Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Continuing Tri Training

Hello everyone. Yes, the tri training is continuing.

Due to both my ankles hurting, I have shelved running for 1 week. I am trying again in 2 days up in Fargo. Prior to my ankle injuries, I was able to put in 5+ miles at a decent pace. Girlfriend and I were also sprinting at a track. However, we were both being really hard on ourselves and I'm not sure we were getting everything out of it that we could have. I'm going to try to figure out some other sprint workouts to do that will help us both. Suggestions are good people!

As for cycling, it's something I am really really enjoying. However, it's clearly my weakest of the 3 sports. On our last ride, I was struggling to keep a cadence of 80, which is what I am shooting for. Why was I struggling? Because I still am getting the mechanics of spinning consistently at a consistent pace. This means more riding. And more consistent riding.

And swimming? I'm working on tucking the chin and pushing the hips up. I think I'll have a slight advantage over some of my competitors in that I am NOT afraid of the swim leg. No, it's the leg I'm probably most looking forward to, in fact. I'm a decent swimmer and my swimming endurance is there. It's obviously not going to be neglected though.

Motivation though is definitely at an all time high for the tri. I want to do so well in this it's not even funny. I'm basically thinking about it multiple times a day. I'm definitely talking the talk, and I'd like to think I'm walking the walk. We'll see what happens in June and July, when we start stepping it up to 2 a days, doing brick training, and basically killing ourselves.


Dr. J said...

Good luck with the training! Know your limits. I saw a headline for some sport, maybe cycling. t say those with the least injuries win :-)

You probably know this, but make sure your shoes have the proper support for your stride if your ankles are bothering you.

Brandon said...

Dr. J, I think my shoes are at their limit. I'm getting a new pair in early June. I'm really excited! And I think the week off of impact has helped. I'll test again tomorrow on a short run in Fargo.

You have any advice for track sprint workouts?

Dr. J said...

Hey Brandon!

I can't really give you any advice on sprints, sorry. I don't do them, I sometimes vary my running speed with faster intervals for a quarter mile or so within my longer runs. I have nothing against track sprints, I just never considered myself good enough to benefit from them.

I start my day with a half cup of coffee. If the airline coffee is anything like E.R. coffee, you will be wide awake :-)

Brandon said...

I swear they could put our coffee in the fuel tanks and give it some turbo. At least we have real cream on our airplane instead of that powdered junk!