Sunday, April 27, 2008

5K #1 of the Season + Softball

I just decided I'd blog once today despite working out twice. This morning, Brandon and I did the Cherry Creek Sneak which is supposedly the nation's largest five mile race. However, we're just starting up the running thing this summer (him starting; me re-starting) so we did the 5K run/walk.

I didn't have my best time; in fact, I may have had my worst or close to it (36:35), but I attribute it to a couple of factors:
- I need new shoes. I've had mine for too long and there's no support in places I need it (underneath the crappy bunions of DOOOOOM, for one).
- Brandon started off with his sweatshirt (since it was butt-ass cold out to start), but as we neared my car (parked off the side of the race route just before mile two), he decided to ditch it ... forgetting he probably still needed his bib. Since we were running it together (and i wanted to ditch my hat), I veered off the course with him. This detour probably cost us a good two minutes, so whatever.
- We did a crappy job of warming up (due to the weird parking situation) and stretching - though I do consider this a lesser factor.

Regardless, it was a good time and he loved running his first race with me. :) He beat me by about a minute, but it should have been more. Sweetie decided to be AWESOME and run with me the whole way until the final push.

Then, since it's Sunday, it was softball time tonight. Wingdingers got killed by Pretty in Pink who've been mercy-ruling EVERYBODY. Our manager and several players didn't mind that they were toying with us near the end just to keep the time going, but my competitive nature hates that. Boo. Anyway, I got on base a couple times (fielder's choice and what really was an error) and didn't do too badly at third. In fact, I knocked down a ball with my body and will probably have a bruise on my stomach tomorrow to boot.

Anyway, it was a good day for Brandon and I. Yay. :)

I ran a 5K!!! 35:27

Today I became a runner, according to T. :) I ran my very first 5K since high school. The Cherry Creek Sneak 5K, which is really a big event out here in Colorado.

Started out by waking up to ass cold weather. T and I wolfed down some oatmeal and an egg, and headed out to Cherry Creek. We got out of the car and I debated on taking my sweatshirt with me, and ended up doing so. I also ended up grabbing my iPod, because I needed it.

We found the start, hit the porta-potties, and did some minimal stretching to warm up. (Not enough; should have done a LOT more) Then we got towards the starting line and got ready to race. I was actually a little nervous to do my first 5K, but was excited as well. We wished each other good luck and were on our way.

It was tough to get a good pace going for the first 1/2 mile, but eventually I was able to settle into a rhythm. Theresa helped me keep a good pace going. At around 1.5 miles, I got a small cramp and we walked for just a bit. Then I decided I had to ditch the sweatshirt and we stopped at the car, losing at least 3 minutes so I could do the stupid number thing.

We walked for a little bit more until Old Man River came up behind us and told us that if a guy his age could run, so could we. That was motivation enough, and we ran again. I could see the finish line and we picked up our pace. I said to T that I had to go run it and sprinted to the end. For a total time of 35:27. Not a good time by any means, but without the sweatshirt fiasco, it can be trimmed down, and T told me I could have gone even farther and faster without her dragging me down, but I wanted to run with her regardless.

It was really a good experience and I hope to do it again very soon.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Running in the rain

I realized that running on a treadmill is nice, but is not going to help me succeed too much in this upcoming 5K, so I went running outside. Even though it was a steady rain, temps were hovering in the 50's and the wind was light, so it was really nice out.

I made a new running playlist for my iPod and just hit the road. I didn't really care how far I ran or for how long, I just wanted to run. I never walked throughout the whole thing and was feeling pretty good. I found myself really concentrating on holding a steady running pace and just relaxing. Not straining myself too much.

I measured out my running distance in the car later and figured out I ran 3.2 miles. I don't know the time, but would estimate around 30 minutes...

Hoping for more of the same on Sunday

I Need Sidewalks, Damnit!

