Friday, February 27, 2009

Such a Bad Blogger

Pfft, I've been so bad at updating this blog lately. Maybe it's because I'm sick of logging my workouts as my only entries. And yeah, I know I wanted to do more with this, but I haven't yet. Hopefully I will eventually.

In any case, ran yesterday - 2.14 miles in 22:16 for an average of 10:24.3/mi. Not bad, but not great. Still, I'm slowly beginning to up my mileage, so that's good, right?

Was thinking about going to the gym today, but I kind of don't feel like moving/leaving the house until I drive up to Vail for a friend's b-day party (where i shall be dancing lots, if i know these people). Still, I may do some body-weight exercises here before I go. We'll see.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Breaking down walls

Those that have been following our blog know that I am trying to push myself running. Not necessarily in times, but just in distance. I am working on building up my endurance again. To do this, it's going to take consistency and dedication. Which we all know I have in me, but it takes a lot of searching to find it. However, have I found it?

Today, I'm in my favorite running town, so of course I wanted to run. Same type of deal as last time, except I was going to push it a bit longer. And I did. I just kept running, not really knowing where I was or how far I was going. Eventually I got to a point where I felt like turning around so I did. It ended up being a 4.12 mile run in 43:48. Not too bad, and at the end of it, I still felt like I had something left.

Tomorrow I dunno, something fun.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Run yesterday...forgot to blog

Go figure, right?

Anyway, I'm really working on this endurance thing. The key for me will be running longer distances slower than what I would like to. Then use the shorter runs for speed work.

In any event, girlfriend and I went for a run yesterday. It ended up being 2.89, which seemed short, but ended up being accurate. We both went uber slow, but that's what we wanted to do. I'm planning on running a lot again in Wichita. Probably will try to push it to 4 or more.

Catching Up

Wee, haven't blogged in a few days. I was too tired Sunday, forgot to catch up on Monday, and forgot again yesterday. I'm so bad.

Anyway, I've been managing to get in some decent workouts lately, which is good.

Sunday, Brandon and I split up my scorekeeping shifts so we could each go to the gym (him for a two-a-day since he already ran that day). I decided to swim and did 800m (all breaststroke) in about 19:00 which isn't bad, considering. I was going to do some freestyle as well, but was too tired. I do want to phase in the crawl, but I think I'll do it on the days I don't just swim for endurance.

Monday ended up being an off day (though i think we did do some wii fit). We were going to get in some leisurely ice skating, but the idiot that ran the temporary outdoor rink we were hoping to go to didn't crank up the cooling system (probably because he was lazy and didn't want to work). Therefore, no ice and our date was mostly ruined. Boo.

Then, yesterday, Brandon and I went on a longer run. I know I've been needing to up my distance, but lately it's been hard to force myself to do so. But, since it was almost 70 degrees yesterday (unusually warm!), we went and we ran. We took it slow and did 2.89 mi. I did it in 31:57 (weird, because brandon started seconds after and came in seconds later and had a quicker time. um, zuh?) for a pace of 11:03/mi. Not great, but I'm okay with that for now. Plus I felt good at the end, so that's all that matters, right?

Doing something later today, but I don't know what yet. I do need to catch up on what the rest of you have had to say, though, as I haven't read blogs in a few days, so I'm going to do that first.

Monday, February 23, 2009

2 workouts in one day???


Didn't blog yesterday since I got home ass-late from scorekeeping, but here it is. Armed with my new go get 'em attitude, I went for a long run yesterday. Long is relative, since most of you can run like 55 miles without blinking, but I did 3.88 miles. No concern about time, no pushing myself, this was purely an endurance run. I did it in like 45 minutes, but that's ok, because it is just something to build on.

Second workout was last night, and it was swimming. I swam 1000 meters without stopping. Again, endurance, but it went really well and I felt really good.

It's time to kick it up, people.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Another run...

