Monday, October 6, 2008

A review of goals for both September and October

Ok, so here comes the much anticipated goal reviewing. As you all know, girlfriend and I established goals for two months to keep us on track. I'm training for a triathlon next year and also trying to just get in better shape.

Here's September goals:

- Skirt Chaser 5K and maybe Autumn Color 5K
- Core, cycling, and general cardio
- Run Red Rocks

- Endurance for cardio (treadmill workout, hill sprints, etc)
- Core strengthening
- CONSISTENCY (week to week)

I did both the Skirtchaser 5K and the Autumn Color 5K, each time setting a better PR. Goal, check. I did a lot of lifting focusing on my core. Goal, check. I did quite a bit of running + a few treadmill workouts. Goal, check.

I didn't cycle once. Fail. I didn't run Red Rocks. Fail.

My endurance can speak for itself with two PR's in 5K's! My core I believe is stronger. And the consistency thing went pretty well.

So overall, I would say September was a success.

October...not off to a great start. I've been sick for a little while (boo). And been pretty busy unfortunately. But I will review the goals here.

- Maybe a 5K
- Enjoyment outside (October is probably our favorite month)
- More hockey

- Intense weight training
- flexibility
- agility

Doubt the 5K is gonna happen, but that's ok. It's not something I was planning on. More hockey...I'll try. I need to put 45 bucks aside for ice time. And enjoyment outside has been happening. Thankfully.

I need to hit the gym for the weights. It's not too late to get started for sure.

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