Friday, November 21, 2008

My Poor Hammys

So, yeah, the streak ended ... go figure. But, we went back to the gym today since I was off (and am off until tuesday).

Started out with the typical warm-up and then did 15 minutes of intervals on the treadmill (the 2/3 pattern three times). I'm thinking something went wrong during this part of the workout because after we lunged, my hamstrings started being achy ... and they usually don't get achy right away. I'm thinking it was either a.) I pushed myself too hard during intervals ... given that I'm sick and I tried going crazier than boyfriend at first (weird) or b.) my feet didn't like the fact that I was wearing my gym shoes which are my OLD running shoes. In any case ... mmmrrraaaa.

After we did some crunches, we decided to scrap the leg press thanks to my stupid hamstrings and just moved on to calf raises. Pounded some of those out and then it was on to upper body. We did lat pulldowns where I ended up doing FOUR sets of 10 instead of three - started at 40lbs and moved all the way up to 70 so yay.

After that, it was dumbbell fly(e?)s, dumbbell chest presses and standing tricep extensions before we boogied on out.

My hamstrings are going to kill me tomorrow and especially Sunday, so I'm thankful I'm not working for a few days so I don't constantly have to bend over to grab stuff.

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