Thursday, June 11, 2009

Go Figure

The motivation I found two weeks ago has been lacking lately. Maybe it's because I was working so much and when I finally stopped my brain and body just gave up on me. Maybe it's an internal self-sabotage. Whatever it is ... it hasn't been good.

The first week of the tri journal was awesome - run, swim, off, cycle/lift, run/softball, off, run/swim. Then ... not so much. Lift, off, off, off (!!!!!!), crappy cycle, longhardcrappy run, cycle around downtown not caring about anything. Then there's been this week - throwing around a softball, crappy run, crappy swim ... and today.

Before I go into today's stupidness, I want to talk about the swim workout Brandon and I did yesterday. We warmed up as usual and after that first 100m, I knew I didn't have it in any way, shape or form. Kind of like a lot of my workouts lately. So, we ended up doing about 250m in 25m chunks chasing each other. One of us started off, the other stayed on their heels so we ended up basically kicking each other - tri style. So, while it wasn't the best swim I've ever had, at least we ended up making it somewhat race-day functional.

So, today. It's been raining A LOT here in Colorado and reminding Brandon of his old life back in Minnesota (seriously, what's with the rain? it's nice that it's green, but sheesh). I scheduled in a two-a-day today - cycling and running. However, it started raining late this morning. And kept raining. So, I told myself that if the rain didn't stop by 2pm, I'd go to the gym and get in a workout on the stationary bike.

So I do. 30:00, level nine, hill setting. Did 10.8 miles which works out to a 21.8mph average ... which I never come close to on an actual bike for an average. I stretch afterward, see my dad playing hooky from work in the pool, say hi, walk outside ...

... and see that it stopped raining. See that it was sunny outside. Look outside the window now, three hours later, and see that it's still freaking sunny.

Oh well, I'll just count that ride as a cadence ride (tried to average around 90rpms; 10 more than i do when outside) and try to get in some sort of run later when Brandon gets home from work.


Tyler said...

I'm looking to get into a swimming workout. I don't really know where to start, or even a pool to go to. I guess you can just jump right in and start swimming laps, but I don't know if that's the best method!

Dr. J said...

There is always an ebb and flow with training, even with the pros. You are doing great!