Tuesday, January 29, 2008

not unmotivated, just out of comission

so I know there has been a lack of posting here lately...but due to an ingrown toenail that hurts like a motherfucker, I am simply out of commission and cannot do any cardio. To make matters worse, the hotel I stay at in Cedar Rapids does not have any weights. Ugh.

Toe will be taken care of on Thursday and should be good to go. And I got a lot of working out in Hawaii. ;)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Back on the horse (sort of)

After taking two days off from working out (although running around bartending yesterday left me exahusted, as well as the unconventional workouts with T), it felt good to get back on the horse in Grand Forks.

Was going to do my 45 minute workout on the treadmill, but my stupid toenail decided to recently become ingrown to the point that running is very painful. I discovered this as I started running, and realized it wasn't going to happen, so I opted for a less painful, but less invigorating workout and jumped on the bike. Did that for 1/2 an hour at level 5. After that, I felt sort of worthless, so I decided to squeeze in some lat pull downs and some benching. Nothing big, but definitely enough to keep the muscles toned.

Tomorrow, overnighting in Dayton. I know they have a good pool, a good workout room, and a sauna, so as soon as we get to the hotel, I'll be doing a minimum 90 minute workout.

Hawaii is 2 days away!!!!


Wow, Brandon and I have been slackers when it has come to posting recently. There have been some ... unconventional ... workouts in, but I haven't had a chance to go workout since Thursday when I worked out with Brandon and Gray. Friday was spent pretty much all day at the airport (not able to leave) and then Saturday was flying, packing, errands and work - the gym got pushed out.

Today (sunday ... though blog may register as monday) I had to be at the airport early to fly to Hawai'i, so another day of airports and flying and nothing. So lazy ... Hopefully I'll have the chance to run or swim or something soon though!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

My inspiration was with me!

Yesterday's workout, although unconventional, was still a lot of fun (and yes, I got a sweat going!) I was looking forward to yet another session with Gray. Even better was the fact that my girl was with me.

Got to the gym and left T to get her guest pass. Hopped on the treadmill and just ran to warm up. Gray came over and was ready to beat my ass again. We started off by some hardcore bench pressing. 12 reps, 5 sets, each time increasing the weight. We then did some hammer bench. Each time I would not be able to push it up anymore, he would decrease the weight.

We then did the lat pull down. I am really starting to love this machine and would like to do it every time I'm in the gym. It works both my triceps and my biceps, so I'm getting a lot out of it.

We then did some shoulder presses. Gray upped the weight pretty significantly. After we did shoulder presses, we moved to dumbbell curls. Except we did them in a decline position, which is a bitch. Then of course, Gray decides we should do some 21's. Ugh.

Finished it off with some calf exercises, then I turned T over to Gray and let her get some work in. I finished my day off on the treadmill.

One week until Hawaii! And I have .5 lbs to lose for my target goal!!!!!

Thanks to my inspiration. *Muah!*

Go Gray

After a night of not-technically-but-kinda-sorta working out (... my abs are sore. that's all i'm gonna say ...), I went back to the gym today with Brandon. I didn't do much cardio (only about 20 minutes of running/walking), but I was good and made sure to stretch out really well.

I then did the majority of Phase 1, Day 2 (except for the ab work ... figure i'll get more of that in later ...). After that, Gray (brandon's personal trainer) got a hold of me, learned I was back in triathlon training and my weakness is the swim section. Therefore, he put me through an evil (but good) shoulder workout of DOOOOOOOM!!!!!! I about died through part of it, but I figure if I lower the weight at first and work up (plus swim a whole hell of a lot), I'll be good.

I'll sacrifice any shot of having the cute little toothpick girl shoulders in exchange for big ol' buff swimmer shoulders, but if it helps me reach my tri goal, I think I'm all good ...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Back on the Wagon

After taking two of the last three days off and not sure if I'm going to get in a conventional workout tomorrow, I went to the gym tonight. I'm still sick so I didn't push myself too badly with cardio, but I still lifted.

I only did a brief six minute warm-up on the recumbent bike, stretched out really well (so tight) and then did 15 minutes on the stepmill. After that, I did Phase 1, Day 1 of the lifting cycle. I figure I'll move onto Phase 2 once I come back from Hawai'i.

I know my strength is coming back a little because I was able to almost squeeze out all of my bench presses (with weeny little girl weight on the bar ... *sigh*) without much difficulty until the last few reps. Go me!