So while I'm in Michigan City, I decided I'd run before the burial and all that of my grandma. However, my plans got derailed while wandering around looking for a freaking sidewalk. Our hotel is a few blocks away from any residential areas and I didn't have much time to waste, so I just decided to walk until I found a sidewalk ... too bad it was a good 10 minutes until I found one. Then, when I found it, I didn't see an end, so I decided to turn the corner for more sidewalk ... and then it ended about two seconds later (not really, but close enough).

Total time outside? MAYBE 15 minutes. Damn city. Y'know, midwesterners wouldn't be so fucking fat and portly if there were sidewalks for them to utilize to walk around on. GAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH.

Though I worked up a sweat during the running I DID get in (though that may have been because of the damn humidity), I decided to go to the ghetto cardio room. That was mistake number two - bike sucked, I hate stairmasters and the treadmill was also a ghetto ass piece of shit.

I also learned while running about that I need new shoes. Badly. Too bad I'm going to have to wait until after the 5K on Sunday ... *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh*

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Practice 5K

Since I have a 5K coming up on Sunday with T, I figured my 3-2 routine would have to take a break while I actually ran 3.1 miles.

I left the iPod on shuffle for whatever reason, and started off. I started off with a real slow pace (about 5.5) which was holding me pretty well. Around .7 into it, I sped up a bit, but that didn't last too long, and ended up having to walk a bit. I tried to keep my walking to a minute. I then held about 6.0 until 1.4 miles left, when I cranked it up to 9.0 until I had a mile left.

At the last mile, I slowed it down to 5.0 until .75 left, then up to 6.5 for a quarter mile, then slowed it down for a bit, and for the final .3, went crazy. All this added up to a 31:05 5K time. I guess not too bad, I would like to be under 30:00 ideally.

It's times like this where I truly love my girlfriend

Improvisation Is a Fabulous Skill

So I'm in Indiana for my grandma's funeral but since I have a race this Sunday, I know I have to try and work out. My hotel has a workout room (crappy cardio machines) and a pool, so I decided to try the pool.


Stupid pool is tiny. Check that - length-wise, it's not bad, but the long way is bisected by a lane divider thingy, so one cannot swim the long way. So, one has to go width-wise ... which for me, means about two or three strokes freestyle or about five doing the breaststroke. Can we say pointless?

However, since I was committed to the pool workout (i'm stubborn), I decided to "run" "laps" in the pool instead. I ran on the deep end side of the divider thingy so the water was always about to my shoulders. So, I ran back and forth on my tip-toes pumping my arms back and forth for about 15 minutes. Retarded, I know, but it was actually pretty hard turning "corners" (so to speak). I also tried one backwards (tricky) and, for fun, doing "karaokes" or "grapevines" - once you get going, they're not bad, but they feel really freaking awkward underwater.

In any case, it was a small, marginal bit of cardio to get me by ... for now. Depending on how late we get back tonight (and how early we have to be up in the a.m.), I may go to the Stupid Crappy Workout Room or run some sprints in the field o' weeds just outside my back door ...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Weightlifting with no one around

I decided on a late night gym session. For whatever reason.

Started off with simple lat pull downs. I did 3 sets of 10. I followed this up with seated rows, again 3 sets of 10. I then worked with the dumbbells. I did shoulder presses with 25 lb dumbbells, which is a lot more than I usually use. (15 lbs). Again, 3 sets of 10. I then did dumbbell flies, and finally followed it up with curls. All 3 sets of 10.

Tomorrow night i hope to be running into new shoes. I will work out again later at night. Cause it's fun.

I miss my girl. :(

Sunday, April 20, 2008

playing catch

Today again, nothing too complicated. Theresa and I spent the afternoon walking around Boulder just taking in the sights and stupid people, then we went to a park to work on her softball skills. I pitched to her and helped her learn how to hit (I suck at teaching), and we also spent some time just fielding and whatnot. It was really fun to just be out in the sun and spend some active time together (glimpse into future again?). At the end of it, we did a little bit of jogging, which was nice. Especially since I'm registering for a 5K next weekend. I hope I can do good! Lots of training this week.

I think the key for me to be able to at least maintain the weight I am at right now is just to stay active, and I have a girl who will definitely help me with that!