As girlfriend said, yesterday was a day of Wii Fit yoga and almost relaxation. I like doing the yoga on there, so I think I will be blogging about it more in the future.

And today, after grocery shopping, we ran home. It was a 1.76 mile run that I did in 17:14. It was like 9:42 per mile, which isn't too good, but something to definitely build on. I did some speed work on the way too, so that's something good.

More tomorrow.


Yesterday's workout consisted of a lot of Wii Fit yoga, so I felt no need to blog about it ... well, except for now I guess. :-p

Anyway, didn't have a lot of time in between jobs today, so fit in a run by running home from the grocery store (mom took brandon and i over; we ran back). 1.76 miles in 17:40 for just about a 10:02/mile. Not great, but I guess right now I'm consistent given that I averaged a 10:03/mile my last run. So y'know.

Still, not sure if this is going to work for those five miles I hope to run at the end of April ...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Of Running and Stress Eating ...

... or not eating, as tends often to be my case.

A lot of people tend to eat when they're stressed. They turn to sugars and fats and all those delicious yet bad-for-you foods that you generally try to avoid when you're not stressed out to the point of cracking.

Brandon says he's like this. I can be, but generally when I'm sick.

I started noticing in college that my eating habits went through phases - I either ate everything in sight or nothing. I almost always managed to eat breakfast (my favorite meal of the day that rarely gets thrown by the wayside), but the rest of the day could be a crapshoot on what I ate or how much I ate.

Basically, I like food, but food and I don't tend to have the best relationship. I know I need to eat. I need to eat to live. But, it gets hard, when NOTHING, even things I ADORE look appetizing (this happens more than i'd like to admit) and the things I do end up trying to eat make me feel nauseous, whether in actuality or because I imagine it (i'm not ruling out the possibility). I haven't given up food completely, though God knows I've thought about it more times than I can count (i mainly don't because if i don't eat, i will pass out. almost happened at work once - ran late, hadn't eaten in 16 hours ... yeeeeahhh ...).

In any case, to get back on track here, during times of immense stress that depresses me (i should add that clarification), I tend to not want to eat. I'll eat breakfast for sure ... but after that? I eat only because my body tells me to eat. "Bitch, you better be getting some food in you before you pass out," is how I imagine my brain/stomach operate.

It doesn't also help when dinner is something I don't particularly care for anyway and there's not another viable, healthy, quick option for me to substitute. A girl can only eat packages of beef ramen noodles for dinner so often, man.

I've been going through this lately due to some external things happening within my family (damned economy is all i'm sayin') and part of this, I'm sure, has killed my motivation to work out. It probably makes for a vicious cycle: stress = not hungry = no motivation to work out = no activity = less need for food = more not being hungry et cetera, et cetera.

So it's a surprise that I managed so much at the gym late(r) last night with how little I ate yesterday, especially considering that except for a Wee Brie (i love you president cheeses) at "dinner," the last protein I had consumed before that was around five hours prior (typically i need egg or animal protein to get me through - cheese/milk/dairy typically doesn't cut it for me).

It was a similar thing today. I ate breakfast at around 10am (mmm, gooey green apple pancakes) - a breakfast that didn't have protein save for the coffee milk I drank. Despite that, I managed a 1.56 mile run on it a little after 2pm ... and didn't eat again until dinner an hour ago at 7:15pm. I ate and wondered why I was hungry. Oh right ... that whole not eating thing in nine hours.

But when I'm stressed and/or busy (stupid column), it happens.

Speaking of that run ... 1.56 miles in 15:42 and a 10:03 mile. Boo. I was going to do a two mile loop, but it was hella windy out so I scratched that idea and went for the 1.35 mile loop that I typically do. However, as I was nearing the turn-off for home, Rodney Atkins' "If You're Going Through Hell (Keep Going)" came on and I was feeling awesome, so I went down to the next turn-off to go up the hill and curl back into home the way I left.

