Sunday, February 15, 2009


It's been like a year since we went skiing last, in fact, it was February 15th, 2008. Amazing how things work out. We are actually making a relationship tradition out of this ski-train thing on Valentines day weekend. Not that I mind. I like it.

Last night to avoid the repeat of last year, in which we both died on the ride home and couldn't move for like 22 days after, we went over to 24 to soak in the hot tub and relax. We got to bed and hopped on the ski train and got to Winter Park. Armed with new clothes (girlfriend and I both got new ski jackets, ski pants, and goggles. I got new gloves), we were ready for action.

After buying lift tickets, we hit the slopes. We did the Hookup, which is a green run, but unlike last year, in which Theresa was more apprehensive, this year she was ready to just dive into things. In and out of the trees she went. I was really impressed.

As the day went on, we hit moguls, Parsens Bowl, and some rather difficult trails. I fell a couple times, but I would say only 2/5 falls were my fault. 3 times stupid bad skiers and snowboarders were cutting in front of me. One of them was in the woods actually. I went into a deep bowl and landed akwardly. It took a couple minutes to find one of my poles, and yes, my shoulder is kind of ouchy.

Turning was kind of bad all day since my boots weren't fitting very well (stupid rentals) but I still had a great day. I am not nearly as tired as I was last year, and my body is not nearly as sore. Am I in better shape? That's what I am trying to figure out. I think so. Thoughts?

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