A Day In the Park

Today was actually a good, productive and active day for Brandon and I. We started off with some unconventionals which we haven't actually done in a while, but a good cup of tea got us going. ;)

We then went up to Boulder - we were going to get treadmill gait analyses done so we can get proper running shoes, but the place was super busy so we scrapped it and just walked around the Pearl Street Mall instead. On our way back down to Denver, we stopped off at Sports Authority and I bought me a bat so I can practice not sucking at hitting softballs.

When we got back into town, we headed to the park, threw a baseball around for a while and then played with the new bat. Given my erratic hitting (which seemingly improved), he had to run a bit shagging balls, but he enjoyed it. I think. ;) We switched off a bit and had ourselves a lot of fun.

After a yummy dinner of salad (i heart sweet tomatoes), we headed to the park for my softball game. Wingdingers lost, 17-5 to Lime Wire. Personally, I played third, had not much come my way and technically went 2-for-3, though once was a fielder's choice and second was an error. The third was an out, but I say that last strike was bogus! BOGUS I SAY!

Anyway, working out will be intriguing this week as I get to drive with my mom cross country for a funeral. RIP Grandma Mary. :(

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Airport walking

So it might seem stupid to blog about walking around an airport (since I do it for a living) but yesterday was a LOT of walking. In addition to lugging a lot of crap with me.

We parked at A13, which is on the ass end of the airport. I walked from A13 to C10, where ops is. That right there is about 1/2 a mile. I then walked down to the lightrail station. From ops to my car is at least another 1/2 mile. From my car back to the lightrail station, and then to gate G13. Total distance of nearly 2 miles. Not kidding here. In addition, I decided to be super ambitious and not take ANY moving sidewalks.

Not much, but enough.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Yay Sweat!

Ended up only doing a quick cardio day today - I feel like waiting for the boy to come around so I can lift with him. :)

Anyway, headed on over to 24 and upped my warm-up from 10 to 15 minutes on the recumbent bike and cranked myself up two levels (from 6 to 8). I felt the added resistance, but it wasn't that bad. It just got boring (as the recumb bike usually does). Afterward, I stretched out better than I have in a long while which felt really good - especially stretching my calves.

At this point, I was pondering on lifting some ... but I don't like lifting my whole body one day; I like alternating days but I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to/should lift tomorrow. If I do, I do. Since I didn't have proper running socks on and I didn't feel like the stupid old elliptical, I hopped on the stepmill instead doing speed intervals. Started off on level 9, but after about two minutes I was dead so I went down to level 8 and toughed it out for 12 total minutes. I was hoping to do 15, but the sports asthma was kicking in. In any case, it felt really good to sweat as much as I did!

I may walk or something later since it's still gorgeous out, but we'll see. :)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Third Time's the Charm?

Back to the gym for the third day in a row ... I know it's too early to say that I'm back for good - you need what, two weeks to establish a pattern? - but this is a glorious start. I want to fit into my shorts, damnit!

Anyway, seeing as how I really want to start my tri training, I hopped in the pool for somewhere around 15-20 minutes and did somewhere between 10-15 laps (i lost count). I mostly alternated laps between freestyle and breaststroke and did two laps with the kickboard (one somewhere in the middle and one at the end). I also did my first two laps fairly quickly with very little rest which felt pretty good.

Fatigue set in about halfway through, but I forced myself to stay in the pool for a little while longer until fatigue really well and truly set in (when i couldn't finish a free lap and had to switch to breaststroke for the last 1/3 of the return length).

I was pondering doing a bit more in the gym, whether it be more cardio or lifting, but I do want to attempt to sleep at a somewhat reasonable time tonight (like it'll happen anyway since it's already 11:40 and i still need to shower), so I figured I'd just head on home.


I did the 2-3 workout today, since Hampton Inn doesn't have any weights. I wanted to do 45 minutes, but since I haven't really done a lot of cardio in the past month (see toe, tooth, etc), I just pared it down to 30 minutes.

