Monday, October 20, 2008

Intense Lift

This job thing is making working out next to impossible. Yesterday, after getting not much sleep, I worked from 8am-4:30pm (though officially didn't leave work until 4:45pm), got home at 5pm ... and had one hour to unwind a little, change, eat and do whatever else before leaving to go to job #2 where I was at until 11:40pm.

Yeah. That leaves time for working out.

Anyway, since I'm off today as well as the boy (yay!), we went to the gym for a quick, intense lifting session. Seriously, we were there for about 20 minutes. After the typical B&T warm-up, we did:

- 3/10 incline leg press
- 3/10 standing calf raises
- 3/10 seated rows
- 3/10 tricep extensions (standing ones with the rope attachment of the cable machine)

We upped the weight each set so the last reps were basically to failure ... especially on the two arm ones. The last set of 10 tricep extensions for me should read set of 7. Boo.

Oh well, just a quick session to blast before DATE NIGHT!!!! Though we still spend a decent quantity of time together, we feel like we don't spend any quality time together anymore thanks to various jobs and crap, so we want to change that. Thus, date night. Neither of us are doing any work today, too, even though I most definitely could.

Cardioooo tomorrow.

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tokaiangel said...

That's a stinker of a double shift! Hope you're recovered and that date night was fantastic - Boy and I really need to start doing this again, we haven't been out just the two of us for months and months, thanks for the timely reminder!

TA x