Saturday, October 25, 2008

Work Is Not an Excuse.

Really. Honestly.

You may have noticed a major drop off in blog posts here at Inspiration Stardust Dreams. Brandon should have had one from a few days ago when he worked out in Fargo, but my last blog post is the last time I worked out.

I have three jobs right now. I'm blogging right before the start of my second phase at work (though this one's unpaid). I've already put in an 8 hour day. I've been at this job for 30 minutes and will be here for at least another three hours. At least. In theory, I SHOULD head to a bar/club to see two of my friends whom I haven't seen in at least two months, probably longer. However, I have to be back at work tomorrow for another 8 hour shift ... and another 6 hours unless boyfriend isn't flying in which case he gets three of them.

Most days I work one job only and part of a second (writing) so it's not quite as bad as my weekends seem to be, but ugh. The downside to all of this? Two pretty important things start falling by the wayside - exercising and my diet.

The lack of blog posts here demonstrate my lack of exercise (really, it's horrible), but since I don't yammer on about what I eat all that much, it's not quite as noticeable.

But I notice it.

I notice that I haven't been finding time to eat or, more accurately, eat well. Take Thursday. Thursday was supposed to be an "off day" to spend writing my column and going to an Air Force football game with Brandon. Then Brandon gets called in to fly. Then I get called in to take over a closing shift at another store. It gets to 3:30, about when I need to leave to go work, and I realize all I've had that day has been an egg and a nugget meal and salad at Chick-fil-a. I get to work a little early and eat a piece of reduced-fat banana chocolate chip coffee cake and it gets me through my shift.

I get home to eat ... and the kitchen is a mess from the family dinner. I instantly lose my appetite, clean up the kitchen, and crawl upstairs where I fall asleep pretty soon.

Come Friday morning, I wake up at 6am and get to work 20 minutes late at 6:20. Thanks to me not eating anything in, oh, 14 hours, my body rebels on me and I lose all color in my face, almost pass out at the register and go dry-heave in the bathroom. After I almost pass out for the second time, I plead to get my break early and eat some oatmeal to survive the shift.

That story is an extreme example of what's been happening, but the rest of the reality isn't too far off. I haven't been eating a lot ... in part because I'm not working out, I'm sure. But I think part of it is also because of that, I feel ridiculously fat even though, in all actuality, I'm probably losing (muscle) weight.

Today ended up being another day where I didn't eat all that much going on. Did NOT want to get out of bed for work so barely had time to cook myself an egg before I walked out the door to be at work. Ate an oatmeal on my break. A quarter-pound of turkey breast and some fruit salad from the King Soopers' deli for lunch.

All of that, plus an 8 hour day are what I ran 1.34 miles in 14 minutes on. That was my worst time in over a month for running. Not that I can really blame my body for the performance it put in - I really hadn't fueled it for a workout at all.

Still, I know that I can't use work as an excuse. I just can't. I know I can find some way to balance all of this, some how. I can't keep letting my health suffer ... because if I do, I know I'll get the Sickness of Death this year and it'll incapacitate me for a week ... which we all know just CAN NOT happen thanks to my schedule.


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