Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Still FailBlogging

I did forget to blog last Tuesday as I did actually work out before going to Minnesota - we lifted! For like the first time in forever!

3/10/10 db curls; 2/10/15 bent over rows; 3/10/15 two-handed tri extensions; 1/10/25, 2/10/30 cable cross

But, since then .... nothing until today. Went for the trail loop run (as i've unceremoniously dubbed it) - 2.14 mi in 22:44 for a 10:37.38 mile. Not great, but given that the weather is schizophrenic right now as it usually is in Colorado this time of year (sunny and warmish with a cold-ass wind) AND I haven't done crapola lately ... I'll take it.

But, two other things of note on this run:

- I recently bought these in red/black and today was the first time I've been able to test it out. I've worn other stuff by Skirt Sports and enjoy it and this was one of the first pairs of "pants" that haven't been running tights that I've actually liked. It may have admittedly been a little too warm for them today, but still, two thumbs up from me.

- I also recently picked up a pair of Drymax socks, always featured and pimped out by blogger Steve Stenzel from Steve in a Speedo. Since he swears by them and I'm always on the lookout for new running crap, I decided to give them a try. My verdict? Okay. My feet started overheating by the end of my run (though i will admit that might partially because the rest of me started to overheat) plus my feet were as sweaty as usual. Running in the socks was also a little weird as they're thicker than what I'm used to. I think I need to get in a few more runs in them, maybe some longer distances before I definitively say whether or not I like them.

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