Sunday, November 16, 2008

Groove Thang and Cardio

Though we didn't blog last night (too tired; we're getting old), we did FINALLY go out dancing again to shake our groove thing. All in all, we did about two hours of dancing and waving our imaginary glowsticks. ;) Since we're both tired and aging individuals, we left the club at midnight so we could get some sleep.

25 and already old. Eh, we like to call it "growing up."

In any case, even though it was hard as all hell to do so today, we went to the gym for a quick workout. We did the typical ISDreams warmup and then 15 minutes of elliptical on one of the cross-training settings.

We were going to lift originally, but Brandon started feeling icky so we left. Which was probably good because I'm kinda sick right now too, so yes.

Hopefully more tomorrow, but again - I MAKE NO PROMISES. I'm no crazy TV politician.

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