Thursday, March 27, 2008

back with Gray

Yes, we forgot to blog after dancing at the Lounge on Saturday night, but that's ok. It was a good workout and even though I'm not the greatest dancer, it was still fun to dance with the girl.

Today, Gray said we were going to just blast the arms. And we did. Started off with 2 sets of curls. Then we did 3 sets of pull-ups and 3 sets of dips. I forgot how much I hate doing those fucking things, even though they feel SO good. We then did some 21's (3 sets) and triceps while laying on the ball.

Then we did what Gray called Turkish situps. I called them Turkish Steamrollers, but thought that sounded dirty and really had nothing to do with steamrolling. This is weird, but you basically lay down, extend one arm while holding a dumbbell. Keep the arm pointed at the ceiling the whole time and stand up. Keep the arm fully extended the whole time, then switch hands and keep that arm extended. Hard. We did like 10 of those. In between, we did crunches.

We finished it off by doing some more curls.

The arms are hurting, but my sweetie will love it!

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