Sunday, February 1, 2009

A good workout...and a summary

After a couple days off (don't really know why, other than being exhausted), I got a good workout in in Fargo. In fact, it was a step up from usual. Sure, it's still the treadmill, but today I did the runs at 6.5 and went for 30 minutes.

After this workout, I decided to evaluate where I'm at for the month of January and where I want to go in February. Here's some highlights:

- it was an ok month. Not a great month, not a good month, but ok
- I need to be smarter about food choices still
- sometimes I need to use the most smart food choice. To elaborate on that, let's say my options are just limited. I'm going to evaluate what I've eaten throughout the day and if I need some protein, for example, get some chicken or beef into me.
- workouts have to step up. The beginning of January was consistent, but probably too soft
- start thinking about where to go from here

I'm off to lunch with a friend. i'll get more on here later.

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