Monday, March 31, 2008

7 came way too early

Wake up call came at 7 am, which really hurt to get up, but I forced myself to do it. I did the 20 minute treadmill workout of death, due to time. I struggled through it, but that can be understood since I really haven't done a lot of cardio lately.

I need to get back focused. I've been slacking slightly.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's a Wingdinger of a Time

My softball season started tonight (go wingdingers!), so I got a default workout in that way. I learned from sprinting around that I'm ridiculously out of shape, but my throwing still ain't bad. I also managed to hit the ball, so that's a plus.

Nice to know that my running is awful, even though it depresses me so. *sigh* Also, in case you were wondering, we lost, 8-7.

Friday, March 28, 2008


I didn't have access to a computer last night/this morning, otherwise I would have blogged. I ended up not working out yesterday afternoon like I had planned thanks to waiting for call-backs for my Regional previews. However, I knew I would either be dancing up in Vail (if the roads were good) or playing hockey (if they weren't).

Well, the roads were good, so I drove up to Vail to get my groove thang on with Gen and Shawna. My abs hurt at first thanks to my recent unconventional sessions with the boy, but after a while, the discomfort mostly went away. Quads were much better since I wasn't wearing stiletto boots and I enjoyed working up a sweat.

I don't have much time today to actually work out since I'll be working hockey games for the majority of the day. I could technically go to the gym now, but my body wants nothing more but to sleep some more, so I may try napping. If I'm energized enough after the games tonight, I'll drag my butt to the pool ...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

back with Gray

Yes, we forgot to blog after dancing at the Lounge on Saturday night, but that's ok. It was a good workout and even though I'm not the greatest dancer, it was still fun to dance with the girl.

Today, Gray said we were going to just blast the arms. And we did. Started off with 2 sets of curls. Then we did 3 sets of pull-ups and 3 sets of dips. I forgot how much I hate doing those fucking things, even though they feel SO good. We then did some 21's (3 sets) and triceps while laying on the ball.

Then we did what Gray called Turkish situps. I called them Turkish Steamrollers, but thought that sounded dirty and really had nothing to do with steamrolling. This is weird, but you basically lay down, extend one arm while holding a dumbbell. Keep the arm pointed at the ceiling the whole time and stand up. Keep the arm fully extended the whole time, then switch hands and keep that arm extended. Hard. We did like 10 of those. In between, we did crunches.

We finished it off by doing some more curls.

The arms are hurting, but my sweetie will love it!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sprint Post

So in retrospect, Brandon and I both should have blogged Saturday night/Sunday morning when we got back from the Lounge since we both danced for a while, getting our hearts pumping (and, in my case, a nice quad workout since i was boogieing in stiletto boots). So yes, we did get some informal cardio in then as well as lots of unconventional workouts.

I'm probably going to lift tonight when Brandon does his thing in Greensboro, but I did a quick bit of cardio in the backyard as a warm-up. It's been gorgeous here so I wanted to run outside, but since I haven't eaten in a long while, I figured it might be best to just squeeze in a short sprint workout.

I started off with 20 jumping jacks followed by 20 quick squats followed by another 20 jumping jacks. I then sprinted the length of my yard - sprint, walk back to start, immediately sprint back - five times. I then rested to get my lungs back (fie, cardio endurance!) and then completed another five sprints. Nothing big, but enough.

I should also probably mention that while I only officially worked out once in Minnesota, I ran steps several times at the X rushing back up to the press box. I'm also on a softball team, so I'll be playing pretty much every Sunday night from March 30 through May 11. Woo!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

lots of unconventional workouts, but a real workout too

Like T said, this is more for yesterday, since we got distracted on multiple occasions, plus I had to worry about a job interview today that I think went pretty well. But both of us got a good workout in.

We went to Gold's where Gray got her in for free. I saw her off (looking good) and Gray and I got going on the arms. We started off with bench. 135 lbs as many reps as I could. I think I did 14. We kept going. We ended up doing 5 sets, and each time I was dying, but it felt SO good. We then did dual seated pulleys. 3 sets of 10. Moved over to the incline bench and put up 3 sets of 10. Then we did the overhead row.

We then moved into the little room to do some dumbbell work and 21's. I did the dumbbell curls while sitting on a ball.

Finished it off by doing some forearm work.

