Friday, February 29, 2008

The Road to Hell ...

... is definitely paved with good intentions.

For example: I had every intention of being in the pool at the gym RIGHT NOW. However, after finishing up my gamer down in the Springs with an hour's drive still ahead of me ... I just wanted to get home and sleep.

Therefore, today was technically a day off for me. Boo.

I do say technically, though, as I trotted up six flights of stairs TWICE and sprinted halfway around an arena twice getting interviews. Good ol' World Arena ... gets the heart pumping at least a little bit.

And They're Off!!!

The back on the horse theory, I can safely, say, is accurate. Nothing too complicated tonight, just my simple 20 minute treadmill workout of death. I was thinking of doing the 45 minute routine, but due to my fatigue today, I decided to take it easy (somewhat) on myself today.

At the end of it, I cranked out a 2 minute sprint at the fastest speed the treadmill went. I felt so good and my lungs didn't even hurt that much. I think the endurance is being built up real nicely right now, which will be good for multiple reasons later this year.

Got workouts planned for tomorrow and Sunday as well. Going to Denver Sunday night, so I know I'll get some "unconventional" workouts in, as well as hopefully some more running outside. :)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hooray for free weights!!!

after neglecting the arms for the past few days, I found to my delight that the workout room in Tulsa has mucho free weights. I decided to forgo my usual cardio routine and just hit the arms.

Warmed up by doing a few pushups. I then started off by doing shoulder presses. 3/10. I then did curls, 3/10. After that, did some tricep extensions, 3/10. Tossed away the dumbbells and hit the bench. Warmed up with the bar, then tossed on 45 a side and did a set of 10. I then increased it to 55 a side and did 2 more sets of 10. I finished off the arms by doing 3 sets of lat pull downs.

I watched myself in the mirror and was just amazed at how big my arms looked. Maybe the girl is onto something here...;)

I Hate Mucus

I was planning on going to the gym for a cardio day today but since it's delightful outside (56 degrees, sunny, slight breeze), I decided to run outside instead of on a treadmill. The reasons for this are threefold:
1. Running outside is superior to running inside
2. Treadmills bore the ever-living fuck out of me
3. Most of the running I plan on doing this year (that is, races) is all outdoors
Therefore, I figure while I have the fortune of good weather, I may as well take advantage of it, right?

So I did. After 5/10 jumping jacks and some stretching, I did a 1.26 mile loop - my legs felt fine at several points, but my lungs - and my mucused up sinuses - couldn't take the entire loop running, so I walked some points instead. I'm okay with that though - it takes time to build one's cardiovascular endurance back up. According to, I did .94 miles before the mucus overtook my sinuses/lungs and I had to walk. I walked until the 1.02 mile point, picked up running until the 1.16 mile point when my asthma kicked in (probably wouldn't have happened had i stopped running that one point. of course, that stretch is the worst uphill part of this route, so you know). Walked until the 1.2 mile point and ran the .06 mile home stretch back to, well, my home.

Still, it's nice that I almost got to the one mile point before I had to walk thanks to mucus. I was deader on Sunday when I ran with Brandon and only did .8 miles ... weirdly enough. Since my family was apparently blessed with the never-ending mucus gene, the mucus will never completely go away (boo!), but hopefully it'll subside enough for me to get back to the point that I was at last summer - able to run 3.1 miles (or marginally more!) without having to stop to hack up a glob of mucus.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cancellations = workout opportunity

so since my company is retarded and can't keep an adequate supply of tires around, our flight to Madison got cancelled and I got the opportunity to do a workout. As T said, not quite back on the horse, but well on the way...

Our hotel in Memphis sucks and has no weights, so I decided to mix up the cardio a little and do the 20 minute workout of death. For the final two minutes, I ran at 9.0 for the one minute, then kicked it up to 11.0 for the final minute. It's amazing how easy it is becoming to sprint those final minutes out, no matter which workout I do.

I think the workout room in Tulsa has weights. I'm hoping so. I really need to lift.

Back In the Groove?

I think it's too early to definitively say if I'm back on the horse or not, but early signs point to "yes."

