suck - that's all you need to know.

From then on, it was trainer Brandon and arms. We did some curls, lying tricep extensions, shoulder raises and seated rows. Doesn't seem like much, I know, but I'm sure I'll be feeling it all in the next two days!

Here's hoping the weather's good tomorrow for cardio purposes ...

Monday, May 26, 2008

Crappy Swim + Legs

Ended up doing a late workout with the boy. We decided to lift legs and swim - today probably would have been a running day had not the weather been total crap.

Anyway, legs. We started off with some lunges to warm up - first some diagonal (hockey) lunges and then some regular lunges with a rear leg extension. From there, we did some weighted squats, angled leg presses, standing calf raises and hamstring ball thingys.

After that, we hopped in the pool - albeit reluctantly, since it was a bit murky. It also ended up being really warm, but we figured, "eh" and went for it. I did 100m to start off and about died - just didn't have it today. So, instead of doing the "swim sprints" I attempted last week, I swam regular laps when I could and then just functionally goofed off with Brandon. We did sprints to see how fast we could swim, resistance drills (try to swim with the other person holding on to your legs), etc. In other words, not the greatest pool workout, but I'll take it.

Tomorrow - running, despite what I'm sure my legs will say.

Leg workout and swimming

I am SO taking advantage of the gym membership I am paying for. ;)

Went with the girl tonight for a bit of swimming and leg work. We did the leg work first. Warmed up with some lunges but twisted them a bit. Diagonal lunges, followed by the lunges that T does where you kick your leg out. We then did some body squats with some weight, then I made T and myself do the angled leg press. I threw a lot of weight on and had no problems. We topped it off with standing calf raises and what T calls hamstring ball thingies.

After that we swam. I swam 100 yards crawl right off the bat and felt a little tired, but pretty amazing. I then helped my girlfriend work on some form and technique and we continued to swim some laps. All in all, I swam about 400 yards. Not too shabby. We also did a little resistance training in the pool, as well as had a little fun. :-)

Run a little tomorrow afternoon or evening.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Relatively Disappointing Run (x2)

Back outside to run today and it really wasn't a good one. Did 1.85 miles in 20:38 which equates to a little over an 11 minute mile. Given that I've typically been averaging somewhere between 10 and 10:30 for my mile times, this was a little disconcerting. Yeah, I could blame it on the wind, or the sun, or the hills, or anything, really, but I'd rather not.

Oh well, just more motivation to keep working harder ...

First run with the Nike+ = not good

My new motivating tool is here and it's time to use it! The girl and I had a little chit-chat this afternoon about some shit and hugged it out. After that we squeezed in our exercise for the day.

Just a run around the neighborhood with my new Nike+. I couldn't tell if it was working or not, but eventually figured it out. My shoes were acting up today as well for some reason, but whatever, I pushed myself through it. According to the Nike thing, I ran 1.93 miles in 20:26 for an average mile of 10:25. Certainly not where I want to be, but I figured with 3 stops to fix my feet, it's not that bad?

I dunno.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Nike+ is now in my arsenal

I really am determined to become a good runner, no matter what I have to overcome. I took it one step further by buying the Nike+ system. Basically it syncs a workout that I do to iTunes, which in turn can be loaded onto which can track my progress and help me achieve my goals.

Another step in my New Years resolution of staying motivated.

Running Again (and a whole lotta walking)

Brandon comes back in town - I run again. Woot!

Anyway, he and I needed to do some shopping at the mall so, given gas prices and the fact that we needed to run, we decided to lace up and jog on over to the mall. We didn't quite make it to the door (he can blame me on that), but with lights and everything, we ended up doing about 1.8 miles in a little over 19 minutes. Not great, but not awful, either. Brandon was upset with his performance, but I had to remind him a.) he's back at altitude and b.) he didn't properly hydrate himself as usual. Therefore, I thought he did fine. Silly boyfriend. :-p

Anyway, since we ran to the mall and had bags, we naturally had to walk back home. Feet are killing me, but it was a good day for cardiovascular activity nonetheless.

Slight Setback

I don't know what it is lately with my running, but it's not going very well at all. T and I decided we would run to the mall to do a little shopping and walk it back. I figured no problem at all.

Turns out running 1.8 miles is for some reason ridiculously hard for me. About 1.2 into it, I started getting the classic side pain cramp things that for whatever reason pop up regardless of how much I hydrate. Today there was very little hydration, but I digress. I should have been easily been able to make it to the mall, but came up well short before I couldn't run anymore.

Not only that, but on the way back when we were walking, I was feeling pain in my left quad. I should not be at this point. This sucks.

this title edited by T.

Finally in Denver...let's go lifting!

I drove 14 hours today and am beginning a new chapter in my life. That new chapter will include more weightlifting and working out, as I FINALLY get to be with my workout partner, or as she calls me, her WBB (workout buddy boyfriend).

We went to 24 really late. We warmed up with 10 minutes on the stairs, which was brutal for whatever reason. After stretching, I took over the routine. I introduced T to the Turkish Steamroller. We just did one set of those. We also did crab walking on the ball, again, one set. She then showed me a good core workout in which I'm lying down and sort of twisting with a medicine ball.

Followed all this up with shoulder presses and curls, of course. Girlfriend said she wanted to work on her weak tri's, so she did some lying tricep extentions. Finally, we finished it off with lat pull downs. Shot some hoops, which made me feel like the most pathetic white boy to hit the court since Greg Kite.