Later that night, T and I played hockey with Wilbur, Tim, and a few other guys from college. It was great, laid back, and I felt really good for the most part. My passing sucked according to my girlfriend (who was very accurate in that statement) but my skating was good and shot was good. I feel that the posters game will be good!

Lots of unconventional workouts too. ;)

Really, This Is for Yesterday (x2)

I'm in Minnesota with the boy and worked out twice yesterday, but both times afterwards we got ... distracted, shall we say, and kind of neglected the ol' blog.

Yesterday afternoon, Brandon and Gray snuck me into Gold's so I didn't have to pay the stupid guest fee and go through the membership spiel. I did very light cardio since I knew I'd be playing a little puck later so I just ran for 10 minutes on the treadmill. I then stretched out and then just did random weights. I don't entirely remember the order of what I did, but I did the following:

Supermans, planks, wall-sits, ball crunches, tri extensions on the cable machine, lat pulldowns, seated rows, captain's chair stuff, side planks, shoulder presses, upright rows, alt db curls and presses, weight-assisted pull-ups and dips, seated chest presses, ball hamstring stuff (lie on floor with feet on ball; curl ball in towards body), weighted lunges with backward leg extensions, hip adductors

Pretty sure that was all, but I'm not sure ...

Anyway, later that night, we joined a whole bunch of Brandon's friends from college at one of the local rinks to play some hockey. It ended up being really informal - barely any gear, three-on-three with a goalie shinny. I didn't play all that great, but I had a lot of fun and definitely sweat a lot. Since there weren't many people, the rink was pretty cold, but I ended up taking off my long-sleeve t-shirt thanks to sweating so much.

All in all, though, yesterday was a good day for exercise.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Squishy Squishy

So yeah, haven't worked out in a while. In my defense, I've had a really busy past couple of days, preparing to leave for Minnesota for the Final Five tournament (and to see my boy!) and having to leave a day early due to weather. I did get in the CSWA workout on Friday and Saturday (that being, stairs, stairs and more stairs as well as sprinting around the arena for interviews), though.

Anyway, due to the aforementioned weather, I had to spend the night in North Platte, Neb. While waiting for daylight, I decided to get on the treadmill for a little bit just to squish in a workout. I ended up doing 10 minutes before I had to get off - didn't wait long enough after breakfast and I felt (and still do feel) a little pukey. Boo.

But, I still feel good I got my heart pumping a little.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

should have worked out later

I squeezed in a quick lifting session in Tulsa. Nothing too complicated, just some bench pressing, shoulder presses, lat pull downs, and curls. 3 sets of 10 each, really hardcore weight. I am really noticing the change in my body and am really looking good.

Unfortunately, got back to my room to find my beloved Sioux were in overtime and eventually lost. I wish I would have listened to the game prior to working out so I could take my hatred that I was feeling into the weight room and the treadmill.

Still feeling good about my accomplishments.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Back at the Ol' Puck

Played some hockey for the first time since mid-January when I took a shot off my foot (still a small lump there, i might add). It wasn't my greatest time out, but I got a lot of time on D - my teammates loved me for hanging out back there - and I had one beautiful pass - through traffic in the neutral zone, hard, crisp and tape-to-tape. I rarely get that pass off so when I do it makes me happy. :)

I got one shot off that, like usual, was about a foot wide of the net. Oh well. I had the opportunity to take some shots after the skate since we still had some ice so I practiced the ol' slapper again. I haven't lost it - it's rusty, but not nearly as bad as my wrist shot. I also think my snap shot died; I need to try and revive that sucker again too.

Moreover, it felt good to keep at one of my New Year's Resolutions (even though i'm kind of failing at it) and sweat some. :)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Job Interview does not mean lack of motivation

Found out today I have an interview with Compass on Thursday of next week. I'm gonna prepare like hell for it and dammit, I'm going to get the job, but I still wanted to work out tonight.

I couldn't use the treadmill cause it was out of service, so I hopped on the bike for 20 minutes. It was hot as hell in the workout room so I sweat like a bitch, but still a productive session of cardio since yesterday was heavy lifting.

We'll see where this takes me into next week...

Stubbornness Is a Virtue

I may be lazy, but at least I refuse to give up, right? In writing my column, I took a break to go lift quickly. Didn't do much cardio at all because I'm playing hockey later tonight, but still, I NEED to lift.