In any case, back to the gym today - I'm one-upping the boy here since he's not going to work out today. Ha! Although, it's a hollow victory because he's flying around getting paid instead. Boo.

Today was a cardio/arms day. Skipped my typical warm-up in favor of 20 minutes on the stationary bike (starting that ol' tri training), stretching and then the 20 minute FTWoD which, I might add, was a struggle today for whatever reason. Didn't help that the arch on my lumpy foot was bothering me a tad. Grr.

After that cardio, I did a small upper-body routine. 3/10 lat pulldown, 3/10 seated dip, 3/10 seated row, 3/10 incline seated chest press and 3/5 (so wussy) overhead press. I hate my weak, girly arms. Boo. Oh well, that's why I lift, right?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Feelin good

Nothing too hard today, just my simple 45 minute workout on the treadmill. I was going to do arms, but due to a very large calzone that I ate a few nights ago, I felt like I should get some extra cardio in.

Everything was fine for the first 30 minutes, then I hit the wall and was struggling for about 4 more minutes, but for the last sprint, cranked it up to 8.5 for 2 minutes, then sprinted it for the final minute at 11.0.

After, I stretched for quite a while. No ankle problems, a slight heel hurt, but feeling very good.

Bloggity Blog Blog

Back to the gym today. Would have gone yesterday, but was way too exhausted to think about it. Therefore, back to the grind today.

Started off with my typical 10 minutes on the recumbent bike and stretching. From there, did 15 minutes on the stepmill and 10 on the treadclimber. I was thinking of running, but would rather do that on a day I don't do legs (like today).

Then, lifting! I'm forcing myself to get back into lifting because really, I do like to lift - it just doesn't seem like it lately. So: 3/10 adductor, 3/10 leg curl (hammies), 3/10 leg extension (quads), 3/10 rotary calf machine, 3/10 body weight squats, 3/10 ball crunches, 3/:30 wall sits, 3/10 captain's chair thingys.

Relatively short day, but I'm okay with that. Now to refuel 'cuz I'm huuuuunnnnggggrrrryyyyyy.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

With the girl outdoors

So due to my miserable day yesterday, I decided to come out and see T. She and I decided to take advantage of the nice weather and get some exercise outside.

We jogged down to a local park, where she made me stretch, and stretch, and stretch. We then did some calisthenics (ah the glories of my football days) and jumping jacks. After we did that, a couple with some daschunds came by and of course, I had to pet them. We then decided to do some sprints, but after I planted my foot running around a tree, my ankle that I had surgery on back in 1999 was giving me problems. T told me not to do another one, but unfortunately, I didn't listen and again planted the foot which basically caused me to crumple to the ground in pain...

We walked it back to her place, me sometimes needing support from usual, the girlfriend is my rock and my support.

Runnin' With the Brandon ...

The boy came out to see me for a mental health day so, since it's gorgeous outside, I dragged him out to run with me. We ran the 8/10ths of a mile down to Sweetwater Park which, normally, I'd be fine with but since my cardiovascular endurance is the suck ...

Once at the park, I dragged him through some basic plyometric stretches and then made him stretch out really well. We did some jumping jacks and then took a break so Brandon could go play with some dachshunds. After that, we did a few simple sprints ... and had to stop after realizing that neither of us can do cuts around the tree - his ankle and my lumpiness (stupid arch) preventing us. Afterwards, we walked back home.

Short, simple, but enough to get us moving. And injured. But y'know.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Channeling my uncontrollable rage

So after a miserable day at work in which I ended up getting home 4 hours later than I should have, thanks to my horrible company...I was going back and forth on going to the gym. I eventually decided to suck it up and go. Just to beat the hell out of myself and take out my rage.

I jumped on the treadmill and decided to just run a mile. Flat out. I ended up running it in a little over 7 minutes, but the treadmill was acting up, so I think I could have cracked 7, but oh well.

I then blasted Linkin Park and went into a side room, where a punching bag was. To the tune of Bleed it Out, I beat the shit out of that bag, using techniques I learned in FFDO training. Hammer punches, elbows, knees to the head, and lots of punches. Every time, I was putting a face of someone I couldn't stand on the bag and just beat the hell out of it. I was just exhausted after...but goddamn did it feel good.

