Sunday, December 14, 2008


Ah crap. We actually played hockey this past Tuesday (yay!), but forgot to blog as we got home late and yeah.

Due to the lack of blog posts, you can (rightly) assume that we haven't been working out. It doesn't help that Brandon hurt his foot a while back and is now fighting off a nasty something-or-other (hacking cough, ear whatnot, possibly feverish) and I just work too much. I only have the time to blog now because it was on my to-do list before I go to Minnesota with the boy to celebrate an early Christmas with his family ... and he's covering my scorekeeping shifts because I work all day tomorrow before we hope to catch a flight. Yeah, we're busy in this house.

As a result, I haven't read blogs in a few days (boo!) or worked out. I did pack a nice, healthy lunch for work today so that's a helpful start.

Anyway, much Wii Fit-ing is in store for us in Minnesota as we won't be doing much of ANYTHING outside given that it's single digit temps here in Colorado. Brrrrr.

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