Run tomorrow.

Late Night Lifting

Sooo ... my workout buddy is here! Brandon has officially (well, kinda - hasn't moved his crap inside yet) moved out to be with me. As a result of him not working out in a day or so, we went to the gym tonight and lifted.

Oh, first things first - I didn't bike today because of wind. Stupid wind ...

Anyway, decided on a new warmup - 10 minutes on the stepmill. After that, we stretched out really well and then it was on to the lifting. We started off with some turkish steamrollers, which were weird, but good. After that, we crab-walked and I showed Brandon a new ab workout. From then on, it was all weights, doing shoulder presses, dumbbell curls, lying tricep extensions and lat pulldowns. We then showcased our mad skillz (ha, right) in basketball, shooting a few hoops. All in all, a good workout with my boy. :)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pool Rockstar

Was going to go on a ride today with the brother, but he didn't have time and it ended up being uber-windy (i'm a lot farther south than the where the tornadoes were, but still, man!). Therefore, I decided, "I think I'll swim instead."

So, I hauled my butt to the gym. Started off with a nice, easy warm-up - 7min walking on the treadmill, but I did get up to a 4.0 incline at one point ... I then stretched out really well which felt unbelievably good. I then did a bunch of ab/lower back (read: core) work and I honestly don't remember all I did. I know that I was in the middle of some regular and side (hyper)extensions when my head started pounding. I thought it may be the random blood sloshing around in my head thanks to the raising and lowering of said melon. In any case, I decided that was enough of that and hopped in the pool.

Today's pool workout was, once again, entirely breaststroke. I just decided to start swimming and keep swimming until I didn't feel like I could swim anymore, pausing only to switch directions (have i mentioned i need to learn flip turns?).

Well, this rockstar did 1000m!!!!! About halfway through I could barely see out of my goggles. Around 75m after that, I noticed my cheeks felt weird (and still do) thanks to me exhaling underwater. Finally, at around 955ish, I started to feel a bit nauseous, so I called it quits after I finished that lap. It took me about 25 minutes to do said 1000m which I'm pretty happy about. I definitely didn't swim all that fast, but I kept going and going and going! When I finally stopped, I also finally felt that my goggles had been seriously digging into the side of my nose/face. Ow.

Biking tomorrow. No matter what. Plus, probably something with the boy in the evening since he comes back! For good! :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Easy" Day

My gym day was much like the boy's - intentions on being much, much better, but the reality fared much differently.

Me, I first did my 10 minute recumbent warm up (keeping my rpm's at 80 - gotta work on that cadence!) and then stretched out really, really well.

I was initially going to run outside today, but after waking up late and seeing it really windy, I figured I'd just do the 2/3 sprint workout on the treadmill. Buuuut, after 20 minutes (3.5mph/6.0mph), my body just wasn't having any of it, so I said, "Fine, self, you won today, but I'm still taking you on a nice long bike ride tomorrow! Oh, and we're lifting too," and left.

I know that some days, you've just gotta listen to your body and today was one of them.

Although, I also know one of my big issues today was my diet - I ate like crap today. Thanks to the failed bodybugg experiment, I did actually learn a lot about how my body reacts to certain foods. Note to self: eat more, and eat better (and add in some more protein).

extremely angry right now...

Right before I left for my workout tonight, my stomach just didn't feel right. In fact, it was pretty much upset all night. Nevertheless, I took my ass over to the gym and was determined to run tonight. I want to start pushing myself beyond the 3 miles, so that when I actually run 3 miles, it seems easy.

Yeah, didn't happen tonight. I stretched really well and even foam rolled my legs, which felt stiff and sore from yesterday. I hopped on the treadmill and got going. The first 1/2 mile was a breeze at 7.5, but after that, I started struggling. Not with the running, but my stomach was really hurting. I took it down to 6.0 for the next 1/2 mile, but frustrated by how slow I was going, kicked it up to I think 8.0? Didn't work, and at 1.4 miles, shut it down. Frustrated and hating myself, I left the gym after kicking the shit out of the fucking punching bag.

Seriously, right now, I am so pissed at myself...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Taking my frustrations out on the weights

As I was driving to the gym, I felt very strange, almost like I was watching myself drive. Out of body, perhaps? I don't know. Either way, I felt very determined, with laser beam focus.

I warmed up with 10 minutes on the bike. Just wanted to get the blood flowing and a little cardio in. Mostly today though I wanted to blast my entire body. I went over to the wall and did some crab walking. After that, I did some seated shoulder presses with more weight than I usually do. I then did some curls with 30 lb dumbbells.

Followed it up with some seated rows. Then I finished it off with the Turkish Steamrolls. I was still feeling ambitious, so I worked my calves quite a bit and even decided to do a round of lunges! I don't honestly know what came over me with that, but I did them, and it felt glorious.

Tomorrow I will run. A lot. I've done pretty well working out this week and will keep it up. Again, will be easier once I'm in Denver, which looks like it will be Friday. :-)

Cadence Ride

As I alluded in an earlier post, I finally have a road bike! It's a gorgeous Trek 1.2 WSD, 2008 model. Of course, thanks to my crazy brother, I also now have clipless pedals and cycling (technically tri-specific cycling) shoes. Oh, and a cyclometer.