Now, off to finish packing and talk to the boy who I GET TO SEE TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Strength in the core

so after taking yesterday off completely from working out (I felt so fat and lazy), I was looking forward to getting just beat to hell by Gray.

Got to the gym about 15 minutes early so I could squeeze in some very brief cardio. I decided to do what T did the other day and shorten up the standard 45 minute workout into 15 minutes. I walked for one minute, ran for two. At about 11 minutes, Gray came over and asked what I wanted to do today. I told him I wanted to keep killing the upper body. He made up a quick workout plan and we got right on it.

Started off by benching. Gray upped the weight, but we kept the sets the same. We started out at 95 lbs, 12 reps. Then 115 lbs, 12 reps. We did that for 4 sets. Felt great, and Gray mentioned my form was great. We then moved to Lat Pull Downs. Again, we did 5 sets. The weights, I don't remember, but same drill. Good form.

We then did some flys on a fly machine. Don't remember the weight again, but I remember the resistance was brutal right as my palms were about to come together. But I somehow got through 5 sets. We then decided to do chin-ups and dips. When Gray mentioned dips, I just said "fucking dips." He kept me motivated by saying things like HAWAII HAWAII HAWAII!!!

We finished it off by some hammer strength pushups and finally some lateral raises with dumbbells.

I have a few more lifting sessions before Hawaii, and I'm feeling good and looking good! T is helping of course...keeping me motivated.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Ugh. :(

So. Don't know what it is, but I feel like crap. Head is killing me, marginal nausea, stuffed up beyond belief ... general misery. It is usually this time of year that I get the sickness of death which I really don't want to get. So, much to my dismay, I'm taking today off.

I figure it's smarter to take another day off rather than get myself even sicker than I already seem to be. Still, it upsets me greatly. :(

Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Natural Workout

Well, Dave's still here, so I had to get a little creative with the working out thing. Luckily, Dave wanted to go hiking around Rocky Mountain National Park. So after eating some breakfast, we drove on up to Estes Park for one of the entrances into the Park. Since I realized it was cheaper to get a yearly pass, I ended up doing that ($15 more for the year than for the week ... yeah, going with the yearly.). This way, I can drag the boy up there with me ... or, hopefully train up there this summer too.

We finally started hiking at a trailhead that had an inside bathroom that supposedly had a waterfall, but, silly winter - it was nowhere to be seen thanks to all the snow. Still, we hiked up there and around to a couple of the other lakes in the vicinity. All in all, we probably ended up hiking a little over four miles and had changes in elevation on said hikes upwards of 500 feet - not bad. The hike up to Bear Lake alone was just 250 feet basically straight up at a steady incline for a half-mile.

Thanks to all my working out lately, my legs didn't feel that bad and my lungs were surprisingly okay. I had to stop now and then (well, dave did, but i welcomed the opportunities) but I didn't use my inhaler at all. Had it with me to be safe, but didn't use it. Go me!

One week until Hawai'i and four days until I see Brandon - I'm thinking I'm not taking a day off until next Sunday when I spend the entire day flying and in airports en route to Hawai'i. :)

A whole week without a break

After a nearly 5 hour drive back from Grand Forks, I got right back on the horse and headed downstairs to the treadmill. I was originally going to head to the gym and do some upper body, but after sleeping on a couch all weekend and the fact that my triceps are still sore from Thursday, I elected to just squeeze in some cardio + stretching. (T has been pushing me to stretch, so I decided today I would stretch a lot after my workout.

Hopped on the treadmill to begin the standard 45 minute workout. I was feeling pretty good from the get-go, probably combined with the fact that I was watching playoff football and Theresa continuing to motivate me by stoking my ego.

At 40 minutes, switched over to Fair to Midland and decided to push myself as hard as I ever have during the 45 minute treadmill workout. At 42 minutes, cranked it up to 9.0 and ran it for a minute. At 43 minutes, went back down to 6.5 for 30 seconds. At 43:30, went up to 8.0, and at 44 minutes, cranked it up to 10 and sprinted for the final minute.

After, I stretched, which felt really good (thanks T! ;)) and hopped in the shower. Another good workout. Tomorrow, I will be taking a day off...even though if I had the time, I would squeeze a workout in.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Short Is Better Than Nothing

Didn't really have time to hit the gym today, but decided that I'd be a bit late to Air Force (still made warm-ups) so I could squeeze in a small work-out.

