Friday, December 19, 2008

Went for a run...

...and it wasn't good. Not good at all. I'm not surprised, given the lack of working out that has been taking place up in here. But still, the mighty have fallen, and fallen far and fast.

We didn't even make it a mile along our run before we needed to stop. It was our 1.27 mile run that we like to do, and we couldn't even finish it. It was ass cold, to give us some credit, but we also didn't dress for the weather (cause we're stupid) and like I said, we haven't worked out at all lately.

There are some positives to take from this, though. I was able to run on the ankle, which was good. And it did motivate me. I realize now how far I came from where I was, and also realize how quickly it can all go away. Within a couple months, my stamina has decreased and my weight has increased a lot. Boooo.

We have some ideas for January to boost this back up. Not new years resolutions, but just some ideas. We'll get to those in a bit.

1 comment:

MizFit said...

uh oh.

you two gonna resolve? :)

Im thinking I wont---in that inevitably I break them midweek.

but I havent decided for sure yet...