I kicked up the incline to 2.0 (thanks to T) and walked at 3.5 and ran at 6.8. For the last set, I ran at 5.5 for one minute, then gradually sped it up until I was at a full sprint for the last 30 seconds, blasting Fair to Midland of course.

Feels good, hopefully either wake up really early tomorrow and squeeze a run in, or go later tonight in Quebec.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Two In a Row

I went back to the gym today - go me! Not fitting into shorts is a great motivator ... even on days where it's kind of snowing outside. Yes, that's right - we went from 80 degrees yesterday to a balmy 38 degrees (feels like 30) today with the sky gacking out snowflake-type things. Go Colorado!


Anyway, decided to go in the afternoon today, in case I feel ambitious and feel like going again later tonight (which i probably won't). I did 20 minutes on the stationary bike as a change of pace - only did level 7 (sport-specific), but managed 7.2 miles which is about average for me on the bike. Granted, I also usually pedal at a higher level. Oh well. Afterwards, I stretched out reeeeally well.

From there, I went back to the ol' treadmill to do the 2/3 sprints - but with a modification. Since I know my cardiovascular endurance isn't there right now and I don't want to hurt myself by pushing myself too hard before I'm ready ('cuz i have a tendency to do that ...), I changed the running part from 6.0 mph down to a measly 5.7 mph. After the first five minutes, I also upped the incline a marginal bit from 1.0 (flatness; treadmills at 0.0 are actually on a slight decline) to 1.5. Not really noticeable, but there. Doing this, I managed it for 25 minutes, sprinting the last 30 seconds at 6.5 mph. Once again, I had some issues around the 15 minute mark (like last night), but pushed through it for another 10. Felt good, let me tell you. :)

I was going to lift, but decided against it. Don't want to push myself too hard too fast ...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Back at It

So I got my Rewards24 statement in my e-mail and I learned that I only went to the gym 3 times in March ... which is AWFUL. Granted, part of it was due to a lot of different factors (funeral, travel, etc.). Still, I'd really like to work out more ... and not only because of my upcoming tri. Me not being able to fit into any of my shorts is also a motivating factor - I'm not going to lie.

Anyway, I went to 24 tonight, though, as I found out later, waaaayyyy too soon after I ate. Blahhh. But, I did my 10 minute recumbent bike warm-up, stretched and managed 15 minutes of the 2-3 treadmill sprint workout before I started to get really nauseous. However, I figure it's a start, and that's all that matters, right?

I'll also be back there tomorrow. NO MATTER WHAT.

lifting again

Nothing too complicated today. Just warmed up on the treadmill with a 10 minute walk/run and then lifted hardcore. I started off with shoulder presses, then followed it up with curls, even though my right arm is hurting for some reason. I then did seated rows and lat pull downs, then finished it up with some pullups. Just for fun.

I plan on running on Thursday and lots with T when I visit her this weekend.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

ass is hurting

There is a big ass bruise on my ass from yesterday's posters game, so I took it easy today and instead helped T warm up by throwing for a few minutes. It was fun to throw the ball again, especially since I can't play softball this year.

T throws pretty well for a girl ;) and would be welcome on any of my teams anytime. =)

I Had a Fan!

Since Brandon was in town for softball tonight, he decided he wanted to come watch me play. Even better, he helped me throw and warm-up. I'm not entirely sure, but I think he thought I could throw pretty well. ;)

Anyway, the Wingdingers actually won! Yay! I played right-center and third ... and did completely average at both. I almost got an epic fail at third, but y'know. Only had three at-bats; walked, single, struck out swinging. Srsly, I need to learn how to hit. Grr.

In other news, now that hockey season is over, I need to start cranking out the tri training hardcore ...

Just missed a hatty

Yesterday I played in the posters game, which is a somewhat organized game for all USCHO posters that play hockey. Sadly, this was the event I was MOST looking forward to, since the rest of the Frozen Four didn't exactly turn out the way I wanted.