Warmed up for six minutes on the recumbent bike (prefer 10, but again, time crunch) ... during which Katheryn, one of the trainers (the one who pinched my fat every two weeks this summer when i was on the crazy program), came up and said hi, saying that I looked good. Now I know my boy always refers to me as his "sexy girlfriend," but he's required to say that to some extent. :p With Katheryn, it meant a little more, since she saw me during my transformation period.

In any case, after that, I quickly stretched out and hopped on the treadmill for 15 minutes. I did an extremely short, modified version of Brandon's treadmill work-out. I alternated, going one minute walking at 3.5 mph to two minutes running at 6.5 mph. This worked out so that minutes 13-15 were running ... and I sprinted the last minute at 9.0 mph which was a bit of a struggle.

Still, I made it through and got my heart pumping for a little while. Tomorrow I won't be at the gym, but should be hiking around in the snow (cardio! resistance!) with Dave, so I won't be lazy, either.

Icicles on the eyelashes

Got in a fix today that I haven't gotten in since 2006. Playing hockey at Agassiz Park in Grand Forks!

I brought up long underwear, my standard outdoor hooded sweatshirt, and my scarf in anticipation. Last night, I met a couple guys that play and said they would be interested in playing some puck outside. So around 11:30, I rolled over to Agassiz.

I laced up my skates, wrapped my scarf around my face (it's cold this morning, maybe 10 degrees), and dropped the puck on the ice. Other than one dude on the other end, I had the whole ice to myself for the moment! I began by just working on some stickhandling and a little cycling to myself. I felt very light on my skates and very agile, which could be the result of my working out the past few months...either way, I was feeling very good!

Around noon, a few more guys joined me and we started just passing it around. My passes were incredibly crisp. I have always been a very strong skater, a decent shot, and a pretty accurate passer. My stickhandling skills have always been weak; probably the single thing that held me back in my game. But today, I felt like my puck handling skills were better than in the past years. I dunno, maybe it's just me.

We started playing some 2 on 2. Other than Eric, who played high school hockey in Eagan, I was the best player out there. Felt pretty good to take it up the right side around a slow defender and have an open net to shoot at!

The bottom line is, I was able to squeeze in another workout today. Skated for nearly two hours. Felt good, feeling good, and am not going to stop!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Stupid Boy ...

... making me regret taking an off day. I didn't get up way before Dave - in fact, Dave was up three hours before I finally rolled out of bed. However, I didn't fall asleep until around 2am and tossed and turned most of the night.

As a result, I was laaaaaazy today. I'm now at DU for work and there's a part of me that's tempted on quickly going to the gym for 20 minutes or so after I get back home and drop Dave back off ... Stupid me and my competitive streak not wanting Brandon to do better (even though really, we're both winning here)!

No Such Thing

Woke up this morning and was torn on "should I take the day off or no?" I figure tomorrow it will be tough to squeeze a workout in since I'm gonna be up in Grand Forks (I am bringing my stuff up though anyway, I'm sure I'll figure out a way) so I decided to at least put in 20 minutes. I grabbed my workout stuff and headed downstairs for the treadmill.

Decided I was just going to do the 20 minute workout of death, with a couple twists of course. After the 15 minutes of walking/lunging, which felt really good since I'm not focusing any weightlifting on my legs lately, I kicked it up to 6.5 and ran until 18 minutes. At 18 minutes, I walked it for 1 minute at 3.5, and at 19, for the final minute, blasted Fair to Midland (Upgrade^Brigade, of course) and sprinted at 10.5.

There is no such thing as a day off when you are trying to look good for your sexy girlfriend!

Sweet, Sweet Hockey ...

My second workout today (though it's technically already the 11th) was some drop-in hockey. As I blogged in my second post, one of my resolutions this year was to play more hockey. It's fun, I love it and it's an amazing workout. If it's a skate where there's not a lot of people and I'm getting a lot of ice time, I can burn around 800 calories a game (thank you bodybugg), so that ain't bad.

Tonight was the first time I've actually skated since sometime in November - I think. I was going to play in December, but I felt nauseous one night I signed up so took my name off the list and another time, there ended up not being a scheduled skate like I was originally led to believe. Basically, it's been a while since I've strapped on my skates.