Anyway, did the ol' 10 minute recumbent bike warm-up and stretched out. I then did 3/:30 glute bridges, 3/:30 planks, 3/:30 wall sits, 3/12 adductors, 3/12 seated leg press, 3/12 seated leg curl, 3/12 seated calf raises, 3/12 crunches, 3/12 right side crunches and 3/12 left side crunches.

Wasn't much, but anything is better than nothing, right?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lazy Ass

I am a lazy, lazy girl. Well, at least one with good intentions that never follows through. Y'know. I've been column-ing and doing other stuff and dealing with a funeral that I haven't worked out in oh, a good week. I brought stuff to run or swim in while I was in Tucson, but there ended up not being enough time. Boo. I felt like crap tonight but after hearing how awesome the boy is, I said "Fuck it!" and went over to 24.

I deemed today to be cardio only, so I did my usual 10 minute warm-up on the recumbent bike and stretched out. I then decided to do a shortened version of Brandon's 45 minute treadmill workout, but forgot exactly how it went. So, I guessed and now that I'm looking at the little Post-It that I wrote the details down on, learned I was pretty close.

In any case, I did 30 minutes; two minutes at 3.5 mph, three at 5.7 mph (rather than 5.9) at a base incline of 1 (so flat; not marginal decline). In the last three minute section, I started at 5.7, went up to 6.0 and finished at 6.5 mph for the last minute. Go me.

I hopefully won't spend ALL FREAKING DAY writing my column tomorrow like last week, so I fully intend on getting in some more cardio as well as some lifting. And, if my buddy Jimi doesn't need me to escort him to the Avs game, I'll go play a little puck as well. :)

back with Gray

Did a workout with Gray today, one that was strictly upper body (go figure).

Warmed up at my house with the 45 minute treadmill workout. After that, I drove to the gym and Gray and I started by weighing me and testing my body fat. I officially have lost over 20 lbs since beginning the program. Not too bad. Body fat is down 4 percent since I started as well.

Bench first: 135/12-10-8-6-6
Seated Row: 85/12-10-8-8
Lat Pull ups: 25 lbs/10-10-10
Lat Pull downs: 85 lbs/10-10-10
Dumbbell seated fly: 15 lbs/10-10-10
Bicep curls: 35/10-8-8

Followed by pushups while balancing on medicine balls.

Good workout, taking it on this 3 day trip with me.

Monday, March 10, 2008

a step off?

Alex called me and told me there was a drop in at Cook Arena last night, so I jumped on the opportunity to get some free ice. I was really excited to play with the TPS and play with Alex.

Started out by just passing around, a few sprints, etc. Then we started playing. There were 7 guys on each team, but no goalies, so we went 5 on 5 and played pipes. And from the get go, I was struggling. I was getting knocked off the puck, my passes were off, and I was out of position all the time. I didn't even get a shot off for the first 30 minutes of ice time. And it was frustrating.

I finally decided enough was enough and did my standard end-to-end rush, which allowed me to finally get a shot off. Granted, I didn't hit the post, but still felt good to finally be able to make some moves. I started playing better as well, stepping up and stealing the puck, making better passes, and even getting some cycling going in the offensive zone.

The exercise felt good regardless.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Slacking Again

So I get good about working out ... the boy comes .. and I slack again. *sigh* Oh well, I'll just blame it on his mouth issues. I then didn't work out Thursday because of my column and Friday because ... well ... I guess I don't have much of an excuse. I did get in a small walk though - about a half-mile.

It was looking like I wasn't going to have a chance today, either, unless I went after work instead of going out for a friend's birthday. But I decided no, damn it, I'm not going to be that lazy, so I did a super quick resistance circuit at home that I devised ... as I did it. It went like so:

- 20 jumping jacks
- 20 calf raises
- 20 jumping jacks
- 20 body weight squats
- 20 jumping jacks
- 20 modified (knee) push-ups
- 20 jumping jacks
- 20 tricep dips
- 20 jumping jacks
- 20 crunches
- 20 jumping jacks
- 20 side crunches (right)
- 20 jumping jacks
- 20 side crunches (left)
- 20 jumping jacks

Yeah, it's not much, but it'll do for today. Got my heart pumping with the jumping jacks and got a bit of resistance training work in. I didn't break between anything either just to keep my heart going.

Every little bit counts, right?

two in one day? Represent!

