Sunday, October 5, 2008

Post from Work (job #1)

Job number one, of course, being the one that really doesn't pay me despite the hours I put into it ... and being the one that makes me feel like I'm actually utilizing my degree. Yep, I'm sitting here blogging from the Air Force Academy campus right before an exhibition hockey game.

However, that's not why I'm here. I'm here to say I FINALLY WORKED OUT AGAIN! YAY! It took me a week thanks to my various jobs and a sick Brandon (mmrraa :(), but I finally got out and ran today.

Funny, when you consider I'm actually working all three of my jobs today.

ANYWAY, did a short run of 1.23 miles (gotta ease back into it, yo) which ended up being a quite painful 1.23 miles, in 11:59 for a 9:44.55 mile. Not bad, considering I haven't ran - or done anything - in a week. I'll take it.

Reviewing of September goals and October goal posting tomorrow.

I promise.

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MizFit said...

looking forward to the goals and IMPRESSEDPROUD of you for taking the running slow...