I got on the ice and stretched like usual, but with a smaller warm-up since the other guys on the ice wanted to get going. I managed to play defense as usual for most of the game and had a few thoughts I'll share here:
- Physically, I remember what I'm supposed to do when I haven't played in a while, but mentally, my game is waaaaay off.
- Still, a couple of the other guys on the bench said I was fine and I had a few bright moments among the bonehead plays.
- Blocked two shots - one off the arm (stung at the time, but couldn't even tell you where it hit now) and one off the leg (i'll be surprised if i don't get a bruise from that one. ow.).
- Had one nifty play in front of the net with the puck in my skates and my stick was tied up - therefore, I got the puck with my skate and sort of drew it behind me with a kick and got it to a teammate - score.
- I actually had a goal, surprisingly enough. Defensive partner passed back to me at our blueline, I skated it up, was going to pass to Rob (one of the regulars), but he cut to my left so I continued to bring it into the zone, down the boards, actually got around the defense and shot it low blocker side ... and it went in! I was below the dots and near the slot when I shot and I guess I forgot to stop or was too close to the goalie since I ended up running the poor guy over and ended up with him half on top of me. Which really, was pretty amusing.

Anyway, I feel exhausted and GREAT. I love the feeling after a good skate and I think this one felt especially good since I've had a hankering to play this week after watching practices for work.

Tomorrow (today?) is planned as an off-day, but I'm not sure if I'll adhere to that. Maybe if I'm up way before Dave, I'll go do a marginal bit of cardio and a crapload of stretching ...

Thursday, January 10, 2008


The Fair to Midland song that I finish my workouts with...

I told Theresa she is beating me in the friendly competition we have going with each other. 2 a days? Christ, I haven't had those since football! Talk about being motivated! I think it's great though that we have this, this ability to push each other.

Started off by a quick warmup on the treadmill at 7.5. Just for 5 minutes, but enough to get the blood circulating. Then Gray told me he had something in store for me...he was gonna push me real hard. We started off by benching. Not a lot of weight, but a lot of reps. 12 reps at 85, then increasing to 95. But we didn't just do 3 sets. No. We did 5! Looks like this...

1st: 85 - 12
2nd: 95 - 12
3rd: 95 - 10
4th: 95 - 10
5th: 95 - 8

I know I could have done more weight, but with concentrating on form, I was still feeling it.

We then did the Hammer Row. 5 sets, 135 lbs, 12 reps.

Dumbbell Shoulder press. 4 sets, 20 lbs, 10, 10, 8, 8. I was watching myself in the mirror, and my arms just looked huge. Stoked my own ego!

We then did ball lat raises. 3 sets, 5 lbs, 12 reps

Then Gray, being the cruel bastard that he is, made me do pushups...3 sets of 10.

We then did some bicep curls, using the cable bar. 2 sets at 30 lbs, 10 reps.

Finally, finished it up with tricep extention, 2 sets at 45 lbs, 10 reps.

Theresa continues to motivate me to succeed in my goal. As Gray told me, when you have someone that pushes you like that, you are bound to succeed!

And, just got good news regarding traveling out to Hawaii! They dropped my final out and back on Wednesday! Getting there now on Wednesday has become reality! The year is off to a good start.

Another Two-a-Day

Since Brandon is lying to his trainer that I'm beating him in the Push for Hawai'i, I figured I may as well help him tell the truth by putting in another two-a-day day. I'm ditching Dave tonight to go play hockey from 10:30pm-midnight, but I needed to get in another day of lifting this week and I figured today was the best day.

So, while waiting for the last of my interviews for my column, I went to the gym for a short while. I did a small bit of cardio (15 minutes of interval training on the stepmill - better than a stairmaster!), stretched out really well again, and did Phase 1, Day 2:

Body Weight Squats 3 sets/10 reps
Step-Ups 3/10
Dumbbell Row 3/10
Dumbbell Incline Bench Press 3/10
Hyperextension 3/10
Dumbbell Curl 3/10
Forearm Bridge (a.k.a. plank pose) 3/:30
Right/Left Elbow Bridge 3/:30

Now I haven't figured out why day two is easier than day one, but it is. That's not saying I won't be sore in a few days (i've relented and admitted that i'm probably going to stay continually sore for a few weeks here), but it'll be lesser than after day one.

I also learned from Brandon that I'm apparently going to have a 20-minute mini session with Gray next week when I'm out visiting. Part of me is going, "Oh no. This is gonna suck," but there's another part of me that knows just how good it'll be for me. Well, I guess I'll know in a week ...

