Monday, October 6, 2008

T's Goal Recaps

Sprague Lake
Sprague Lake; Rocky Mountain National Park

Yay, it's fall!

First things first, haven't worked out today. I won't, either, unless you count running up ... 6 flights of stairs twice so far and at least once more at CC. Silly work.

So, September review:

General Goals:
- Skirt Chaser 5K and the Autumn Color Run
- core, cycling and general cardio
- MAYBE looking into hockey leagues
- run Red Rocks
- H.I.I.T. training for cardio
- general focus on upping the strength training
- flexibility

I ran both the SkirtChaser and the Autumn Color Run, so check. Core? Check. Cycling? FAIL. General cardio? Half-check - didn't do as much as I probably should have. When I wasn't running a race or running outside, all other cardio I did was H.I.I.T. training, so check! It probably helped with my awesome time in the Autumn Color Run, too, so yay. Didn't strength train as much as I wanted to, so half-check there, but check on flexibility.

Overall? Not bad.

Now, let's repost October's Goals:
- maybe a 5K
- enjoyment outside - REJUVENATION
- hockey
- agility
- endurance for cardio; stamina
- functional strength training

I'm extremely unsure on whether a 5K will happen this month or not, but I'm thinking succeeding this month will be better than last.

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