The cyclometer is actually really nifty. I'm learning a lot of new things about cycling - mainly, your cadence (feet rpms, basically). You can go however fast or slow you want, but you do it with gears - not by speeding up your feet. It's more efficient or ... something ...

Anyway, my brother wanted to go for a ride today so we tossed our bikes in the back of his truck and drove to the Platte River trail which, in its entirety, is about 60 miles round trip (south end of town to north end of town and back). We weren't that crazy - we just went to about downtownish (c-470 to alameda, basically) and back for a total of 24.16 miles in about 90 minutes (stops not included in time), for an average speed of about 16mph. The actual speed on my cyclometer varied as I was told that it didn't matter how fast or slow (though, the brother advised me to stay around 15mph - trail speed limit - to start) I was going, just to keep my cadence at around 80 (72-90 range).

Trip average cadence? About 78. It was at 76 when we decided to turn back around, so I did a much better job keeping my cadence even on the way back. Go me!

Now, to decide if I want to do something else today or not ...

Monday, May 19, 2008

Legs and Pool

As I hoped I would, I made it to the gym tonight for workout #2 of the day - lifting legs and swimming.

I believe I said earlier that I wanted to lift more, so off to lift I went - legs today. Started off with a combo weighted lunge/rear leg extension and mixed those with some wall sits. I then did some seated calf extensions in hopes of getting my calves to the awesomeness they attained last year. From there, sets on the seated leg press, the seated leg curl and the seated leg extension. The leg extension, for quads, ended up being a pain since the 5/10lb stacker thingy wasn't working so my options were 60 or 80 pounds. Well, 60's too low and 80's a bit much for me right now. Therefore, I had a choice: do lots of reps with low weight (what i probably should have done) or few reps with high weight (my ultimate choice).

From there, I was off to the pool. I was going to start off the same way I did last pool session, but for some reason my arms were dead. Therefore, I ended up just doing my crappy version of a pool sprint workout:

4x100m (though not horribly fast 'cuz my arms were killing me for whatever reason)
4x50m (better ... tried to speed it up a little. arms were also feeling a bit better - warmed up, probably)
4x25m (sprinted; did each one in about :30)

So, I ended up doing a total of 700m - not bad. My pool workouts are already longer this year than they were last year plus, now that I've decided on this total breaststroke thing, much more efficient.

Up for tomorrow: A ride with my brother to test out the new wheels. I'm excited. I may do some speed/quick feet drills too ... they're not necessarily tri-training stuff, but good to do anyway.

A cold run

Ran outside tonight even though it was ass cold outside. (mid 40's)

I wanted to time myself today to see how I'm doing in terms of minutes per mile. I need to step up my cardio a bit so I can improve on my 5K times. It's not enough to just get the cardio in now; it's time to make the improvements necessary.

I ran the route around my neighborhood that I ran the other night, with one extra loop. On running map, I mapped it out to get a total of 2.47 miles. Based on my iPod, I got a rough time of 21:30, which amounted to 8:42 per mile. Not too bad. Obviously would like to get that down, and will in time. Running with the girl is easier and more fun, anyway. :-)

Found Motivation

I took yesterday off for two reasons:

1.) I'm sunburned from walking the other day. When fried by the sun, I have little to no energy. Stupid sun.
2.) Pretty much all of yesterday was spent bike shopping. I did get a bike which I'll drool about when I actually use the damn thing. I did get a marginal bit of exercise while test-riding bikes, but not really enough to write home about (or, in my case, blog about).

After staying up almost all night thanks to picking my drunk-ass brother and a few of his drunk-ass friends up from a bar, I slept in reeeally late today. As a result, motivation was low to actually get off my own rear end and do something. However, with that ever-looming tri deadline (76 days), I forced myself to suck it up, endure the pain of squashing my sunburned torso into a sports bra and go for a run.

1.73 miles and 17:29 later, I was back home, feeling sweaty but glad I went. I totally forgot to register myself for hockey tonight, so instead I think I'll just go lift later and maybe swim if I'm ambitious enough ...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I like the gym when it's quiet

After a talk with Theresa last night, my motivation is near an all time high. So today I went to Gold's for a pure weightlifting session.

Started the session off with straight curls, but with a lot more weight than I usually use. I did three sets of 10. I then went with shoulder presses, of course. 3 sets of 10 with 30 lbs. Again, more than I usually use. I moved over to the room with the bag then and hit the bag for a few minutes. Felt real good to take out the anger and aggression with tons of hammer punches.

I grabbed a 10 lb dumbbell and did Turkish Steamrolls (situps, but it's funnier to say steamroll). I will make sure that Theresa gets a few of these in when I am out there!

I finished it off with dips and pullups. Tomorrow I will definitely fun, probably a lot. I only ran about 6 miles this week. Ideally, I would like to run 15-20, so next week I will really focus on that.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

A midnight run

After a revelation this morning, I realize that I need to kick my ass into high gear. So after the girl reminded me to go run (thank you T), I said goodbye to my buddies and drove home to change into running gear and go for a late midnight run.

I really didn't care where I was going or how fast I went, I just wanted to run. I basically just ran around the neighborhood, not knowing how far I was actually running. I didn't care.

Made it home without getting hit by a car. Tomorrow I think I will do a 2 a day, because like I said, there was a revelation this morning that is going to change everything.