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Brandon: Motivator

So Brandon keeps talking about me as his motivator. Well, I officially determined tonight that he's my motivator.

Tonight's gym experience started out as a total clusterfuck. I wanted to do something a little different tonight, so I checked out the class schedule and saw that there was one class I definitely wanted to do (athletic training) and another right before it that looked interesting as well (pilates fusion). I figured since the first looked somewhat low-key, I could slog through two hours of class. However, stupid me forgot that trying to park at the gym near 5:30 at night? Yeah, impossible.

So. I gave up and went to another 24 Hour Fitness that's a little further from the house, but still close. I did the aforementioned FTWoD then stretched out really well. After that, I did five minutes on the VersaClimber, which I can't decide is a tool from heaven or hell. It would be the former because it kicks your ass and the latter because it's EVIL. Still, when it comes to working out, evil is usually good. Finally, I hopped on the stationary bike. I was going to do 15 minutes, but realized that Brandon did 45 minutes of cardio today and me doing 15 minutes would result in 40 total. NO GOOD. Therefore, punched in 20 minutes and started pedaling. It turned out I beat Brandon (or thought I did) because the program also had a five minute cool-down to make 50 total minutes. Oh yeah.

Afterwards, I grabbed some dinner at Whole Foods - a smallish piece of salmon, some grilled yellow bell pepper and zucchini and some watermelon. I got home, ate all the watermelon ... and could only eat half of the rest of my food. Which is really kind of weird, given that I was pretty hungry. However, I guess it's good.

That, and I think that this Hawai'i thing has spurned a friendly competition with Brandon and I'm determined to keep pace ...

... still, I think I'm going to take a rest day on Friday.

Never say never

Alright, so this is going to have to be a quickie, since I have to get ready to leave Grand Forks...

After being lazy this morning and getting my crack fix on ;) I headed over to the treadmill in the Hilton Garden Inn for my 45 minutes of cardio. Right away, I could tell that this session was going to hurt, probably due to lack of water plus muscles still being sore from the session Gray put me though. As I ran through my first 6.5 run, I was having doubts in my mind of being able to make it though the entire workout. Not a good feeling when you know you have 40 more minutes of this.

But as I got into my rhythm, I felt better. I never once kicked down the speed or walked longer than I should have. Around 25 minutes in, I switched the music on my iPod over to Disturbed which always keeps me motivated.

At 35 minutes, with only two sets of 6.5's left, I began congratulating myself on yet again a good day at the gym. This has no longer become a burden. It's something I want to do, something I look forward to in the morning. Instead of saying "I should go work out..." I say "when am I going to work out?"

As my final run came up, I switched it to my standard Fair to Midland song and pushed through. At 44 minutes, I pushed up the speed to 10.5 and sprinted it for the final minute.

As always, visions of spending time on the beach with my sexy girlfriend in Hawaii were popping up. She continues to motivate me to take myself beyond what I thought I had in me.

Tomorrow, session with Gray. Again, hoping he just beats the hell out of me!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Good Ol' Two-a-Days

So since I could only squeeze a little cardio in earlier (that, and my boy is going to kick my butt when it comes to hawai'i prep), I decided I'd go back to the gym this evening to work out some more. Since I lifted yesterday and I'm on a lifting cycle that requires me to lift two days a week, today was aaaall cardio.

So, around 8:15pm I drove back over to the gym and hopped on a treadmill. I actually did the treadmill workout Brandon talked about in the last post:
Minutes 0-2 ... 3.5 mph
Minutes 2-5 ... 5.9 mph
Minutes 5-7 ... 3.5 mph
Rinse, repeat.
While I think my lungs could have handled that for 45 minutes (my brain at least was powering me through), my feet couldn't. Since I haven't run much lately, I'm stupid and forgot that if I'm gonna run, I need to wear my running socks and use anti-blister balm stuff. Obviously I didn't do that tonight because about 20 minutes in, my feet started to hurt. Given that there were a ton of walking segments, though, I toughed it out for 35 minutes - 10 short of the goal. At that point, I got off the treadmill just so I wouldn't get bad blisters (or, i think, prevent them from totally forming).

After that, I was a good girl and stretched. I also noticed that the pool was relatively empty.

