Monday, November 17, 2008


To recap the last 13 hours or so:

- get off work at 12:10am
- get home at 12:35amish; get to sleep by 1am
- first alarm goes off at 4:45am. Press snooze.
- roll out of bed at 5:15am, get dressed, brush teeth, etc.
- crawl back into bed at 5:22am, curl up next to boyfriend
- another alarm goes off at 5:30am. Go downstairs and make breakfast (egg and toast)
- leave for work at 5:44am; clock in at 6:01am
- break at 8am; eat reduced-fat coffee cake and drink Thanksgiving blend (mmm); go back to work 10min later
- lunch at 9:53am; consume sausage breakfast sandwich, fruit and cheese plate and iced tea; back to work at 10:24am
- clock out of work at 1:30pm; get coffee frappuccino and apple fritter as well as peppermint mocha twist for boyfriend
- drop PMT all over ground and self at 1:40pm
- leave for home at 1:45pm with new PMT
- get home at 2:05pm, finish frappuccino and fritter (splitting the latter with boyfriend); cuddle with boyfriend
- finally decide to run at 3:15pm; stretch
- hit the pavement at 3:30pm to do the Lone Tree/Lodgepole loop
- start feeling that apple fritter at 3:32pm - not good
- 3:37ish - fritter feeling starts going away, weird, considering I'm running up a hill
- 3:39ish - boyfriend catches up with me
- 3:40.30ish - boyfriend passes me
- 3:42.17 - finish run, dying in process

So there you go. The loop we ran was 1.24mi (give or take .01mi) and I did it in 12:17 for a 9:54.35 mile. Not too shabby for not running in about a month.

That time, right there, gets the title WOO HOO!, especially considering the last time I ran I averaged a 10:30ish mile over 1.33ish miles.

There's probably no way I could maintain that pace over a 5K or, say, the Turkey Trot 4mi, but I'll take it for today.

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carla said...

man I love you 2.

your dual posting.

your happyrunningnessment.

all dat.