Takin' It Easy, But Lifting Again

Went back to the gym today - two days in a row! Go me!


Anyway, I was planning on running outside, but it's kind of chilly and it's supposed to be so much nicer outside tomorrow. Therefore, I run outside tomorrow.

Instead, I ventured indoors for some cardio and some light upper-body lifting. I wanted to do more than I did, but since I'm starting to lift again after a long break, I decided to ease back into it - especially with my wimpy upper body since my legs are sore already from yesterday.

I started out with my typical 10 minutes on the recumbent bike then stretched out which felt so good because my muscles in my legs were ridiculously sore from yesterday. I then hopped on the treadmill on a flat incline (so 1.0), set it at 5.7 mph, threw my towel over the display and ran. I didn't want to be able to see my time elapsed because then it just seems and feels like an eternity. Instead, I paid attention to my lungs (did okay since it was flatness) and my feet (bad if no blister balm) ... which meant about 12 minutes in I gave up and looked at the display and decided to do 15 minutes total. At the 14 minute mark I upped it to 6.0mph and at 14:30, upped it to 6.5mph.

After that, the light lifting. Since my back started to bother me a bit running, I started off with 10 10 second ball cobras. After that, as follows:
3/10 lat pull-downs
3/10 tri extensions
3/10 db curl and presses
10/3 supermans (right arm/left leg, left arm/right leg, full body)

I probably could have done more arm work, but again ... I don't want to push myself right now. I'm going to be smart about this ...

Friday, February 22, 2008

OMG I Lifted!!!111!!!!!

*ahem* Sorry about the crazy title. But, seeing as how I haven't lifted since I worked out in Minny with Brandon and Gray, I figured there was cause for celebration. Or something.

In any case, Theresa worked out again. I started off with 10 minutes on the recumbent bike (my standard warm-up) and then stretched out. After that, I hopped on the treadmill for 10 minutes on random at 5.7 mph (oh, so slow ...). I was good for the first seven minutes, then died, so I had to walk at 4.0 mph for two minutes and then went back to 5.7 mph for the last minute. I was a little worried about my lumpy foot, but it held up okay.

After that, I decided I'd do a legs and abs day. I went back to the exercise mat and did crunches:
- 15 regular, legs in air
- 10 right side
- 10 left side
Rinse, repeat for three sets without stopping. Ohh the burn ...

From there, I went to legs. Three sets of 15 body weight squats, 3/10 adductors (inner thighs), 3/8 leg press, 3/10 seated leg curls (hammies), 3/10 standing calf raises, 3/10 captain's chair crunches. After that, I decided to shower, realized I forgot deodorant, bought some, got some underneath a fingernail and accidentally ingested part of it so now I'm waiting and hoping to see if I don't die. Peachy.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

sweat flying

In Harrisburg on an overnight, and decided to workout, since it's been awhile...this is getting bad...

with no weights to speak of, and a very small compact workout room, just decided to run on the treadmill, doing the standard 45 minute walk-run. Since I haven't worked out in awhile, I cut it down to 1/2 hour and only ran at 6.5. To top it off, I was hurting due to lack of hydration (my own fault).

Slugged my way through it with Linkin Park blasting in my ears. I don't know what it is about Upgrade^Brigade by Fair to Midland, but somehow, it makes that final push very easy. For the final 3 minutes, sprinted at 8.0, 8.5, then took it down to 5.5 for 30 seconds before making the final push at 10.0

Gonna work out tomorrow night at some point as well.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Working out after working out

After getting my ass slaughtered on the slopes yesterday (couldn't even bend over to pick up my shirt this morning), Theresa and I decided to hit the gym for some stretching and a light workout.

She introduced me to the foam roller, which really loosened up my hip flexor. After I loosened that up, I hit the treadmill for a 15 minute walk/run/sprint. I then hit the upper body. Did some Hammer strength work on my arms, as well as some dumbbell curls. 25 lbs. I did some other upper body work, then finished it off with some tricep pushups.