Like a Mermaid ...

... kinda. If you recall my last blog about swimming this past Thursday referenced here, you read that I had to come to a decision on how I was going to do my swim training. In a conversation with Brandon later that night, we decided it would be best for me to do the majority of my training in my strongest stroke - the breaststroke - and one swim day a week (hopefully of three), I incorporate some freestyle/crawl stuff in to the mix. This is partly to keep it up and partly to see if it gets any stronger. After the tri (78 days!), I'll flip my swimming - hoping I keep it up, that is - swimming more in the more efficient crawl and use less breaststroke for my next race.

That being said, today was aaaaall breaststroke and in about 25 minutes, I swam a total of 800 meters. When I got in the pool, I told myself I was going to start swimming and not stop until I either couldn't breathe, got overly fatigued or both (excepting, of course, my jerky turns at the wall). Well, I did 400 meters before stopping. I probably could have gone further, but my arms were getting a bit sore thanks to the lifting I did yesterday. Silly flyes ...

After a pause to catch my breath, I proceeded to do another 150m (though it may have been 200m; lost count, so i went for the lower number), stopped and then finished up with another 250m for a total of 800m, "sprinting" the last 25m. The best part about all of this is that it made me feel a LOT better about the swimming portion of my triathlon, knowing that I will have the endurance to make it the half-mile on race day and I'll do it in a quicker time than last year.

In a week or two, I think I'll start incorporating some sprints into my pool workout and see what that does. I'm not really timing myself right now because I'd rather just get to the point where my body feels good doing the longer distances. It's sort of my philosophy with running - get somewhat to the point where my lungs/feet/legs can actually handle the longer distances and then incorporate speed work. Though, admittedly, I add in running sprints anyway ...

Walking and Sprinting

Today will be another two-a-day day ... especially since my earlier workout was kind of crap.

Anyway, since I have the worst luck when it comes to tires, I had to go drop my car off and get a nail out of my front driver's side tire and have it patched. Tire place says it'll be about an hour, hour-fifteen until it can get fixed. Obviously I wasn't going to wait, so I walked home. Total distance? 1.75 miles. Hung out at home for about an hour before wandering back over. I ended up doing the 1.75 miles back to the tire place with a detour in between to go do some hill sprints.

When going west down this one main road to my house, I always see this sunken field thingy with a nice incline surrounding it. I've seen kids playing football on this field. So, since it has "hills," I figured I'd go run them.

When I get there, of course, and see them up close, they're huge. Much bigger than I had originally thought. I did five of them and about died. Now, I will admit if I had my motivator with me, I probably would have done five more. Buuuuut, since I didn't (and was wondering why stupid tire place hadn't called me yet), I said, "screw you, hill!" and proceeded to do five regular sprints in the field and called it good. Crappy, I know.

Good news, however, is I also got a little bit of pedaling in as I went bike shopping today. I think I found a bike I love and shall hopefully get it tomorrow so I can run and bike for tomorrow's workout.

As for the rest of tonight, I think I'll go swim - breaststroke only, as has been decided by the committee.

Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm a lifting machine

Hooray, worked out again! Starting to get back into that "gym groove".

I warmed up with 15 minutes on the bike, which I haven't done in like, forever, so it was surprisingly difficult to do. I'm not gonna lie, it was a humbling experience. But 15 minutes got me nice and loose and I darted straight over to the lat pull downs. 3 sets, as usual.

I then mixed it up. I went into the room where the hookers and cougars do their little aerobics class and grabbed one of the exercise balls. I did crab walking with it, which felt super good on my abs and lower back. I tossed in a few push-ups in between. I then did wall sits.

Did a little more upper body work, then finished off the night by working my calves. I know I will feel that tomorrow, but it felt oh so good. Tomorrow it's more running, gotta keep getting ready to do another 5K!

Lifty McLifterson

Wanted to sprint this morning, but alas, a late night from swimming and talking to the boy prevented me from waking up to do so. There is still a remote possibility I will do such things tonight, but I doubt it.

Anyway, I went to the gym to lift again. However, I of course started with some cardio - 20 minutes on the stationary bike (need ... bike ...)(for 7.2 miles) - and stretching.

Today was core/upper-body day, so as long as I was on the mat stretching, I decided I'd use it for a quick core routine of supermans and planks (regular and side). I then proceeded to peel myself off the now-sweaty mat to go work on the upper body. Some sets of lat pulldowns, seated rows, lying flys and shoulder presses later, I drove back home.

As with Wednesday, I felt I could do more, but I'm waiting until Brandon gets here to truly kill myself in the weight room.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lifting today too

Alright, so after I ran briefly today, I forgot that I was going to lift, but thanks to a quick phone call from the lady friend, I scrambled over to the gym before I had to bartend and got to the weights.

I stretched for a bit then grabbed some 25 lb dumbbells. I did 3 sets of curls, 10 reps. I then did my classic shoulder presses and flys. I followed all this up with 3 sets of 10 seated rows, and then 3 sets of 10 lat pull downs.

However, for whatever reason, I was feeling slightly ambitious today, so I also benched. 5 sets. Eventually pushed up 190 for 3 reps. That felt good as hell, although I highly doubt it will tomorrow.

Tomorrow I want to ride the bike and maybe do some lower body work. I plan on working out every day until I leave for Denver. Gotta utilize that Gold's Membership a little longer!

