Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yay, I did it!

Worked out two days in a row...I know, shocking, right?

Today, I got back on the pavement and ran. But a little twist was added. I'm sure I've mentioned in here many times before the 1.37 mile loop, right? Well I decided to run it twice. The first time I ran it really slow...just to kind of get warmed up, I guess. The second time, I took it at what would be my race pace. The first one was in 15:11 and the second one was in 13:35. So I ran it about 2 minutes faster. The thing about that loop that sucks is there's that big ass hill I have to run up, and by the time I've scaled it I only have a mile left to run, so it takes a little while to get my energy back. So what I think I will do instead when I want to measure my splits is do the 2.12 mile loop. Sure it's longer but it's also a lot more downhill. And we all are huge fans of running downhill, aren't we? ;-)

Gymming it up tomorrow. There's a Mens Health workout the girlfriend and I are going to try. Don't be surprised if one of us is dead.


Crabby McSlacker said...

Wow, two minutes faster the second go-round? That's great!

Mark Salinas said...

Great job! I look forward to your updates!

Mark said...

Did you make it three in a row? Of course we do need rest...I am just saying. :)