Thursday, March 20, 2008

lots of unconventional workouts, but a real workout too

Like T said, this is more for yesterday, since we got distracted on multiple occasions, plus I had to worry about a job interview today that I think went pretty well. But both of us got a good workout in.

We went to Gold's where Gray got her in for free. I saw her off (looking good) and Gray and I got going on the arms. We started off with bench. 135 lbs as many reps as I could. I think I did 14. We kept going. We ended up doing 5 sets, and each time I was dying, but it felt SO good. We then did dual seated pulleys. 3 sets of 10. Moved over to the incline bench and put up 3 sets of 10. Then we did the overhead row.

We then moved into the little room to do some dumbbell work and 21's. I did the dumbbell curls while sitting on a ball.

Finished it off by doing some forearm work.

Later that night, T and I played hockey with Wilbur, Tim, and a few other guys from college. It was great, laid back, and I felt really good for the most part. My passing sucked according to my girlfriend (who was very accurate in that statement) but my skating was good and shot was good. I feel that the posters game will be good!

Lots of unconventional workouts too. ;)

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