Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lazy Ass

I am a lazy, lazy girl. Well, at least one with good intentions that never follows through. Y'know. I've been column-ing and doing other stuff and dealing with a funeral that I haven't worked out in oh, a good week. I brought stuff to run or swim in while I was in Tucson, but there ended up not being enough time. Boo. I felt like crap tonight but after hearing how awesome the boy is, I said "Fuck it!" and went over to 24.

I deemed today to be cardio only, so I did my usual 10 minute warm-up on the recumbent bike and stretched out. I then decided to do a shortened version of Brandon's 45 minute treadmill workout, but forgot exactly how it went. So, I guessed and now that I'm looking at the little Post-It that I wrote the details down on, learned I was pretty close.

In any case, I did 30 minutes; two minutes at 3.5 mph, three at 5.7 mph (rather than 5.9) at a base incline of 1 (so flat; not marginal decline). In the last three minute section, I started at 5.7, went up to 6.0 and finished at 6.5 mph for the last minute. Go me.

I hopefully won't spend ALL FREAKING DAY writing my column tomorrow like last week, so I fully intend on getting in some more cardio as well as some lifting. And, if my buddy Jimi doesn't need me to escort him to the Avs game, I'll go play a little puck as well. :)

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