Thursday, November 6, 2008

woohoo, the gym!

Yes, I made it to the gym. The last time that's happened? I dunno. It's been awhile...

ANYWAYS...warmed up and stretched as normal. Since it's been a long time since we lifted, I thought of taking it easier on us tonight but still working hard. I also did some things that we haven't done in awhile or at all.

We started off with dumbbell bench presses. I upped my weight considerably, doing two sets with 35's and one with 40's. We then did rows with dumbbells, I used 25's for these. Then flys. I did 25's and 2 sets.

Then for some cardio. Treadmill? Elliptical? Stairs? No! Swimming! That's right, swimming. We decided a swim would be good for a change of pace and let's face it. I still am planning on doing a tri next year. So we hopped in the pool and did 500 meters. It felt really good actually.

What I hope tonight was is a kick-start. I have been stressed a lot over the past few weeks with my job and girlfriend's job. Basically life is stressing us out lately. And unfortunately, we aren't dealing with it the proper way we should be. I know this year is not a wash for me in terms of fitness; in fact there are many milestones that have been achieved. But right now, I am feeling that the rest of this year will be a struggle in terms of where I want to be. Obviously my running is suffering, which is what I have most prided myself on. And I'm getting a tiny bit of pudge. Sadly.

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Steve said...

You can tell you havent worked out, cause you're a fatass.