Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hi Everyone

Hey...been awhile since I've I'll kind of fill you in on the latest.

My theme for November is Explosiveness. It's time to hit the weight room again, regain the muscle I have neglected for a few months and also explode in other the pool and the pavement. Bottom line is, I'm going to be hard on myself this month. And make my body explode.

In other news, come January, our blog is going to have a different format. Instead of updating you on the mundaneness of our otherwise very boring lives, it's going to be more specific, with issues and whatnot that we come across. I'm hoping to update it nearly daily, so keep coming back!

And in other news, we are no longer boyfriend/girlfriend...we are engaged!!!! I'm sure pictures of the ring and whatnot will follow shortly.

1 comment:

Dr. J said...

Congratulations to you both!! That's wonderful news!

Looking forward to your new web format, Brandon!