Thursday, November 6, 2008


Holy crap. I worked out. For like the first time in a long time.

First things first:

October goals? Full of fail. Rejuvenation for me ended up equaling not working out. Granted, I went through a few life changes (got a new job, been working an ass ton, have a possibility of another job that i don't know if i'm going to take or not but am being pressured to do it by the parents), but should that really be an excuse for falling by the wayside? I think not.

I know I probably didn't gain weight during the month. If anything, I lost weight (most likely muscle mass) because I've been keeping busy and eating kind of doesn't happen.

Still, I can't keep continuing on like this, regardless of my job and its crappy schedule and my seemingly perma-exhaustion. I like my job(s); I just need to find time to sleep, rest and find time for ME and BRANDON and US.

Enter tonight. Even though I was freaking exhausted (fell asleep for about an hour this afternoon, causing my column to be submitted 90 minutes past deadline. oops.), we still managed to make it to 24 tonight to work out. It was probably the first time in three weeks that I made it in there to do something other than change my EFT.

We started off with our typical warmup where we decided to swim instead of other cardio since the pool was empty. First, however, we did some upper body lifting - dumbbell bench presses, standing bent over dumbbell rows and dumbbell flyes. Then it was off to the pool. Managed 300m breaststroke without stopping - albeit slooooowly.

Sucks when I was doing like 1500m in July and August for the tri. *sigh* I did this to myself, I know, I know.

Anyway, did another 100m breast and then 50m crawl and 50m back to get an even 500m on the night.

I'm hoping to get out a workout in between jobs tomorrow, but I make no guarantee. All I can guarantee is that if I do, it'll be without my workout buddy. :(

That, and I'm hoping to pop in around here more often because it'll mean I'm WORKING OUT AGAIN (as opposed to just merely working).

Oh, and because I should:
November Goal(s):
- Get my butt back into the gym
- Run when I can and hopefully do the 4 mi. Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving (if i'm not working)

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