Now, to preface this, I haven't gotten in the pool to swim in probably a good month and a half, two months. There was a stretch before the tri that I was swimming 2-3 times a week and while I never really got a lot of pool endurance, I got enough to get me through the swimming portion of the tri in a relatively respectable amount of time and alive. Which really, is all that matters.

Anyway, since I'll be on a beach in, oh, 12 days and hopefully learning how to surf (that is, arm paddling), I figured I better get my ass back in the water and today was basically my last chance all week due to Dave coming in town and other annoying facts of my gender. I stayed in the pool for about 20 minutes, doing the following cycle three times:
- 1 lap freestyle ("typical" swim stroke)
- 1 lap breaststroke (still my strongest!)
- 1 lap backstroke
- 1 lap kickboard (down the pool freestyle kicking, back making like a frog doing the breaststroke kick)
Since I'm still a bit sore from yesterday, it was a little tough at times and my stupid sports asthma kicked in a bit, but for the most part, I was okay. I did 12 laps in the amount of time that I was doing around 16 back in late July, so really, that ain't bad.

In other, basically unrelated news, I received an e-mail today telling me that 2008 registration for the Tri for the Cure opens up January 15! I had a ton of fun doing the tri last year and want to do it again this year. The tri is Sunday, August 3 so all I need to figure out is if Brandon needs to drag me to a wedding that weekend (hopefully not) so I can sign up and hopefully shave 17:22 off last year's time of 1:47:22. I figure if I actually properly train, that shouldn't be an issue ...

Just a Shorty Here ...

Haven't gotten the chance to get in a good workout today (silly work), but I was good and still managed to put in 20 hard minutes on the elliptical before I headed over to DU for interviews. I'm also being good and going back to smart eating. I may not measure and weigh out everything I eat like I was last summer, nor am I going to obsessively count where all my calories are coming from in a 60 carb - 20 fat - 20 protein percentage breakdown, also like I was doing last summer. Basically, I'll eat smarter, but if it's not ridiculously proportioned, I'll live with myself.

Luckily, Brandon's flying to and overnighting in Grand Forks tonight (where he used to go to school), so I'll have a chance to get a late workout in after I'm done with interviews here at DU and dinner. Go me and two-a-days!

Noticing Change

Woke up with the arms just screaming in pain, but the good kind of pain, the kind that you know you've accomplished something. I also hopped right over to the scale. I am 3 lbs away from my goal of 180! Of course, even at that weight, I am still technically "overweight" but with my muscular mass, I will be more than healthy and looking better as well.

I asked T if I should do my standard 20 minute workout or my 45 minute workout. She said since I'm focusing purely on my upper body, I should put in the time for the 45 minute cardio session. I agreed, and after getting my crack fix on ;) I put on my workout clothes and headed for the gym.

Drank a ton of water (sweat it out) and hopped on the treadmill. I've changed the routine slightly. It started out as this:

0-2 minutes at 3.5
2-5 minutes at 5.9
5-7 minutes at 3.5
and so on...for 45 minutes

I changed it now to running at 6.5. The last time I did this was on Saturday, and although I struggled at the end and even said at one point to myself that I didn't think I would make it, I made it. Today, it was much different. Either my cardio is building up to the point that I am much stronger, or the motivation to get in better shape is forcing me to push myself, but either way, I'm achieving something that I would have thought impossible a few years ago.

I am in better shape now than I have been in years. I mean, I obviously slacked in the weightlifting department in college, and other than playing hockey all the fucking time, there wasn't much working out. But I looked in the mirror today, and saw the muscles of my stomach, my defined upper arms, and a very receeding stomach! It's happening!

T the motivator...

Monday, January 7, 2008

Beach Bod

I'm new at this blogging/journaling thing...

Yesterday, in what was the worst day of my Pinnacle career, there was one silver lining: The opportunity to spend a few days in Hawaii with my recent girlfriend, Theresa. Apparently, her parents told her they do not mind if I come out there, provided it doesn't interfere with my job. Talk about a pick-me-up! Me, naturally, I immediately agree, but realize that what I've been doing to get in shape will not get be that "beach bod" that I will need to not only be comfortable out there, but to impress my very sexy girlfriend.

Since I was unable to work out last night due to a very shitty fucking day, I knew that today I wanted to have my personal trainer, Gray, beat the hell out of me. Especially since the rest of today sucked as well. Of course, T can keep me sane in any situation, thankfully. As I was driving home, Gray called me and asked if I could meet him there early. I changed in the parking lot (no problem) and met up with Gray. Feeling still angry from the two days I had, I told Gray about my plans for Hawaii and that I wanted to strictly focus on upper body. He at first was skeptical, but told me he could come up with something great. He also said he could get me looking very good.