Still a little sore, but feel better that I squeezed this in. Plus working out with the girl is fun. ;)

Knotty Shoulders

My shoulders are the new Lumpy's on my body. Oh man, the knots ...

Anyway, went to the gym with the boy. I first showed him the joys of the foam roller on sore muscles (and then utilized it myself). Afterward, I hopped on the recumbent bike for 10 minutes, mostly just to warm up my muscles so I could stretch out ... and stretch out I did. My legs feel much better, my torso marginally so and my shoulders and neck are still evil. :(

Since Brandon wasn't done yet at this point, I figured I may as well do some more cardio and did 10 minutes on the Treadclimber. I feel okay - not great - and am looking forward to a lunch of salad, some more unconventional working out and possibly a nice walk around the neighborhood since it's gorgeous outside. :)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Like Riding a Bike

To celebrate Valentine's Day, albeit a day late, and after a couple unconventional workouts last night, Theresa and I decided to go skiing up at Winter Park. A day of fun doing something neither of us has done in many years, and hopefully not killing ourselves.

When we got to the mountain, we both decided we wanted some warm ups on the green hills. After two warm up hills, I was ready to take on some blue runs and get the game on. Although T was a little more apprehensive about going fast down the hills, I was ready to test my edges of my crappy rented skis and feel some adrenaline. And yeah, I think I biffed it going through the woods. That and I lost my hat at one point after clipping it on a tree. No fear though in me, especially when it comes to skiing.

I felt bad for T, being the fact that she took a puck off the foot earlier in the week and had a big bump and bruise on her foot that she christened "Lumpy". She was a real trouper throughout the day and handled herself real well, especially after about noon. She was looking confident and like a skier who knew how to handle herself.

We closed off the day by taking a Intermediate/Expert run. It was fast and both T and I kept great control. At the bottom, we both realized how sore we actually were and collapsed in each others arms on the train ride home, taking about an hour to finally find a comfortable position. Don't know how many calories I burned today, but that was a good workout, one that I know I will feel tomorrow.

Faire du Ski

Brandon and I went skiing today for our exercise endeavour (though there was some non-traditional working out last night). To preface, it was the first time that either of us have been skiing in years. For me, it's been probably about a decade.

As a result, I know I wanted to go kind of slow and take things easy at first, given that I hadn't skied in forever. After a few greens (and relearning how to turn on skate-like objects with large stuff attached), we moved on to the blues and tree trails. Brandon was good after about two runs and ready to go crazy and, often times, like a bat out of hell down the hill. The kid has no fear - which was evidenced in a few situations where he fell and stumbled down the mountain.

Me, I'm a bit more wary. However, that's not to say I didn't fall a few times. Still, a little over halfway through the day and I started to find my groove again. I tried some moguls (i got to doing them well by the time i stopped schussing, but never really liked them) and realized I basically still have the ability to do them, yet the desire (mainly with my poor knees) still isn't there. However, by the last run of the day - a blue-black that was sans moguls yet kind of icy (downside to sunny days), I was feeling great.

Still, my quads I know are going to hurt like a bitch tomorrow. My lumpy foot held up, but I still don't know if I can put it through a strenuous session. Still, since it's "bring a guest for free" month at 24, I may drag the boy over so I at least can stretch myself out extremely well on the foam rollers and cry while doing so.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Shots Off the Feet = PAIN

So, played hockey tonight. In my very second shift, I blocked a shot off the outside of my left foot. For the uninformed, that's exactly where I broke my foot back in high school. I know I didn't rebreak it, but jeebus does it hurt like a mother. I'm currently sitting with it on a bag of ice, hoping it starts to feel better.

But, the plus is I never missed a shift - even after I blocked another shot off the same foot. I did start to play lazy because I got sick of the goalie on my side. He gets bitchy if you don't play defense ... I do play defense, fucker ... I just can't cover three guys at once, asshole. He's not allowed to leave the skate anymore so instead he decided to become worse than a shooter tutor. Him not wanting to put forth effort made me not want to put forth effort. I'm too competitive for that to completely happen, but I stepped out of the way of shots after a while.

