Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

First I'll start by wishing all our readers a Happy Thanksgiving, and hope you are enjoying your day.

Last night, we played hockey after I got back from Minneapolis. While in Minneapolis, I did quite a bit of Wii Fit, which was nothing special, really, but at the same time, I was still somewhat active. At hockey last night, it was pretty obvious I haven't played in awhile. My passes were off, my skating was slower, and girlfriend even commented that "you seem to have a weight on your shoulders". I didn't take this well and even had thoughts of leaving the ice; something I haven't wanted to do in many many years. Eventually I straightened my game out and played decently; scoring a goal right on the doorstep by catching the rebound off the end boards and another one by getting my own rebound and being paitient with the puck. At some point in the game, I took a puck off the ankle that I had surgery on back in high school. I was worried about the implications it would have on my run.

This morning, we ran in the Turkey Trot 4 mile race in Denver. Both girlfriend and I were apprehensive about running in this race; we haven't run in a long time and it was ass-cold outside. Plus, we were both tired. Nevertheless, we got to the race site and began warming up. Well, first we walked around and took in the sights. More on that in girlfriend's blog later.

We warmed up and decided that we would go in the 10:15 wave, rather than the 10:30 walk/run wave. No issue with that. We started out nice and slow, a very very slow pace. Coming up on mile 1, I stumbled and nearly rolled my ankle. The same one that I hurt playing hockey the previous night. I fought through it and we kept going. Made it to mile 2 and began slowing down. My ankle was beginning to act up again and we slowed even further. At mile 3, we walked a little bit; girlfriend needed to reattach her timing chip and we could both use a break. As we came up on the finish line, we actually stopped. Not by choice, but the race, poorly organized, was so jam-packed at the finish line that we had to walk the finish. Not cool, man.

I think our time was in the 47 minutes. Which honestly, we are both ok with. Should we be? Probably not, but for now, we're fine.

In the meantime, time to give my thanks for the year:

- My family who has always been there for me
- My friends who I can always rely on
- The fact I have a job in a rough economy
- My wonderful darling girlfriend who is WAAAAAY too good to me

Enjoy your turkey day people!

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that last one...and the fact that you SHOW THE BLOG WORLD THAT EVERY TIME YOU my fave.