Bad idea. Soon after I turned the corner and started up Timberline (the crappy, stupid hill), Rodney went away and on came Tina Turner singing about "The Best." I wanted to walk SO BADLY, but I didn't. I finished and proceeded to hack up a crapton of mucus.

Needless to say, Tina got booted off the running playlist as soon as I went back upstairs.

For the curious, I discovered the song junior year in college. Our hockey coach would put it on right before a game, close the lights and leave us to listen to the song and think about what we wanted our performances to be ... or something. Needless to say, after a few months (or a few weeks; i can't remember), we all started mocking the song, giggling when it came on and eventually singing it in ridiculously high-pitched falsettos as soon as she left the locker room. As much as I ridiculed that damn song, however, I eventually grew to like it and downloaded it. Yep. Fun for driving or dancing along to around the house, but for running, it sucks.

A Treadmill workout

I did a treadmill workout today. I have been feeling a little bland about the treadmill workout. I like it because it's so efficient and does a great job of burning calories, but I've been frustrated because it's so damn bland. Well, I tried something new today. I did the 2-3 pattern, but on each 3, I changed the intensity. It's really weird, but that subtle change was enough variety to keep it interesting. The first runs were 6.0, 6.5, and 7.0, as were the second. The third set I did both of them at 6.0, since the workout room in Bozeman is in the same place as the pool and it was ultra humid. Seriously. But I had a weird feeling as I was running. I got this weird feeling that I was going to make it the entire 45 minutes. No matter how tired I was getting, I was going to make it. And I sure did.

Hopefully more running tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pondering ...

... but not elaborating right now, given that it's 11:30pm, I have to shower still and wake up relatively early so I can annoy coaches and write a column. I should have time after that, though.

Anyway, I will say that I did finally manage to get back to the gym today. Did 17 minutes in the pool (1x200m, 1x300m, 1x100m breaststroke and 1x50m crawl), stretched and then did 10 minutes and 1875m on the ergometer. Water-related workout day, I guess.

More tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Treadmill workout in Fargo

Forgot to blog earlier today, but I figure I'll get it out of the way today. I was excited about doing a treadmill workout in Fargo because yeah, I love working out up there. Seriously. However, as I started walking, my ankle felt kind of funny. Not like dangerously, but just sore, probably from skiing. So I limited myself to 20 minutes today. Not exactly what I wanted to do, but that's ok.

I haven't decided what I will do in Bozeman tomorrow, but we'll see. I'm hoping to bike if possible.

Skiing Pictures!

Okay, so it's two days later, but I promised skiing photos and skiing photos you shall get! Kind of. Don't have many ones of us actually, you know, skiing. Brandon has a few, but I don't know if his are on Webshots yet. Anyway, onward!

Ski Train
Since they're mentioned in the "About Us" section, Ivan and Nelson the baby dinosaurs. Pictured here enjoying the view on the train ride up.

Winter Park
Brandon and I on top of Mary Jane (one of the three mountains that comprise winter park).
Winter Park
Brandon after landing a mini-jump.
Winter Park
Me after we finished for the day. I was roasting and couldn't wait to get out of my ski clothes. Oh, the shirt by the way? Super cute new Nike shirt that has a cartoon heart (no, seriously, like a human heart) that's holding dumbbells and says "Work It Out." LOVE IT.
Winter Park
Brandon at the end of the day.

Wee, it was fun. Cardio tonight. Of some sort. Haven't decided yet.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

On the Slopes!

In a word, tired. Oh, and sore. But happy!

Brandon and I went skiing today up at Winter Park which is becoming our new Valentine's Day tradition. Unfortunately, it also fell on President's Day weekend this year (one of the two busiest ski weekends of the year) so it was a little crowded, but we still had a ton of fun.

We were able to rent out demo skis (so the parabolic skis that are all the rage; so hard to find regular old skis anymore) and try those out which is good, since we hope to buy our own later this year. Maybe. They're expensive. They also didn't take that long getting used to, so that was helpful.

