Friday, October 17, 2008

Deja Vu ...

... and not the good kind, either. After I got off work, Brandon and I headed down to the park to do some agility drills outside. If you've ever played organized hockey or football or perhaps even basketball, you'd probably recognize the box/cone drills we did.

To start off, we did a small jog around the softball/baseball backstop and stretched out. Then, we set four cones in a box and did box drills. If I remember all the ones we did correctly, we did:

- straight, shuffle, straight, shuffle
- straight, backward, straight, backward
(add extra cone in middle of box)
- start at middle cone and loop around all outlying cones
- start at middle cone, run to each cone, facing forward each time

We then took the middle cone back out and did a forward/backward x type thing. All of that crap took about 20 minutes. We stopped after that because:
A.) it was tough. H.I.I.T. in the house (technically) and that shiznit wears you out
B.) we are so not the people/athletes we were either in high school or college
C.) we still feel ass out of shape. Boo.

It's sad to think you've come so far when something like this happens and you realize that no, you still have so far yet to go.

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