I struggled early on, missing the net on multiple occasions and even missing wide open tips. It was sad. I took out my frustration on Candace for trying to steal my tuque from the previous night on one shift, and on another one I rode her into the boards. Not anything other than playing aggressive; however she took it another way and threw a couple punches. We both got tossed into the box for that one, and T lectured me on staying calm (blaahhhh).

In the third period of the game I finally broke through and scored a goal. Nothing special; just shot, grabbed my rebound, and put it in. My second goal was impressive though. I got a pass from Brian (Agassiz Line represent!) and took it around Mowers (who sucks) and fired it top shelf over the goalie's shoulder. GLM said he was very impressed with that. And a little ego stoking never hurts!

Overall, it was fun and I am looking forward to it next year, where I will hold my temper in check and maybe even take my game down a notch. ;)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Poster Puck

Since the college hockey national championship (more commonly known as the Frozen Four) is in town, I helped organized a hockey game for a bunch of us college hockey nerds. It was also the first time I've played hockey in any way, shape or form since the Final Five.

Overall, it definitely wasn't one of my better games. I had a few shots - none that went in - and my defense was pretty shoddy too. It didn't help that I was double-shifting either, since I was the local who in theory wasn't affected by the altitude (... sports asthma notwithstanding).

Anyway, it was good to get some more hockey under my belt ... even if I did have to bug the boy to calm down a lot. ;)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Back after my toe injury

I really haven't done any cardio in two weeks due to my stupid toenail becoming ingrown again, but I had it removed last Friday, and after a couple days of healing, I said it's time to get back. I didn't want to go too nuts, so I just did the 20 minute treadmill workout of death.

My toe held up nicely for the 20 minutes. And my lungs did too, surprisingly enough. I really didn't think they would survive. At the end of it, the last 5 minutes, I ran it at 7.0 and kicked it up to a full sprint for the last 45 seconds. No pain in the toe. Last night, at about 2:30 in the morning, I woke up with massive pain and ripped the gauze off of it, screaming the entire time.

Can't wait to get out to Denver with the girl and work out with her.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Shouldn't Be Cleaning Up

So I really shouldn't be batting clean-up for my softball team. Wingdingers lost something like 15-5 tonight and I was pretty much useless. Went 1-for-3298071 (okay, more like 1-for-5 or 6), with my one hit being a blooper that should have gotten me out. Might have been a fielder's choice; don't remember.

In any case, I suck at hitting. I was never good with the bat when I played fast-pitch back in high school and currently, my slow-pitch hitting sucks too. Boo.

The worst part about tonight, though, wasn't my plate appearances. Oh no, it was my fielding which is normally pretty solid. I played centerfield tonight where, given that I can throw, isn't a bad spot for me. In fact, I liked center a lot back in high school. But tonight ... *sigh* One way over my head, some on the ground that rolled under my glove and one high in the air that I so should have had, but miscommunication with the left fielder meant it dropped. Shitty, shitty game overall for me.

Had I had more food in me, I may have gone to the gym afterward to work out my frustration. As I haven't eaten much today, I decided to go the wiser route (go home and shower). I also could have done option 3 which was go out and drink with everyone, but I'll save my first bar appearance for next week when Brandon's with me. Hopefully I'll play better with him around giving me pointers ...

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Gotta Get Through This

Went back to the gym today after missing yesterday (silly baseball and family). I wanted to try and get a VIP pass added on to my membership for Brandon, but word is they don't do those anymore. Grr. I'll have to see what my other options are so my boy and I can work out together when he's in town ...

Anyway, I did my 10 minutes on the recumbent bike and stretched out really well. So have to get my flexibility back ... After that, I hopped on the treadmill for 35 minutes of the 2 walk, 3 run cycle, walking at 3.5 mph and running at 6.0 mph. I really wanted to do the full 45 minutes, but my feet just didn't have it in them. Oh well, at least I'm running again.

I don't know what happened, but I have a new determination. Let's hope it stays around ...

Thursday, April 3, 2008

To find myself again

I started off the night by bowling...bowled really good.