We started off with some simple dumbbell bench-press. We did 12 of those with 30 lb dumbbells. Then we did an over the head exercise with a barbell. 45 lbs. We followed that up with a lat-pulldown. 75 lbs. Did 3 sets of each.

After those 3 sets, he let me rest. We bullshitted about work and his stupid ex-girlfriend. He asked me about the Hawaii trip and told me that I must have made a helluva first impression with T's parents.

The next 3 sets were cable pulleys, shoulder presses, and some other barbell exercise that I have never done before. By now, I'm hurting real bad, but keeping the vision in sight. Even Gray was getting into it, as he would say things like "THINK OF HAWAII!!!"

The final 3 set exercises were the worst. We did straight bicep curls with 15 lbs. At one point, he walked away and told me to finish one set. As I was struggling with it, my arms just kind of froze at about the 90 degree point. I could literally not curl anymore. Feeling like a total wuss, I dropped the dumbbells. Gray then brought over to me 10 lbs and just reminded me to keep good form.

We then moved over to the wall, where he grabbed an exercise ball. With the ball against the wall and my back against the ball, he handed me another barbell. This one, he said, would be brutal. He called it the 3 21's. Start off with the barbell down by your waist, curl it up, but only to 90 degrees. Do that 7 times. Then you start it up by your chin, but curl it down only 90 degrees. Again, do it 7 times. Then you do the full range of motion. Yeah, after the first full range one, I think I uttered fuck or something like that. However, I was able to complete 3 sets.

We finished it off by doing some more dumbbell bench-press. I was actually surprised at how fast our session went, and was really pumped up through the rest of the night.

I also looked in the mirror at one point when I was doing these exercises and saw the definition in my arms. It made me proud to see the result of my hard work that I have been doing over the past few months. Will I ever have that killer body? No. You're talking to a kid who has been weightlifting seriously since 7th grade, played hockey 9 months a year (fall I played football) and yet never had the 6 pack or the chiseled jaw. I always have had a strong torso and good arms.

Basically, my staying motivated goal has a new incentive now.

The Arms, They're Rubber!

Day two in a row - go me!

If you noticed by the post in front of mine, I gave the boy (brandon) posting capabilities. You know how I said I was apparently inspirational? Yeah, well he saw this and was inspired to blog. Therefore, I gave him blogging capabilities on this here blog.

In any case, even though I'm kinda sick, I'm inspired by this upcoming Hawai'i trip where I apparently have to look hot in a bikini for my boy since he's joining us - yay! Yep, therefore, I need to push myself (smartly) at the gym ... which brings us to tonight.

Since I missed going in the afternoon 'cuz I was lazy getting up today, I decided to go later in the evening around 8:20. I started with a six minute warm-up on the recumbent bike and then stretched (it's tough making myself stretch. only time i stretch with any regularity is before hockey/competitions). I then did the Fitness Treadmill Workout of Doom, a.k.a. FTWoD, which is as follows:

Min. 0-2 ... 0 incline ... 3.5 mph
Min. 2-5 ... 5 incline ... 4.5 mph
Min. 5-7 ... 11 incline ... 3.5 mph
Min. 7-9 ... 10 incline ... 1 mph (lunging)
Min. 9-11 ... 12 incline ... 3.5 mph
Min. 11-13 ... 10 incline ... 1 mph (lunging)
Min. 13-15 ... 12 incline ... 3.5 mph
Min. 15-16 ... 1 incline ... 7 mph
Min. 16-17 ... 1 incline ... 5.5 mph
Min. 17-18 ... 1 incline ... 7.5 mph
Min. 18-20 ... 1 incline ... 5 mph

Since Mr. Brandon's in better shape than I right now, he doesn't think this is that horrible but my out-of-shape ass? Yeah, pretty evil. Though, admittedly, it should get better once I regain my cardiovascular endurance. Hopefully.

