Friday, April 24, 2009

Well Hot Damn.

I ultimately decided against a workout yesterday as I still didn't have full mobility in my limbs from that killer lifting session on Tuesday. However, as I'm mostly (MOSTLY) back to normal today, I decided I'd go for a nice, long run.

So I did. It's in the 70s and breezy - well, I should amend that to say downright windy depending on which direction you're moving in - and basically nice being outside weather. The run was kind of a bitch. I had to walk a few times due to both sore muscles and my lungs/sports asthma, but I managed almost two miles (and one big honking hill) before the first walk.

Despite that, I manged to run the last mile or so straight ... though coming into home never looked so good.

While entering my info into Voomaxer on Facebook (logs your stats! easy way of figuring out your average mile if you're cheap like me and don't have a watch for splits!), I got totally bummed out when I saw it was almost a 14 minute mile.

Then I realized I'm retarded at math and 2:36-3:15 is 39 minutes and not 49 minutes. What, I'm a journalism major. We joked that COM (actually college of communication) stood for College of Optional Math.

That small little change affected me big time - 3.55 miles in 39:17 for an 11:03.94/mile. Which, considering how little I've worked out AND the walking I did is pretty damn good.

So, even though my swimming and lifting has been ridiculously disheartening, at least my run today gave me some optimism and more motivation.

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Crabby McSlacker said...

Hooray for the faster mile!

Isn't that funny how a number can make such a difference?

I had the opposite experience when I used to go to a local track that I assumed was a standard 1/4 mile. Was psyched about my times until I found out it was quite a bit shorter than 1/4 miles so I was actually much slower than I'd thought. Even though it was a handy place to run, I stopped going after I found out, because I was mad at the stupid track for "lying" to me.

So that's great that you were much faster than you thought!