Start of the Two-a-Days ... (pt. 2)

As much as I know I need to go in the pool when it's crowded as good tri training, I still love me an empty pool.

That being said, of course tonight I went late when it's totally and completely empty and it's just me in the pool. I did 500 meters (10 laps) tonight, in about 18ish? minutes in said fashion:

Laps 1, 3, 5, 7: free
Laps 2, 4, 6, 8-10: breast

I swam the first 125 meters (2.5 laps) with pauses only to switch direction (i really need to learn how to do a flip turn ...) ... and then about died - lungs AND arms. I finished lap #3 freestyle, then alternated my laps with pauses in between each one until the last three (150m) which I did without stopping (only pausing) all in breaststroke.

Now, I already know that I am stronger in ze breaststroke than in freestyle (crawl, whathaveyou), yet I train in both. Last year, I ended up swimming the whole thing (except for the first, oh, 10 strokes or so) in breaststroke. Now, my question is, do I continue to train the way I have been, or try to get a stronger breaststroke down so I can compete the tri entirely that way? Or do I try to get my freestyle crawl stronger? Things to figure out in the next 80 days ...

Start of the Two-a-Days ...

... hopefully. I had a revelation last night that my tri is coming up in about two and a half months - 80 days, to be precise (for analytical breakdown of said revelation, go here). Therefore, I decided (and fo' realz this time) to get serious on my workouts, doing two-a-days whenever possible.

Today: running and swimming. I'll swim later tonight (and blog later!), but for now, the run.

Was going to run earlier this morning, but got lazy so I didn't. Therefore, I decided to run outside after lunch - not go to the gym and treadmill it, but outside in the neighborhood. So I could get a general idea on time, I waited until my little iPod clock turned to 3:10 and then started off. I decided to start off going upward to hopefully end with a downward descent back to the house. However, I decided to make my first, rather than my second turn (it got hot) and go through my old subdivision rather than the one a bit further south (directionally speaking). Went through there, past the school ... realized I hadn't been out all that long after checking the iPod, so kept running down the street, past the one entrance to my subdivision ... and ended up backtracking my way home (which equals uphill. boo.).

Total time/distance? A little over 18 minutes and 1.8 miles. Averaging about a 10-minute mile ... that needs to get chopped down to the 8.5-minute mile that I was doing at the end of last summer ... hopefully within 80 days ...

morning run

Went for a short jog around the neighborhood, mostly to clear my head and just to get a bit of exercise. It's weird to think that I actually enjoy running, since a few years ago, you wouldn't have gotten me to run under ANY circumstances.

Ran about 1.5 miles, and took it at a pretty slow pace. Was just enjoying the outdoors and the sun. Probably the first time this year that it will get to 70 today in the Twin Cities. I am taking T's advice about not pushing myself ridiculously hard.

Going to squeeze in some weightlifting tonight at Gold's before I go in and bartend. I need to get to Denver!!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Treadmill Frustrations

Back to the gym again today, happier knowing that soon, when I go, my boyfriend will be able to come with me since he signed up last night! Go random deals!

Anyway, since I wanted to lift today, I decided I'd take it easy on the cardio. I did my 10 minutes on the recumbent bike, stretched out a lot then hopped on the treadmill.

Now, I was planning on running for as long as my lungs could take it (set it at 1.0 incline, 5.9 mph) ... but the damn treadmill I was on kept having communication errors and pausing it. I went through two of those errors (about six minutes ... I think) before saying, "fuck you, treadmill!" and moving on to another one. At this point, I was ridiculously frustrated with the treadmills (that, and i hate them anyway), so I just decided to finish out the mile and call it good.

After that, I did solely a leg day - wall sits, those ball hamstring curl thingys, hip adductors (cooter machine), step-ups and body-weight squats. Not a whole lot, but good to ease back into it until Brandon gets back in town and forces me to lift often. ;)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Back at Gold's

Today was extremely depressing outside, with temperatures hovering in the 50's and a light rain falling all day. I had very little motivation to get my ass going, but decided I had to go to the gym, so I did.

I warmed up with a short walk on the treadmill, then ran two miles with the incline at 2.0. I did it in under 20 minutes, varying my pace throughout the workout and with a full sprint at the end. It felt really good to do, although I should probably do something else with cardio tomorrow. :-p

I also got in a quick upper body workout. Did 3 sets of curls and also some shoulder presses. Not much, but enough to say that I got the workout in and to feel good about myself.

In other news, I signed up for a gym membership out in Colorado so now I can work out with my girl whenever I am out there! I am so excited to be establishing my life out there, even if it does mean leaving Minnesota. Strangely, I feel better doing that than staying here. :-)

Back to 24

I was going to work out yesterday, but my legs just didn't want to carry me out of bed (or, for that matter, out of my pj's) all day yesterday. Granted, I did move out of bed and around the house, but that was it.

Today, however, was a different story. I was going to go work out regardless of the crappy weather calling for me to go curl back in bed with a good book (like yesterday). So, a little later in the afternoon than ideal, I got in my car and drove through the drizzle to 24.

