Friday, November 21, 2008

Big gym session

To prevent talking ourselves out of going to the gym, which has kind of been a staple for us lately...we wrote down last night what we wanted to do at the gym today. My main thing was LIFTING! I haven't lifted in awhile, and my muscles have been feeling it.

Here's the list of what we wanted to do:

- 5 minute warm-up and stretch
- 15 minute treadmill workout
- Lunges
- Situps
- Leg Press
- Calf raises
- Dumbbell Flys
- Dumbbell chest presses
- Triceps
- Lat Pull downs
- Curls

We did most of those. We left out leg pressing due to girlfriend having a sore hamstring and left out curls, because I was getting some pointers in my left wrist (has been a problem for awhile now, but no big deal, really).

My body was kind of screaming at me today, saying "what the hell is going on up in here? You haven't pushed me this hard in a LONG time!" I think that's a good sign...and an even better sign is how much working out we have done this week. Is it where we were at in May/June? No. But at the very least we are maintaining.

1 comment:

MizFit said...

cheering you on.
none of us are where we were in may or june :)

(at least Im not anyway)