I then drove my ass to the gym. I just wanted to hit the bag for a little while and do some arm work, since my toe injury is preventing me from running, which is really the only cardio I want to do. I put on Linkin Park and went and hit the bag for a good 10 minutes. Just hammerpunching the bag. I then did some jump rope, which wasn't a good idea since every time I landed on my toe I wanted to scream in pain.

I started off with 3 sets of 21's, then some shoulder presses, some curls, and finally some tricep work while balancing on the ball. It wasn't a lot of work, but enough to make the arms sore and feel good.

Tomorrow toe will get fixed and I can get back to running.

Fie, Headache!

So I originally was planning on working out today (especially with all the sugar and fat i ate with brandon last night), but early this afternoon I started getting a massive headache and started deciding against it.

However, I came to a realization: I do that a lot. I have the best of intentions, then come up with some stupid (or valid. y'know.) excuse and then not work out. Seeing as how I want to kick MAJOR ass in my tri this summer and the marginal little detail that I'm gaining weight again, I said "screw you, head!" and went to the gym for some light cardio.

I started off with 15 minutes on the recumbent bike (nice, easy) and then stretched out which felt really good. It also made me realize that I have been really lazy in working out since my flexibility went to hell. Bah! After that, I hopped on the treadmill for a 10-minute mile (so 6.0 mph). My lungs, surprisingly enough, weren't that bad, so that gives me hope. We'll see, though ...

I'm also planning on getting Brandon on the membership so we have no excuses for not working out when he's in town.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sports: Way to Figure Out Relationships

So the boy wanted to play racquetball with me, so we went to one of the local rec centers and got a court. Now, before I go further, let me mention a few things:
a.) I haven't played racquetball in years.
b.) When I *did* play, it was never competitively (that is, never officially played by any rules).
c.) Brandon knows his shit.
d.) We're both competitive people.

Now, knowing that, you can guess how it went. It was good in that we both worked up quite a sweat, but bad in pretty much every other way, shape and form. He wanted me to have fun, but when he wants a competitive game and I, for lack of a better word, suck, such a thing is hard. That, coupled with errant shots that seemed aimed at my head, got me to thinking it would be easier if I just imagined him as some random stranger.

Brandon, on the other hand, since he actually knows how to play racquetball, started getting down on himself for missing shots - that is, getting angry. Given that I was a bit frustrated, I thought he was angry at ME ... and we were both pissed that these two random kids were sitting at our court's window just watching us.

Needless to say, by the end of it, we were barely talking to each other.

Now. That's not good ... mostly. However, it was good in that we realized that if we're ever going to compete with each other (in say, darts, bowling, pool, mini-golf, etc.), we need to lay ground rules (that is, no getting pissed at thyself! once thy gets to that point, it's no longer fun). Since we are competitive people and didn't decide immediately after this to "only have FUN as the goal," this probably could have ultimately meant DOOOOOM later on.

Therefore, sports are great ... and two competitive people CAN get along with each other. It just takes a fierce game of [something] combined with bumps and bruises to make them learn.

something new...

So the lady friend and I tried our hands at a new game today...racquetball. I played quite a bit in college and thought this would be something fun for the both of us to do.

We got our stuff from the front desk and hit the court. We started by just volleying back and forth. Then I taught T how the scoring works during a game. We never actually got a game going, we just served it and played, never really keeping score. At one point T told me it was 9 billion to 2.

I realized at one point I was way too into this. I dove for one ball and bashed my knee into the wall which still really fucking hurts, plus slammed my head, shoulder, and lower back into the wall at various points. I was also getting really hard on myself for missing shots, when really it didn't matter at all. We left there in kind of bitter spirits, I don't know if it was towards each other or not, but still, not a good feeling.

T and I came up with some new rules for competing against each other. We have to have fun and not worry about scores. We also cannot be too hard on ourselves. If one person is, they get a warning from the other, and if it continues, they get hammer punched. Hopefully this will allow us to still go play pool, darts, etc with each other and not leave feeling hateful towards each other.