I did a different warm-up today - 15 minutes on the Precor elliptical (no handles) doing a cross-training setting. I then stretched out really well and noticed my flexibility is starting to come back a little, so that's encouraging. After I finished limbering up, I hopped on one of the stationary bikes for a painfully boring 25 minutes and nine miles (sport specific, level 7). It was a bit difficult as I was sitting there with the sweat pouring off of me (note to self: don't wear t-shirt to gym unless lifting ONLY) and being oh-so-bored. But, I finished it, so go me!

Thought about lifting, but the place was starting to get busy (4pm = start of evening rush), so I just decided to boogie on home.

Even though I know I still have a long way to go for my tri and my personal goals, I am feeling better about things. I think having a training buddy in Brandon helps a lot and I hope to be able to find him a cheap-ish membership to 24 so he can make me lift more ... :)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Spring Softball: Over

Well, no more softball for me (well, at least until summer league starts up). Wingdingers lost today, 10-9, in a close one to the Masterbatters. I didn't do much except have my first (and only) good hit of the season as well as tagged some guy out at third. Other than that, I kinda MNSed all over. Seriously, I shouldn't be playing third. Oh well.

Thinking I might take a day off tomorrow, but we'll see ...

2nd 5K of the season

All the training the previous two weeks, all the heartache and frustration, it all was dedicated to today, my 2nd 5K ever, my 2nd 5K of the season, and what I hoped would be a good race and make me feel like I am a true athlete again. I had 2 goals for this one: Do not stop running and finish with a better time than my last race, which was like 35 something.

Woke up very groggy from lack of sleep (unconventional workout last night). T and I got dressed and she cooked us some breakfast of Egg Beaters, turkey sausage, and oatmeal. I also downed some water and Gatorade. Then we left for downtown. On the way, I talked to my mom, which just put me in a pissed off mood.

Got there with plenty of warm up time. Theresa went to the bathroom while I grabbed some safety pins. We then warmed up properly. A very light jog towards the sunlight then lots of stretching, which was good given that it was ass cold outside.

I downed a small Powerade, then we hit the bathrooms once more and made our way towards the front. A little pep talk for each other, some good lucks, and a couple I love yous and we were gone. The race started at 8:15 am but I didn't cross the starting line until about 8:18. From there, the cluster that is the start occurred. I saw T run to the right, and I took an opening to the left. I then found it wide open and settled into a pretty quick pace. At mile one, I determined I was doing 8 minute miles, so I scaled it back. Around a mile and a half, I got a small cramp in my side but was determined to run this entire race. I found myself being able to control my pace a lot better and was very relaxed.

At mile 2, I knew I could push myself to finish this race in a respectable time. When we turned towards Coors Field I saw the finish line and broke into a hard run, but still had the warning track to do (oops!) I picked it up on the warning track and after that sprinted the rest of the way, crossing the finish line at 31:28. I waited for my beautiful girlfriend to finish, who finished a few minutes after me. I was very proud of her.

Delicious bagels, slushies, bananas, and for me a hot dog followed the race. I am completely hooked on this!

5K #2 of the Season

Did my second 5K this morning down at Coors Field - the Rockies' Home Run for the Homeless. Unlike last race, Brandon and I got down and parked with plenty of time to stretch out and warm up and such. Waking up was a bit hard to do this morning (keep this in mind for later), but we did, got a good breakfast of oatmeal, egg beaters and turkey sausage in us and drove on downtown.

The race was a little different from the last one - no Championchip timing system - and Brandon didn't like that when the clock started, it started - regardless of whether you were first in line or somewhere 50 yards back. For instance, it took us about 210 seconds (2.5 minutes) to even get to the start line, but oh well - that was on our time.

The course itself was a pretty good one - mostly flats that wound around downtown with three or four hilly sections as we went under bridges (of which there were three or four). First mile seemed kind of long and I didn't like hearing that my time was 12 minutes something. I knew I had that long, crap-ass start, but still. A little after the first mile, my right calf started cramping up a little, but I pushed through it. The second mile was a little better and the time being called out was 23:something.

The last 1.1 miles was obviously the best as it was the end. This race was a little evil near the end though, as you saw the finish line ... but then realized, "waaaaait, aren't I supposed to be running a lap around the warning track of Coors?" Then you see the snake of people going in and out of the stadium and you're like, "damn. I saw 30:something on that clock," and you know it's going to be at least another few minutes.

For me, it was about four more minutes as I finished in 34:35, sprinting the last little bit and seeing my boyfriend down the line. Yay. :) Then it was back into the stadium for water, Powerade, bananas, bagels and Squishys (beer if you wanted it and weirdo brandon grabbed a hot dog) and time to wind down (and use a bathroom that wasn't a port-o-potty). After about 45 minutes, we headed back home and were treated with the delicious smell of BACON. Oh dear Christ was that a welcome smell.

Then, I passed out for about 90 minutes and could honestly still be in bed snoozing if the boy didn't drag me back out. Oh well, it's all for the best as I have a softball game in about five hours, after which I'll be back here blogging again. Go me.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Running at Red Rocks

Finally we got up to Red Rocks to get our running in! It was a beautiful day, if not too breezy.

T and I warmed up with a slow jog up and down the rows, then stretched. We really stretched out well since we were both a little sore from yesterday (Ok, a LOT sore). Then we got into our workout. I wanted to jog the rows, so T let me take the lead and off we went. We started at row 60. I was feeling really really good throughout the whole thing. Unfortunately, my girl pushed herself too hard and at about row 35 had to walk a little. We walked together then started running again at row 33. She told me to keep going. I ran ahead of her until she stopped at row 23. I was worried about her breathing, but she told me she was ok and was going to run the stairs. I asked her to wait at the top railing for me.