In any case, I hope this foot thing doesn't keep me out of commission for too long - I gots working out and skiing to do this week ...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Back in the game

So today I went back to Gold's for a session with Gray. Was really looking forward to a solid ass-beating after my slacking over the past couple weeks.

Warmed up on the treadmill by doing the 2-3 routine but pared down to 1-2. After 3 of those, just ran at 9.1 until Gray came over to get me. We started out with simple lunges. Then we did some leg presses, but not like I'm normally used to. We began with no weight on either side, 10 reps. Then Gray added a 25 lb plate on each side, and I did 10 reps. He continued this routine until there were 4 plates on each side. Then he began removing a set of them, but I still did 10 reps. Total reps of 100.

We then did some leg extensions followed by leg curls. Have not done leg curls in FOREVER so those hurt. A lot. We then went into the spin room. I was thinking we were going to spin for a few minutes, but Gray ordered me to do wall sits. Ugh, I hate him sometimes. 3 at a minute each.

We then moved to arms. Did a lot of stuff on the hammer machines, which I love. I also did some seated rows and some curls.

A good solid workout today that I think jumpstarted my working out again. Let's hope so. I get to see my sweetie on Thursday, and I want to make sure she's still proud of me.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Need ... Motivation ...

So the boy and I both have been total slackers in the workout department. We didn't even get unconventional ones in last time he was here due to my stupid body. Needless to say, I haven't worked out in a while. A long while. So, as you can tell from his post previous, we both got back on the damn horse ... even though the fucker keeps bucking us off again. We'll tame that beast yet again ...

Anyway, today was just cardio. I had every intention of doing weights, but near the end of the cardio, I was feeling dead so decided not to push myself too much. I often do such things with bad results I want no part of. Therefore, cardio only. So, I did a 10 minute warm-up on the recumbent bike, stretched out really well, did 15 minutes of intervals on the stepmill and followed it up with the 20 minute FTWoD.

So yeah, dead, but I feel good.

On a random side note, even though I haven't been working out, I've managed to get the lowest I've been in terms of weight in a good year or so which is totally freaking weird.

This is getting ridiculous

So yeah, again, been a total slacker. No reason for it. It's time to get off my fucking ass and get to work, so that's what I did tonight in Peoria.

I recently downloaded the workout that they used to train the actors in the movie 300. It goes something like this...

a) Pullups - 25 reps
b) Deadlifts with 135lbs - 50 reps
c) Pushups - 50 reps
d) 24-inch Box jumps - 50 reps
e) Floor wipers - 50 reps
f) Single-arm Clean-and-Press with 36lbs Kettlebell - 50 reps
g) Pullups - 25 reps

Now, that is a little too much for me right now, so instead, they have this one for me...

15 bodyweight rows
25 bodyweight squats
15 pushups
50 jumping jacks
20 mountain climbers
10 close grip pushups
15 bodyweight rows

I started off tonight by running a mile as fast as I could. Just to see my time and if I could do it. I ran it in 6:47. Not too shabby, as far as I'm concerned. I then proceeded to do the workout above. Bodyweight squats are killers. And to want 25 of them is brutal. But I was able to get the whole thing done. And I feel good.

Working out with Gray both Tuesday and Wednesday. And I'm looking forward to it. =) Toss in some skiing with my sweetie on Friday and some other "workouts" and I'll be good to go.

Monday, February 4, 2008

A new unwavering determination

So I guess slacking off for a couple weeks (albeit there were many unconventional workouts and an ingrown toenail to deal with) has motivated me to work very hard and has pushed me to new limits.

I decided today to do the 45 minute treadmill workout, but instead of going 2 min at 3.5 and 3 min at 6.5, I decided to kick it up to 7.0. The workout room in Little Rock is overlooking the city on the 29th floor of an office building, so it was interesting to be running on a treadmill with a view of what otherwise is a pathetic city in middle America.

Usually the first 5 minutes is the toughest of this workout for me. Not today. Today there was a new focus; an unwavering determination. I don't know where this came from in all honesty, but wherever it came from, I like it.

