Sunday, April 27, 2008

5K #1 of the Season + Softball

I just decided I'd blog once today despite working out twice. This morning, Brandon and I did the Cherry Creek Sneak which is supposedly the nation's largest five mile race. However, we're just starting up the running thing this summer (him starting; me re-starting) so we did the 5K run/walk.

I didn't have my best time; in fact, I may have had my worst or close to it (36:35), but I attribute it to a couple of factors:
- I need new shoes. I've had mine for too long and there's no support in places I need it (underneath the crappy bunions of DOOOOOM, for one).
- Brandon started off with his sweatshirt (since it was butt-ass cold out to start), but as we neared my car (parked off the side of the race route just before mile two), he decided to ditch it ... forgetting he probably still needed his bib. Since we were running it together (and i wanted to ditch my hat), I veered off the course with him. This detour probably cost us a good two minutes, so whatever.
- We did a crappy job of warming up (due to the weird parking situation) and stretching - though I do consider this a lesser factor.

Regardless, it was a good time and he loved running his first race with me. :) He beat me by about a minute, but it should have been more. Sweetie decided to be AWESOME and run with me the whole way until the final push.

Then, since it's Sunday, it was softball time tonight. Wingdingers got killed by Pretty in Pink who've been mercy-ruling EVERYBODY. Our manager and several players didn't mind that they were toying with us near the end just to keep the time going, but my competitive nature hates that. Boo. Anyway, I got on base a couple times (fielder's choice and what really was an error) and didn't do too badly at third. In fact, I knocked down a ball with my body and will probably have a bruise on my stomach tomorrow to boot.

Anyway, it was a good day for Brandon and I. Yay. :)

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