I ran again, starting at row 24. I ran down to I think row 18, then saw T at the top. I decided this was the moment and was going to run it all the way from the bottom to the top.

I went to the bottom, cranked up Fair, and off I went. At the beginning, I felt exhilarated. But as I got closer to the top, I struggled. I noticed I had to take the stairs now with TWO strides rather than one. And normally where I would have something for the final push, there was nothing left.

For the first time since I've started seriously working out, I felt like giving up today. My ability/athleticism are not what they used to be and the frustrations are hitting an all time high right now. Theresa is keeping me upbeat and reminding me how far I've come, but still...I know I can do more.

We'll see how the 5K goes on Sunday. And a new goal has been established. I want to achieve it by my birthday. I am determined to do it.

Runnin' the Rocks

After waking up with a sore, sore body, Brandon and I took advantage of a lazy morning before doing one of the tougher workouts around - Denver's own stairmaster, Red Rocks Amphitheatre. While Red Rocks is more widely known as one of, if not the best concert venues anywhere and ever (natural! gorgeous! outside!), tons of Coloradoans also turn the park into their own personal gym, either hiking or running the various trails nearby or running the steps and bleachers.

I can't find the exact stats, but if one were to run every single row at Red Rocks, one would log either three or four miles (or somewhere near there). We didn't do quite so much, but we did spend at least a good 45 minutes pounding the pavement-y stuff. We started off running the rows; I think we did about six to warm up before stretching out really well (which felt oh so good ... so sore ... i hurt today). After that, we continued to run the rows, doing about 30 rows (ish; i forget) before sprinting a row. I then walked two (boy walked one) before continuing it back up. I managed 10 more rows before I had to stop - my breathing got to a point where it hasn't been since a 5K last July and before that, probably since freshman year hockey practice.

Admittedly, I should have only done five rows, but the boy and I push each other, so I said I'd make it 10, so I did. After that, he kept running the rows a bit while I decided to go to one of the side stairwells (well, not technically a stairwell since outside, but close enough) and run my way to the top. I had to stop twice to catch my breathing and because of some leg pain, but I did it. I then waited at the top for my boy to power his way up the 70 rows. He did it; he slowed down for the last dozen or so, but he did it and I was ridiculously proud of him.

The downside, of course, was that I think he may have pushed himself a little too much as I ended up having to carry him to the car (go legs). Oh well, he supports me; I support him and I love it. :)

Anyway, tomorrow will be a very light cardio day and then race on Sunday!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Gym Day

First things first, we registered for our race on Sunday, so Home Run for Homelessness 5K, here we come!

Secondly, we were going to run Red Rocks this morning (shoulda done it yesterday; oh well), but it was pouring, so we decided we'd just gym it up at the rec center after lunch (t needs to head back to 24 at some point, but yeeahhhhh).

We started off by warming up a bit. I did about three minutes on a recumb bike which is less than I'd like, but it was some, so yeah. Brandon and I then got into a minor argument, so after a little stretching, he decided to go run a mile as fast as he could around the track (so 12 laps). Me, I kept stretching out before running my mile which I did fairly quickly, actually. However, I paced myself differently since I knew that's all I was going to do. After I finished, we talked things out again, walked a lap, then ran 1/4 of a mile together (he made it 1/3 by sprinting one more lap).

After running, we headed down to the weights so we could lift for the first time since forever. We started off with arms (which brandon basically led), doing some lat pulldowns, some dumbbell curl and presses (my choice), flies and straight-up shoulder presses (of doom). We then stood on these weird balance disc thingys (forget the name of them) and tossed a medicine ball back and forth some. After that, I led a marginal bit of legs - some lunges combined with reverse leg extensions as well as some ball hamstring curl thingys. Finally, we finished up with some ab work using medicine balls.

I think I maybe would have liked a bit more cardio, but all in all, it was a good workout.

beating myself up

Back on the horse after a one day hiatus. T and I went to the local rec center to get in some lifting and running, since it was raining this morning at Red Rocks (boo).

We warmed up on bikes, and unfortunately got into a bit of an argument. Me, being the coward, decided to run away from my problems and run a mile as fast as I could. I know I ran it in under 7 minutes, but not a good idea. T then ran and we talked it out. We both did a bit of running around the track together then.

After that, lifting time. I led the upper body routine (lat pull downs, dumbbell flies and shoulder presses) and she did a curl/over the head routine. Then she led me in core exercises, which I blew major rhino cock in. This was extremely annoying to me that I could not do well. It goes to show that no matter how far I have come, there is still a LONG road ahead.

Still running the 5K on Sunday...hoping to do well...unfortunately, not holding my breath

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Halted Run Progress

Ran again today as more preparation for Sunday's 5K. Decided to be lazy and drive down to Sweetwater Park ... so we could run from the park along the Willow Creek Trail for a while. Now this trail is one I've walked and biked several times before - in fact, I've bit it while biking down a curve on dirt (which is now paved over. yay.).

In any case, the trail really doesn't have mileage, but overall, we figured we ran/walked about four miles. We walked through the park up this killer hill as our warm-up, stretched out, then started running. I set off before Brandon (since i'm slower) and ran for two songs on the ol' iPod before walking one then running one more. During the third running song, we made it to Willow Creek Park where we played a bit ... because we're children.