Anyway, my brain is mush and I really just kind of want to sleep, so I'll keep this short. I don't know whether a.) I'm in marginally better shape; b.) because it wasn't my first time skiing in 12 years like last time; or c.) I experienced some placebo effect of feeling awesome because of actual freaking ski clothes, but it didn't take me long to get used to carving up the hill this year. Brandon and I even skied some actual moguls this year which is just crazy talk. We also didn't pass out on the train ride home, either.

Still, super super fun and, if it weren't so damned expensive/far away, something I'd so like to do more often.

Pictures tomorrow! Hopefully.


It's been like a year since we went skiing last, in fact, it was February 15th, 2008. Amazing how things work out. We are actually making a relationship tradition out of this ski-train thing on Valentines day weekend. Not that I mind. I like it.

Last night to avoid the repeat of last year, in which we both died on the ride home and couldn't move for like 22 days after, we went over to 24 to soak in the hot tub and relax. We got to bed and hopped on the ski train and got to Winter Park. Armed with new clothes (girlfriend and I both got new ski jackets, ski pants, and goggles. I got new gloves), we were ready for action.

After buying lift tickets, we hit the slopes. We did the Hookup, which is a green run, but unlike last year, in which Theresa was more apprehensive, this year she was ready to just dive into things. In and out of the trees she went. I was really impressed.

As the day went on, we hit moguls, Parsens Bowl, and some rather difficult trails. I fell a couple times, but I would say only 2/5 falls were my fault. 3 times stupid bad skiers and snowboarders were cutting in front of me. One of them was in the woods actually. I went into a deep bowl and landed akwardly. It took a couple minutes to find one of my poles, and yes, my shoulder is kind of ouchy.

Turning was kind of bad all day since my boots weren't fitting very well (stupid rentals) but I still had a great day. I am not nearly as tired as I was last year, and my body is not nearly as sore. Am I in better shape? That's what I am trying to figure out. I think so. Thoughts?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Making working out fun again

I know I haven't blogged in awhile, but I haven't really wanted to. I've been beyond frustrated with my working out. Really frustrated. I blogged awhile back about being focused and determined, and I still am. But I am not having any fun either. Over the last year and a half, working out has been fun, mostly. I've truly enjoyed it. But now, I'm not enjoying myself. It's become a chore, so I re-evaluated myself and my game plan.

I like running in Wichita. It's quiet. It's flat. There's a river right by the hotel. And it's an easy run. So I decided that I was going to run. But I didn't want to go out with a distance, time, or goal in mind. I wanted to run. Run until I couldn't run anymore, or until running wasn't fun anymore. And that's exactly what I did.

Prior to this run, I revamped my running playlist. Completely. I kept a few songs on there, but added a lot more. Mixed up the order. And off I went.

I ran along the river just enjoying the run. I kept saying to myself just make it to that bridge, just make it to that bridge. And I did. By the time I got tired and wasn't having fun anymore, I had logged 3.55 miles in 34:50. Not bad at all.

I said to myself in the elevator on my ride back up that I'm back. It's the first time since last year's Autumn Color run that I feel like I'm back. It's time to mean it.

Oh, here's my running playlist, for those interested:

1. SM-Trax: Got the Groove
2. DragonForce: Through the Fire and Flames
3. Joe Satriani: Crowd Chant
4. The Killers: All These Things That I've Done
5. Sponge: 1000 Times
6. Ayla: Ayla Part 2
7. OAR: City On Down (Live)
8. Collective Soul: Heavy
9. The Aurora: Ordinary World (Above and Beyond)
10. Shinedown: Call Me
11. Less Than Jake: Happyman
12. Nelly Furtado: Say It Right
13. BT: Godspeed
14. Muse: Knights of Cydonia
15. The Immortals: Techno Syndrome (Mortal Kombat)
16. Fair To Midland: Upgrade^Brigade
17. iiO: Rapture
18. Fair To Midland: Dance of the Manatee
19. Bush: The Chemicals Between Us
20. Ultrabeat: Pretty Green Eyes
21. The Classic Crime: The Fight
22. Ian Van Dahl: Castles in the Sky
23. Kaiser Chiefs: Ruby
24. Korn: Hold On

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ski Prep and (maybe) a Backhanded Compliment

So even though I forgot to blog yesterday (oops), Brandon and I went to the gym to do an upper body lift. It was short since we were both super tired, but we managed a warm up, dumbbell curls, military presses and dumbbell fly(e?)s ... which killed.