Still frustrated knowing I have to stay in RDU for another night (although I might go try to check out Duke, as they are playing UNC tonight in college b-ball), I grabbed a quick bite to eat, and changed back into my workout clothes. I was pretty unhappy about the lack of workout that I got earlier today, so I was determined to run.

I created a playlist this morning of Linkin Park, Disturbed, and Fair to Midland, with Upgrade^Brigade scheduled to start playing right about the time I start my final 3 minute run.

The workout room is really hot, and there was no way to tweak the temperature (I tried twice). So it felt like I was running on a really hot summer day, which I guess will make sense over the summer as I do some 5K's with Theresa and for the Twin Cities Tri in 2009. But it was not easy, and I was pouring with sweat 20 minutes into it.

On the final stretch, I cranked it up to 12 and sprinted out the final 30 seconds. It really felt good, although I feel more dead today than I have in the past...stupid meds. Although I'm not nauseated which is good. =)

I may actually work out for a THIRD time today...jury is still out though. For sure tomorrow night when I get home from this miserable hell that is my job.

forcing myself

Woke up this morning very tired, and quite crabby over yet another miserable day yesterday. My day was supposed to be very long as well today, so I was determined to get a quickie workout in this morning.

I did a 15 minute workout from Mens Health, which included tricep pushups, some seated row, some bench press, a couple wall sits, and some curls. Nothing too hard, and I didn't exactly push myself due to fatigue. However, I got news that I will be sitting in Raleigh all day and will therefore work out again later after I get to talk to my girl!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Running in the morning

Soooooo....I beat myself up pretty good yesterday over not working out, so first thing I did when I woke up was slammed down some water and changed into my workout clothes. I was bound and determined to work out.

I shortened up the 45 minute treadmill workout to 25 minutes, but to compensate for it, I ran the 3 minutes at 8.5 and sprinted the final one at 9, 7, and 10 in terms of each minute.

Hopefully working out with the girlfriend in Denver these next couple days. I'm back! =)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Back in the Water

Geez, running AND swimming today? I feel like I'm back in last summer, doing two-a-days for tri training. Which, technically, I still am doing ... just early.

In any case, since I was lazy and didn't swim yesterday, I made myself do so tonight. So, I did the following:
Laps 1, 3, 7, 9: freestyle
Laps 2, 4, 8, 10: breaststroke
Laps 5, 11: backstroke
Laps 6, 12: kickboard (half freestyle kick, half breaststroke frog kick)
Lap 13: half free, half breast

Took me about 20 minutes which isn't great, but I also did some stuff like see how fast I could swim one lap breaststroke (1:05). Crappy, I know, but know that I a.) don't know how to do an underwater flip-turn and b.) I rarely fucking swim. Therefore, I'm actually pretty okay with that. Granted, I need to get much, much quicker (and I shall), but y'know. It's good that I swim; it will be better when I swim more often. I need to kick serious ass on that portion of the tri this year since I didn't last year.

Stumbling along the homestretch

I wanted to work out today...really badly. I needed a good run and was feeling up to it. However, due to many multiple time crunches...I was unable to squeeze in a workout...

I will run tomorrow morning. No matter what.

The Fight for Endurance ...

... and the realization for the need for schmancy running socks. Stupid foot.

Anyway, since it's a crazy, sunny 72 degrees (!) out (and will be dropping 40 degrees overnight), I decided I better get in my outdoor running today. I did another loop - 1.86 miles this time - and went to the park via a longer route. I wasn't planning on running that way at all, but that 72 degrees and sunny also happens to include a fairly strong freaking wind from the south. Therefore, my northerly course which gives me a relatively downhill path to home (with a final uphill stretch) would be a total pain in the bunghole today.

In any case, I started out of the neighborhood going north, decided to turn west and then south on a trail behind the houses toward the park. Came out of the park and headed east toward the main neighborhood "thoroughfare." At the point I hit said thoroughfare ... the mucus and lungs (and wind) overtook me and I had to give up the running - after 1.27 milesish (runningmap, while awesome, only has roads and not random neighborhood trails. therefore, i had to guesstimate through the park).

I then had .59 miles to walk home, but it was uphill and into the wind so it's not like it was an easy .59 miles. Eh, whatever.

Still debating on whether I want to swim tonight after work. If I'm not ridiculously tired, I may ...