Friday, March 28, 2008


I didn't have access to a computer last night/this morning, otherwise I would have blogged. I ended up not working out yesterday afternoon like I had planned thanks to waiting for call-backs for my Regional previews. However, I knew I would either be dancing up in Vail (if the roads were good) or playing hockey (if they weren't).

Well, the roads were good, so I drove up to Vail to get my groove thang on with Gen and Shawna. My abs hurt at first thanks to my recent unconventional sessions with the boy, but after a while, the discomfort mostly went away. Quads were much better since I wasn't wearing stiletto boots and I enjoyed working up a sweat.

I don't have much time today to actually work out since I'll be working hockey games for the majority of the day. I could technically go to the gym now, but my body wants nothing more but to sleep some more, so I may try napping. If I'm energized enough after the games tonight, I'll drag my butt to the pool ...

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