After a few minutes, we set off on the return path running for a little while before Brandon started getting a toe blister and we walked the rest of the way. I was feeling okay, other than my feet overheating a little, and probably could have run more, but we're training together. Besides, we still walked the hilly paths so it's not like we weren't doing anything.

Tomorrow should hopefully be some strength-training as well as stairs at Red Rocks ... not to mention signing up for our race!

Determined...stupid blister

Alright, working out two days in a row. Go me! Being in Denver with Theresa helps, as does the reality that she and I have both pudged up a bit. Therefore, we are working out every day this week.

Today she took me for a run. We ran down a path (and did a little walking) mostly separated. I let her take the lead and followed, until near the end I ran in front of her. I was struggling quite a bit today for whatever reason. I think it was lack of protein + lack of hydration + stupid blister on my toe.

We played a bit at a park then turned around. We tried running again, but unfortunately, I was unable to run due to the blister on my toe. We did walk it all the way back to her car, which was nice.

5K on Sunday, and I am determined to get it done.

Monday, May 5, 2008

hills = the suck

trying to train for this upcoming 5K, but if today is any indication, it's not going to go too well...

Theresa took me to this place near her house. It's an outdoor area with some hills and dirt. Not too shabby. Unfortunately, it was a lot warmer than I am used to and a lot drier. We started off by running up the hill, but only made it about halfway. We walked for a little while, then ran some more. It was pretty much walk-run for the whole thing. I sprinted at the end, but probably pushed myself too hard.

Going to keep running this week. I am determined to beat my 5K time from my last race, GD!

Yay for Dirt! Boo for Hills!

Well, Brandon and I wanted to run today and so we did. Since pavement sucks and is evil, I decided to take us to the Glendale Farm Open Space and do the loop there. It's about 1.6 miles, dirt, hilly (boo) and just a little south of where I am. It's also where I did the vast majority of my running last year in tri training.

I don't know if it was the wind or dehydration or what, but it was tough doing the loop today. My chest still feels kinda icky from it and I walked way more than when I first did the loop last summer. Still, I know how difficult it is to get back into running and I have faith that the more I run and do the loop, the easier it shall be. :)

Hopefully more running tomorrow!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

casual workouts, but still working out

Drove T back to Denver and now I'm staying here for awhile too. Yay! Yesterday we walked around her neighborhood looking for a park to do some batting practice and fielding. Unfortunately, all the soccer moms and cougars had their little children out, so we ended up at Sweetwater park, where we ran into her brother and Miller. We played there for a bit, just doing some light BP and fielding.

Today we just got some throwing in prior to her softball game.

Tomorrow = run and whatnot.

Balls x Two

So this is really two days worth of blogging here ...

Yesterday, after being cooped up in a car for about six hours (had to drive back home with the boy), we decided we wanted to be a little active so we walked around the neighborhood in search of a place to do a little throwing and a little batting practice. Thanks to the nice day and the multitude of neighborhood children, this was harder than expected. So, instead of being able to do our thing at a park close to home, we ended back at our old standby, Sweetwater Park.

At the park, we ran into my brother and his dog, so we played with them for a little while, got in some light BP and then walked on home.

Today, we were going to run, but that didn't end up happening. So, we just threw around a bit before my softball game where superfan Brandon ended up being our third base coach. Go Brandon! We lost (as usual), I had one hit (barely) and basically sucked in the field (stupid third).

So, two days of nice, light activity and hopefully some good running and maybe some lifting tomorrow ...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Late Run Blog

... and I mean late as in I-forgot-to-blog-about-this-yesterday late.

Anyway, Brandon needed to go get new tires on his car (he was afflicted with the t flat disease, apparently). Since we needed and wanted to run as well, we brought our stuff with us to run while the tires were being put on his car. Brandon knew the area, so I told him to lead the way. So, we stretched out well (first time since the 5k) and just took off running. We probably got about a mile before we needed (okay, i needed) to walk some, we walked some and we turned around. I needed to walk more than he did - I'm still easing my way back into this running shit, yo - but in total, we did about 2.3 miles which really isn't bad.

The new shoes (which i got on monday - got the gait analysis and everything) felt pretty good, though after a while it feels like my feet are overheating. I'm trying to remember if my feet are always like that with new shoes until they get a bit looser, or if it's these. I figure if my feet are still giving me crap like that the next few times I run, I'll call the store and ask if it's normal or what.

I've also walked a ridiculous amount in the past two days while shopping for a dress and stuff (silly mall of america), so that's good. Eating hasn't been the best, but I'ma workin' on it, okay?

A quick run

Totally forgot to blog yesterday, so briefly catching up on my exercise from yesterday.

Theresa and I went to my local car place to get my tires replaced (fucking flats) and while that was happening, decided to go for a run. I really didn't have a specific place to run to, so we just kind of decided to take our own route. We warmed up properly (STRETCHED!!!!) for about 10 minutes and then took off. I led most of it, but sometimes ran behind T to get a nice view. ;)

We walked by this house where a dog was barking like crazy. Once we got past it, we ran again. Walked briefly, then finished it out strong. Mapped it out later and determined it to be 2.3 miles.

I am starting to feel really good about this running thing. :)