Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Skiing Pictures!

Okay, so it's two days later, but I promised skiing photos and skiing photos you shall get! Kind of. Don't have many ones of us actually, you know, skiing. Brandon has a few, but I don't know if his are on Webshots yet. Anyway, onward!

Ski Train
Since they're mentioned in the "About Us" section, Ivan and Nelson the baby dinosaurs. Pictured here enjoying the view on the train ride up.

Winter Park
Brandon and I on top of Mary Jane (one of the three mountains that comprise winter park).
Winter Park
Brandon after landing a mini-jump.
Winter Park
Me after we finished for the day. I was roasting and couldn't wait to get out of my ski clothes. Oh, the shirt by the way? Super cute new Nike shirt that has a cartoon heart (no, seriously, like a human heart) that's holding dumbbells and says "Work It Out." LOVE IT.
Winter Park
Brandon at the end of the day.

Wee, it was fun. Cardio tonight. Of some sort. Haven't decided yet.


Dr. J said...

Love the photos!!
I have a great friend in Tahoe. A couple of years ago we visited him for the President's Day holiday and skied Heavenly Valley! Being from Florida, I looked like the Pillsbury Dough Boy in all the clothes! The skiing was great, but the ride down from the around 10,000 foot top on the lift, with the entire Lake Tahoe as the view was "almost" better than flying :-)

T said...

the views from the top of parsenn bowl (which didn't really come out to well on my camera) were AMAZING. elevation up there was 12,060 feet.

it was funny, too; at one point, brandon actually saw one of his airplanes flying overhead while we were on a lift (they fly over winter park all the time, apparently).