Thursday, April 23, 2009


I don't know whether it's the imminence of the Cherry Creek Sneak (SUNDAY!!!!) or the tri (END OF JULY!!!!) or the good weather (!!!!) after the giant snowstorm we had out here, but Brandon and I have been motivated lately.

Don't get me wrong, we've had our struggles - including the lifting session Tuesday that STILL renders walking painful - but for the most part, we've pushed onward and upward.

I posted last Wednesday that we ran, which we did. But, I didn't manage another workout until Sunday the 19th, when I swam. It wasn't a good swim workout given that I've been weak and out of shape and sick for what seems like forever, but I managed.

4x25m free
4x100m breast
2x25m kickboard

Monday, it was treadmill sprints, and murderous ones at that. I was on the treadmill for 11 minutes and was dead after those 11 minutes. Walked for two minutes easy, then did the following:

2:00-2:15 run 8.0mph
3:00-3:30 run 8.5mph
4:00-4:45 run 8.5mph
5:00-6:00 run 8.5mph
7:00-7:15 run 8.0mph
8:00-8:30 run 8.0mph
9:00-9:45 run 8.0mph
10:00-11:00 run 8.0mph

Basically, it was a variation of a bike sprint workout I did for hockey in college. 15 on, 45 off. 30 on, 30 off. 45 on, 15 off. Minute on, minute off. Rinse, repeat. I maybe could have pushed myself another set at 7.5mph, but honestly, I don't know if I could have. Still, one hell of an interval workout.

Tuesday, Brandon and I lifted for the first time in forever as well. We did some squats at the squat rack and I was basically reduced to tears knowing how far I've fallen in strength from two years ago. Then, it was most of some Men's Health workout he found ... which we've decided is seriously only for people who already lift a ton and are looking for variation. Anyway, it was wide-grip deadlifts, reverse lunges while holding a weight above our heads and then some YTWLI lifts on a ball. What that means is you're balanced on a stability ball just below your chest holding dumbbells and you make each letter doing some specific lift.

It. Was. A. Bitch. 8-10 reps of each letter, do each five letters without stopping, rest? HA. RIGHT. It was so hard. We kept dropping our weight just to get through it, but we managed.

That workout killed us to the point where walking - hell, MOVING - hurts. Still, we managed another swim workout last night.

50m breast warm up
4x25m free
2x200m breast
1x100m breast sprint
50m back cool down

That brings us to today. Brandon, due to his flying schedule, is taking today off. I might, but I'm thinking more likely that I'll go for a run. We'll see, though. I do need an off day eventually ...

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