Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ski Prep and (maybe) a Backhanded Compliment

So even though I forgot to blog yesterday (oops), Brandon and I went to the gym to do an upper body lift. It was short since we were both super tired, but we managed a warm up, dumbbell curls, military presses and dumbbell fly(e?)s ... which killed.

Though my legs are still somewhat sore from Monday, I went back to the gym by myself tonight (boy's in kansas) for another lower body lift. Warmed up with some stepmill intervals which reminded me that my cardiovascular endurance is either a.) still crap or b.) crappy because I'm still sick. Neither is good, but I'm thinking the former is the most preferable as I really don't still want to be sick.

Anyway, after that and stretching, I went straight into this one move that I don't know the name of, but it's basically a ball bridge: lie on ground with heels on a stability ball. Raise butt in air. Roll ball towards butt and back, all while keeping butt in air. After that, I did wall sits, calf raises and a whole hell of a lot of walking lunges - plain lunges and lunges with a rear leg extension. Those killed after a while. Ow. Still, it felt good, you know?

The other thing I wanted to blog about happened at Starbucks work today. I was on the bar (yay!) and during a slow period, went to replenish our milk fridge. The fridge holds 12 gallons - six 2% and six non-fat. Some of the guys can manage to carry out eight gallons (four per hand), but as a.) I'm not that strong and b.) my hands just aren't physically that big, I don't. Instead, I can manage to fill the fridge in two trips as I can manage three gallons per hand. It's a little tough, but not bad.

Anyway, I was carrying out six gallons of milk and one of my coworkers on a break (female) saw me and exclaimed, "Wow! Six gallons? I couldn't do that," (or something along those lines) before adding, "What are you, a man?"

Now admittedly, I am one of the stronger females that works at the store, if not the strongest. I can bring out six gallons of milk and don't have that much of an issue emptying the coffee filter trash (trash can nearest the coffee brewers. wet coffee grounds are heavy, yo). I also shrugged off her remark.

Still, did she really need to make some comment about me being more masculine just because I can lift some heavy shit? I'm proud that I can more efficiently fill the milk fridge. I may never look uber-cute in spaghetti strap tank tops given my broad shoulders, but you know what? I'd rather have that strength as it helps me get through my work days.

I dunno. Thoughts? Was that even meant to be a compliment? I took it as a backhanded one, but reflecting on it now, I guess it could be seen otherwise.

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