Monday, March 2, 2009

Why Wii Fit Can Suck (and race news!)

Before I get into explaining my title, I first want to talk about last night's swim workout. As we can on Sundays when Brandon's home, we split up our scorekeeping shifts so we can both work out - I do the first two games while he does whatever and then we switch for the last two games.

Anyway, we typically take the time to swim. Brandon came back to work telling me that he swam 1000m continuously for an endurance swim, which is AWESOME.

I got to the gym, luckily got a lane (pool was unusually crowded) and started swimming. I was thinking of an endurance swim, but my first 100m breast were really tough. So, I paused, took a breather, and did 4x25m freestyle because I really want to be able to swim crawl for my tri this year*. After that, I went back to breaststroke and did 800m without stopping ... barely. Then, for a cooldown, I did 4x25m back for a total of 1100m. Woo!

Anyway, onto the title. Since both Brandon and I were a tad sore from swimming last night, we both decided to do a bunch of Wii Fit today. We both did yoga, strength training and balance exercises and I also did some crazy hula hooping.

If you've never done Wii Fit before, when you first go into your Mii (character), the balance board (yes, it's an anthropomorphic character. that's annoying and something i want to stab half the time) says hi, mentions how long it's been since you've last been on and typically offers you a fitness tip. It gets cranky if you don't accept the tip, so we always say yes to the board.

Well, I don't remember what the complete tip was, but at the end of the tip, the board "said" that "Remember there's always something you can improve on!"

Which, granted, I agree with ... to a point. Still, part of me thinks it's such a bad message to send to those doing Wii Fit, telling them that their bodies will NEVER be perfect and that they should never, ever be satisfied.

Not to mention that I hate that Wii Fit measures your fitness by using BMI. According to the balance board, Brandon's overweight. I'm somehow normal but thinks that my ideal weight should be 148.6lbs ... something I haven't weighed since probably sophomore year of high school. Yeah.

* Brandon and I signed up for a tri! We're doing My Way or the Tri Way on July 25. We both signed up to do the tri the "traditional" way of swim-bike-run, but you can choose to do a triathlon, duathlon, aquathlon (swim-run-swim or run-swim-run) or aquabike (swim-bike-swim or bike-swim-bike). Given that I'm over 150lbs, I was pondering signing up for the Athena division, but went for age group anyway. Should be fun!


Anonymous said...

BMI is the only way- by definition it measures overall health. Weight is probably not going to be seen as any kinder to a persons self-image than their bmi. Do you have a better way?

T said...

yes, but bmi also doesn't take into account things like muscle mass and bone density. what about someone who's 5'10, 220lbs but cut and lean and a pro athlete? in that case, the person's bmi is over 30 or obese. is that person unhealthy? not at all.

i would argue that body fat is a better indicator even though it's hard to be accurate in testing.

no method is truly perfect (except MAYBE hydrostatic testing), but i believe there are better options than bmi.