Though my legs are still somewhat sore from Monday, I went back to the gym by myself tonight (boy's in kansas) for another lower body lift. Warmed up with some stepmill intervals which reminded me that my cardiovascular endurance is either a.) still crap or b.) crappy because I'm still sick. Neither is good, but I'm thinking the former is the most preferable as I really don't still want to be sick.

Anyway, after that and stretching, I went straight into this one move that I don't know the name of, but it's basically a ball bridge: lie on ground with heels on a stability ball. Raise butt in air. Roll ball towards butt and back, all while keeping butt in air. After that, I did wall sits, calf raises and a whole hell of a lot of walking lunges - plain lunges and lunges with a rear leg extension. Those killed after a while. Ow. Still, it felt good, you know?

The other thing I wanted to blog about happened at Starbucks work today. I was on the bar (yay!) and during a slow period, went to replenish our milk fridge. The fridge holds 12 gallons - six 2% and six non-fat. Some of the guys can manage to carry out eight gallons (four per hand), but as a.) I'm not that strong and b.) my hands just aren't physically that big, I don't. Instead, I can manage to fill the fridge in two trips as I can manage three gallons per hand. It's a little tough, but not bad.

Anyway, I was carrying out six gallons of milk and one of my coworkers on a break (female) saw me and exclaimed, "Wow! Six gallons? I couldn't do that," (or something along those lines) before adding, "What are you, a man?"

Now admittedly, I am one of the stronger females that works at the store, if not the strongest. I can bring out six gallons of milk and don't have that much of an issue emptying the coffee filter trash (trash can nearest the coffee brewers. wet coffee grounds are heavy, yo). I also shrugged off her remark.

Still, did she really need to make some comment about me being more masculine just because I can lift some heavy shit? I'm proud that I can more efficiently fill the milk fridge. I may never look uber-cute in spaghetti strap tank tops given my broad shoulders, but you know what? I'd rather have that strength as it helps me get through my work days.

I dunno. Thoughts? Was that even meant to be a compliment? I took it as a backhanded one, but reflecting on it now, I guess it could be seen otherwise.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Body Lifts

When I got to El Paso today, I intended to do a 2-a day workout. I started it off with body weight lifting. This inculded squats, wall sits, planks, calf raises, situps, and leg lifts.

Unfortunately, my stomach is really bothering me tonight, so I don't think a run is in the cards. It will be tomorrow night though.

Squashing It In Again

This morning, I had every intention of going to the gym this evening to do some cardio and lifting. However, I realized later in the day (that is, around super crowded gym time) that oh right, I have to wake up at 3am tomorrow.

I knew I couldn't go without a workout ESPECIALLY with our ski trip coming up on Sunday. So, I improvised in the room doing a quick, intense lower body workout. I tossed together body-weight squats (slow down, explode up), lunges, calf raises, rear leg lifts and side bends. My hamstrings started to hurt a bit, so I knew it was a good, quick workout.

Now, off to try to sleep a bit as, I mentioned earlier, I gotta be up uber-early.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Quick Post

Tired, marginally cranky ... and need to write one hell of a blog entry (or two) one of these days.

Anyway, snowshoed today. Did about a mile - half of it was uphill and took FOREVER ... the second half was downhill and took no time at all. All was above 9400 feet in elevation.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pushing Through the Mucus

I for one am extremely jealous of Brandon ... as he's in Cali at Disneyland and I'm still here in Colorado because I have work. Boo. I miss my mmmrrrraaaapants. :(

Anyway, it's actually nice here (mid-50s!), so I went for a run today.

