Saturday, December 6, 2008

Such Slackers

I should never sign off on this blog by saying "be back tomorrow!" because really, odds are that I won't.

And I hate it.

But, given work and the holidays and the apparent lack of hours in a day, workouts just don't happen for me as much as I'd like. I opened three days last week and, as a result: took two naps (i NEVER nap), overslept and got to work 30 minutes late and, after it was all over, slept 10 hours before my next shift. Yeah.

Still, whenever I've been feeling guilty about it, I remind myself of a post Merry made over at Cranky Fitness about exercise and sleep. Both are important, but when it comes down to it, you need your rest. The main day job keeps me pretty active during the day, what with running around the store and everything, so I figure I'll get in some activity when I can and when I have spare time, try to sleep instead.

However, on days where I don't work much (like today! only working a hockey game ... and am blogging instead of paying attention. oh crap, there's a goal ... nevermind, i'm good), fitting in a workout is a manageable thing. Therefore, Brandon and I made it to the gym. We decided that if the pool was relatively empty, we'd swim - if not, we'd do some elliptical (lower impact as his heel's still acting up from the other day) and lift.

There was ONE lane open, so we grabbed it and shared it. I ended up doing about 600m total (he did 700m) though it took a while. Not surprising as neither of us have swam in who knows how long. Still, it felt good to get in the pool and be slightly achy as we walked back to the car.

The goal for the rest of the month is to not go overboard on the food and work out whenever possible given the general craziness of life. Not to sound like a New Year's Resolutionist or anything, but January is when we'll start our tri training and whatnot.

But, to keep Mr. Blog updated, I'll try to be back with other sorts of posts, since I'm sure just reading about our workouts gets boring. :-p

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