Thursday, March 20, 2008

Really, This Is for Yesterday (x2)

I'm in Minnesota with the boy and worked out twice yesterday, but both times afterwards we got ... distracted, shall we say, and kind of neglected the ol' blog.

Yesterday afternoon, Brandon and Gray snuck me into Gold's so I didn't have to pay the stupid guest fee and go through the membership spiel. I did very light cardio since I knew I'd be playing a little puck later so I just ran for 10 minutes on the treadmill. I then stretched out and then just did random weights. I don't entirely remember the order of what I did, but I did the following:

Supermans, planks, wall-sits, ball crunches, tri extensions on the cable machine, lat pulldowns, seated rows, captain's chair stuff, side planks, shoulder presses, upright rows, alt db curls and presses, weight-assisted pull-ups and dips, seated chest presses, ball hamstring stuff (lie on floor with feet on ball; curl ball in towards body), weighted lunges with backward leg extensions, hip adductors

Pretty sure that was all, but I'm not sure ...

Anyway, later that night, we joined a whole bunch of Brandon's friends from college at one of the local rinks to play some hockey. It ended up being really informal - barely any gear, three-on-three with a goalie shinny. I didn't play all that great, but I had a lot of fun and definitely sweat a lot. Since there weren't many people, the rink was pretty cold, but I ended up taking off my long-sleeve t-shirt thanks to sweating so much.

All in all, though, yesterday was a good day for exercise.

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