Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Frozen Ears

So I ran today. Should have worked out yesterday as it was the first day since FRIDAY that my legs didn't hurt (too badly; okay, i tried to do squats in the bathroom randomly and my hamstrings still whined), but boyfriendpants left me and I was whiny and yeah.

BUT, since I have a crazy FOUR MILE RACE on Thursday, I figured I better get off my butt and run.

Well, that, and I got two pairs of running tights (that i can wear under shorts) at the Nike outlet - one full-legged and fleecy and the other cropped and non-fleecy - so I wanted to test them out. Turkey Day's supposed to be rainy and I want to be WARM.

So, I laced up the ol' sneaks and headed outside in the cropped, non-fleecy pair of tights, a pair of Maine hockey shorts that I picked up when visiting colleges and a Nike dri-fit long-sleeved shirt that I think I'm going to have to toss as the sleeves are about two inches shorter than they probably should be.

What I realized I forgot and probably should have worn about two minutes into the run was my fleecy running toque (that has a hole for my ponytail even). See, one thing you should know about me (and, in all honesty, i've probably already mentioned in a hockey post) is that when the surrounding air is somewhat cold - well, cold enough to make my ears feel frozen - and I exert myself, my sports asthma gets accentuated. Don't ask me why. As a result, I realized soon into my little jog that it might not go as well as initially thought.

Initially I wanted to do at least a good two miles, since I'll probably be running the longest distance of my life to date* on Thanksgiving. Buuuut, due to the cold (temp. thing inside house said 53 out ... weather.com concurs) that reallyisn'teventhatcoldnow and the way my body reacts to said notreallycoldness, I trimmed down my mileage to a less-ambitious 1.35 miles which I completed in 13:32 for a crappy 10:01.48 mile.

A crappy 10:01.48 mile, I might add, that I would be THRILLED with should it turn out to be my average on Thursday.


*which, if you think about it, is pretty sad as in THEORY, I should have been running like six mile distances in my triathlon/5k prep. yeah, not so much. that is to change though next spring if the feet hold up though!


Mark said...

Thanks for the post! Have a nice Thanksgiving!

tokaiangel said...

Happy thanksgiving T!

I can't run outside at all now - it's way too cold here! I'm a treadmill girl, no shame...

TA x