Okay, my original plan was to head to the gym right after work - which I did, but noticed the parking lot still really full, so I said, "screw it," headed home and went for a run.

I only did the 1.35 mile loop, but it was tough (i'm still kind of sick). HOWEVER, I did it in 13:06 for a 9:42.22 time! Go me ... kind of. I was thinking of going for two miles, but I started out and immediately knew I wouldn't have it. I could have done it ... but then I would have had to walk and that's just crazy talk. Pffft.

Gym time may still come today. We'll see how crazy I feel.

Stepped it up some more

When I said that I needed to step it up, I meant it. What I did yesterday in El Paso shows the dedication I'm making to this.

I wanted at first to cycle. But the machine was just awful. After like 40 seconds on it I realized I was going to get nowhere and get nothing out of my workout. So I said screw it and hopped on the treadmill. I was only planning on 20 minutes. But I cranked it up to 7.0 for the runs. That's right, 7.0. I'm not going to lie; it was tough. But I figure tough is what I have to do here. I need to push myself to new heights.

Anyway, I made it through and felt really good.

I'm in California for a couple days! Pictures to come, as well as workout updates. Go ahead, if you're jealous, admit it. ;-)

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Ok, to elaborate on before, I am just kind of summing up the last month and what to expect this month.

Here's last month:

- It was an ok month. What I mean by that is I got back in the groove of working out, but was still prone to lapses and taking some unnecessary days off. Not only that, but I didn't really push myself at all. The workouts were mediocre for the most part. But I still did them.
- Still need to be smarter about food choices. When I review in my food journal, I'm still seeing too many bad items that I put down. It's not the worst thing, but still need to be conscious about what I am putting into my body. Also need a lot more fruits and vegetables.
- Use the most smart food choice. What I am saying here is let's take a day where I am flying all day and have limited options for food. Is it better to get Pizza Hut or Panda Express? Neither are very good, but at least at Panda I can get some vegetables, carbs, and proteins. Pizza hut only delivers carbs, if you think about it. Neither are good options, but the one of two is certainly better.
- Need to keep drinking water. I was really good about it at the beginning of the month, then it fell off. Gotta keep it up
- The treats were a nice thing, but really I should not need them to motivate me to work out

Ok, so that's January in a nutshelled recap. Let's take a look at February and where we're gonna go:

- As I mentioned in January, the workouts have to step up. Gotta keep pushing myself
- I reminded myself that the Cherry Creek Sneak is in April. This gives me a short time to prepare for a 5 mile race. Since I've only really run more than 5 miles once in the last year, I have a lot of work to do
- Swim more. I DO have a tri coming up this year, after all
- Really really focus on food. Focus on eating healthy and good
- Remind myself that there will be lapses. They happen. Instead of beating myself up for them, recognize why they happen and take steps to preven them

So that's where I'm at, ISD readers. Nothing in here is lofty or unattainable. The question still is, am I willing to do what it takes to keep getting healthy?

A good workout...and a summary

After a couple days off (don't really know why, other than being exhausted), I got a good workout in in Fargo. In fact, it was a step up from usual. Sure, it's still the treadmill, but today I did the runs at 6.5 and went for 30 minutes.

After this workout, I decided to evaluate where I'm at for the month of January and where I want to go in February. Here's some highlights:

- it was an ok month. Not a great month, not a good month, but ok
- I need to be smarter about food choices still
- sometimes I need to use the most smart food choice. To elaborate on that, let's say my options are just limited. I'm going to evaluate what I've eaten throughout the day and if I need some protein, for example, get some chicken or beef into me.
- workouts have to step up. The beginning of January was consistent, but probably too soft
- start thinking about where to go from here

I'm off to lunch with a friend. i'll get more on here later.