Wednesday, April 29, 2009

1st 5K of the season...things are really good right now

Girlfriend got on my case to blog about the Cherry Creek Sneak, and I realize that I promised you all I would give updates periodically. we go!

On Sunday morning, we both woke up and neither of us were really in the mood to get out of bed. But I'm not a fan of paying 30 bucks for a race T-shirt for a race I didn't run in (ok, the Twin Cities marathon performance shirt, maybe). So we manned up, I made us some eggs while girlfriend made us some toast, and we went to Cherry Creek.

After peeling off some layers, stretching, and warming up, I was feeling really really good. You know that feeling that you're going to run well? Yeah, that's what I had. However, being the good boyfriend that I am sometimes accused of being, I promised girlfriend I would stay with her the whole race.

And they're off in the Cherry Creek Sneak! (sorry, I'm a nerd and the Derby is this weekend) The first mile, of course, always sucks. Jockeying for position, figuring out a solid pace, etc. By the first mile, we did about 11 minutes per mile, so I wanted to pick it up a bit. We did, even with me having to stop and tie my shoe. I was shocked at how good I was feeling; it's really strange.

In the final mile, I saw girlfriend struggling, but I stayed with her. I think we feed off each other ridiculously. In the final .1, she told me to go, so I did. I ended up finishing in 32:07, which isn't great, but given that it's my first race of the season, I'll take it.

I'm really getting into the groove I was hoping I would. Went for a good run this morning, plan on doing it again tomorrow. Tomorrow I will do endurance. Sunday = another race. Time to crack 30:00 again!


Sagan said...

Nice, congrats! Completing something like that must feel super accomplishing.

Dr. J said...

I just flew Florida-Virginia, Virginia-Florida over three days. For me, that was a lot of flying
:-) We are both pushing our limits, Brandon.