After that, I lifted. I'm currently doing a lifting routine from second semester senior year in college when I took a weight training class. Today was Phase 1, Day 1:

Body Weight Squat 3 sets/10 reps
Split Squat 3/10
Lat Pull-Down 3/10
Bench Press 3/10
10 Sec. Glute Bridge 3/5
Alt. DB Shoulder Press 3/10
Lying Tri Extension 3/10
Reverse Crunch 3/10

My legs are okay now, though I know tomorrow they'll be killing me, thanks to the squats and lunges. However, my arms are totally dead. You know you've worked them hard when you're in the shower and you can barely wash your arms because it's an effort to lift them above your head. Yup, rubber-ness.

I know I'll be sore tomorrow and Thursday (i'm usually the sorest two days after), but damn, I love that feeling.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Getting Back on Track

Now that all that crap is out of the way, getting started ...

Not that I'm making any new revelations here, but it's a new year. This blog isn't about New Year's resolutions (or a resolution), but it will include me trying to achieve some of mine since, as it is, I'm a sheep like the rest of society and made a few exercise-related resolutions. I'll just blame it on the ol' female DNA.

Besides, if this were a New Year's Resolution blog, wouldn't I have started it on the first?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

But. Even if I had wanted to, I wouldn't have really been able to - my friend Mike came in town to possibly accept a job (he didn't) and his presence made it virtually impossible to work out since I had to play taxi and hostess. I managed one gym visit the evening of the first and that was it until today. We were going to go snowboarding on Friday (that would have been a first for me), but the weather didn't cooperate enough for what weather-specific clothes Mike had (that being, nothing for anything worse than 30s and sunny). The other problem with Mike in town was eating out all. the. time, and mostly at places that it's extremely hard to eat well. I gave up on the crazy strict "diet" I was on late last summer - even though it did work okay - and eat more "normal" so to speak, but at the same time, my body now starts rebelling and getting sick if basically all I eat for oh, let's say five days, is fatty crap. Yep.

Which brings me to today. Mike finally left (love the kid, but yeah) so I was finally able to work out. Go me! Before Mike came in town, I had my boyfriend of two weeks, Brandon, bug me over text message to get my ass to the gym. With Mike here, he couldn't perform this duty. With Mike gone as of this morning, Brandon gets to annoy me again. ;)

Therefore, I meandered over to the gym to get in a workout (just got back, oh, 25 min. ago) before I went out and looked at Zoolights at the Denver Zoo with some friends. This was accomplished with marginal difficulty given that I am getting sick and have been staving off the sickness of death that I seem to succumb to every year around this time. So, to get in a good workout but not push myself to sickness, I did 40 minutes of cardio and did push myself, but struggled not to push too far.

25 minutes on the Treadclimber and 15 minutes of elliptical later, I'm sweaty and feeling okay. Haven't eaten in a few hours (still on "mike schedule" i guess of eating twice a day - my body so doesn't like that), but I managed and feel all right.

I may try to go back to the gym tonight after Zoolights, but honestly, it partially depends on Brandon's flight schedule and when I get to talk to him.

Now. Going back to an earlier point about New Year's Resolutions, I figure I'll actually put my fitness-related ones in here. Might as well, right?

- Get back in shape. I actually was doing fairly well with this last summer before I went crazy (partial nervous breakdown, general misery and depression, y'know.).
- Compete in at least five races again (ran four 5ks and the aforementioned tri) and possibly add a few others into the mix. This also includes doing a tri again and probably the Tri for the Cure since I really enjoyed it.
- Finally learn how to kayak. I've been dying to learn for a couple years now. I almost went this summer (parents offered to shack me up in salida and pay for a lesson), but work kinda screwed that over.
- Play more hockey! Hockey is my main sport and I really don't play it enough anymore. I'll never get back to the five to seven days a week I was doing in college (unless i find me some free ice), but once every other week would be a plus.

Post the First

I'd like to start out explaining why I started this blog (not that anyone will really read it, but y'know).

This is my second official blog (though i have/have had other online journals/diaries) - my first being my Tri for the Cure blog I shared with a few other friends. My boyfriend, actually, recently read the blog and said that me doing the tri (and a few of my related posts) was very inspirational. Since I never really thought of myself as an inspirational person, it got me to thinking ... if I can keep up with this on a semi-regular basis (unlike any other online blog/journal/diary i've tried), I may not only help keep him inspired, but, moreover, inspire myself to get back in good shape and stay there.

That being said, this will have my workouts in some detail. I probably won't put food in here, but I'm not guaranteeing anything just in case. I try to not make it all that boring, but we'll see ...

I don't want to put much about my life in here, but I may anyway. I guess it really depends on what random whim I'm feeling that given day.