Wednesday, April 15, 2009


After being sick for like the last THREE FREAKING WEEKS, I finally got back at it today. I'm not 100%, but compared to a week and a half ago and just three days ago, I am super duper.

Felt better last week while wandering around Washington, D.C. for the Frozen Four (worked parts of it; alma mater won - GO BU!) and while Brandon and I had every good intention of going for a run, it didn't ultimately end up happening.

But. We did walk. EVERYWHERE. For me, I even walked the half-mile to the Verizon Center and back in HEELS. I'm sure that counts for extra calories somewhere.

Fun trip, though.
Washington Monument
Washington Monument!

The walking was great. Our legs got so so so so tired, but we had a ton of fun.
Brandon busting some sort of move.

Not all the pictures are uploaded; otherwise, I'd show you the doughnut we shared that was literally the size of my head (as some of you may have read on my facebook status).

Anyway, we've kept up the walking somewhat as we walked the almost four miles round-trip (like 1.93 mi there or something) to Target yesterday and walked back from the park today.

To get to the park, however, we ran. In theory, we will be running the Cherry Creek Sneak in about two weeks. Buuuut, since we've been sick, we're probably going to chop it down from our originally-intended five-mile race to just a plain old 5K.

Getting back on track, today's run. We were going to do most of the 1.35ish mile loop that we usually do, but instead of turning toward home, go down to the park instead. Yeah. That didn't work out so great. Heading up the hill (so within the first half-mile), we ran into this killer headwind that made us feel like we were running through sludge (or at least that's how i felt). So, instead of taking our turn, we turned it back around and just went back to the park the quick way. 1.56 miles in 16:21 for a 10:28.85/mi.

Not great, but eh. At this point, I'm just glad to be finally exercising again. I thank spring. SO HAPPY IT'S SPRING FINALLY ... despite that April + Colorado still = snow in many, many cases. *sigh*

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