Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fun and Hockey

Even though over here, the two are mutually exclusive. For the most part. We won't go into how I basically ended up crying after every single game I played in college.


Geez, I've been going on tangents over here a lot, haven't I?

And there was another one. Crap. Well, today was a double workout day technically,though the first one was us basically just goofing off in the park throwing a softball around and, in my case, attempting to hit it (and attempting to pitch it to brandon). Still, one of the goals for the month is rejuvenation, and playing softball in the park (and trying not to kill the mini soccer girls) was pretty damn fun because really, I equate rejuvenation with FUN in many respects. Maybe working out has become a marginal grind lately and maybe that's why I haven't felt like doing anything in a while. Maybe having fun with what I do is just what I need. We'll see.

Later tonight (okay, last night, since it's almost 1am), we played some hockey - another goal and something we haven't done in a while. It was a pretty empty skate - five a side with one or two on the bench (depending on the side) ... which meant that T was a laaaazy defenseman. Oh well, when a skate has fewer people, it's generally more laid back and I generally have a lot more fun then. That, and I'm of the firm belief that I play better when I don't care. ;)

Brandon had an issue with one of the players on our "team," but I'll let him blog about that.

Now, to shower and stay up all night (okay, three hours) writing so we can catch an ass-early flight to Minnesota. Brandon's college roommate is getting married so we're heading on out. Expect at least A blog from each of us as we're planning on running at least once. Probably not tomorrow due to lack of sleep, but we'll see.

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