At 40 minutes, I didn't want it to end. So I decided again to push myself since I was feeling really good and strong. With 3 minutes left, I kicked it up to 8.0 for one minute, brought it back down to 6.5 for one minute, and for the final minute, sprinted it at 12.0. I could literally see the sweat flying off of my arms onto the window in front of me.

Focused like none other right now...

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Just Keep Swimming, Swimming, Swimming

Well, I made it to the gym to swim after the Super Bowl (thank you giants!) and an episode of House (it was good). I didn't exactly do the 20 minutes suggested by the tri training calendar, but I got in about 15 minutes and 12 laps nevertheless. The order of said laps was like so:

Laps 1, 5, 9: freestyle
Laps 2, 6, 10: breaststroke
Laps 3, 7, 11: backstroke
Laps 4, 8, 12: kickboard - 1/2 lap freestyle kick, 1/2 breaststroke kick

The sports asthma kicked in a bit, but it wasn't too bad. I know I have a lot of stamina to build back up in the pool, but it makes me happy to know that I'm already swimming and it's February. I don't think I started swimming last year until ... April or May.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Bittersweet feelings....

ok, so hockey today for my workout. Picked up my buddy Tim at his place and went over to Pearl Park to play a pickup game and just have some fun. Plus, I wanted to test out my new stick and play with it.

We got to the park and there was already a game going on, so we dinked around by ourselves for awhile. Mostly just bullshit with each other and passed a lot, but eventually got into the game and began showcasing our skills.

I made my favorite play of taking it to the right of a slow defenseman and walking it in on the goalie. I actually did this twice, to which he said "oh, you're gonna pick on me again???"

Of course, my team tied tonight in hockey, which is very frustrating to me. Ugh.

And We're Back in the Game

I forgot to blog again yesterday, but I *did* go for a good 20 minute walk, so I accomplished yesterday's tri-training goal.

Today was "20-60 minutes of cardio" so I went to 24 for the first time in oh, two weeks (at least). Started off with 10 minutes on the recumbent bike as a warm-up then stretched out really well. I then hopped on the stepmill for some intervals for 15 minutes and then finished up with 12 minutes of more intervals on the elliptical. My original plan was to do 20 minutes of elliptical, but I guess I still have a cold since I started getting mucusy again. Boo. :(

Tomorrow on the tri-training calendar is "20 minutes to all day of something new" which I shall translate into "swimming at some point, probably during the Super Bowl." I do know I won't be able to follow said calendar religiously when Brandon comes in town, but I figure I'll be able to finagle things around enough to basically follow what it advises but work it with my schedule.

So basically, go me!

Friday, February 1, 2008


after a long absence from running, I finally was able to get back on the treadmill and start running again.

I decided since I haven't been working out too much lately, I would just do the 20 minute treadmill workout of death, with some sprinting at the end for my own benefit/satisfaction. I climbed on and began. Felt good throughout the entire workout, and before I knew it, was at the final 5 minutes, where I always add my own twist to the workout.

I sprinted at 8.6 for one minute, leaving 4 minutes left. I then brought it down to 5.5 for one minute, cranked it up to 7 for another minute, and pushed myself as hard as I could for the final two and sprinted at 10.0. The amazing thing is, I could have kept going, but to not risk injury, decided to get off and STRETCH!

Tomorrow, right back into my standard 45 minute routine. I'm gonna toss in some weightlifting as well. I am very happy right now, given that I have not only achieved my weight goal, but am lower than what I thought I would be. I am now shooting for 175 lbs, which is only 3.5 lbs left to go to that. My motivator has done a great job. Love you sweetie!

Gotta Get Back on Track

So I know I haven't posted on here in forever. Except for those unconventional workouts in Hawai'i and a lot of walking, I've done crap.

However, since I got an e-mail from the Tri for the Cure saying that the February training schedule is now up - and I plan on competing in the tri again and kicking its ass - I might just follow that ... which, of course, means today is a light day of 20-60 minutes of walking. I can do that ...

The only thing I don't like is that the program has a lot of rest days built into it and I hate rest days (because i'm stupid ... i'm sure), I may add a bit of my own into it, but we'll see ...