Friday, March 14, 2008

Back at the Ol' Puck

Played some hockey for the first time since mid-January when I took a shot off my foot (still a small lump there, i might add). It wasn't my greatest time out, but I got a lot of time on D - my teammates loved me for hanging out back there - and I had one beautiful pass - through traffic in the neutral zone, hard, crisp and tape-to-tape. I rarely get that pass off so when I do it makes me happy. :)

I got one shot off that, like usual, was about a foot wide of the net. Oh well. I had the opportunity to take some shots after the skate since we still had some ice so I practiced the ol' slapper again. I haven't lost it - it's rusty, but not nearly as bad as my wrist shot. I also think my snap shot died; I need to try and revive that sucker again too.

Moreover, it felt good to keep at one of my New Year's Resolutions (even though i'm kind of failing at it) and sweat some. :)

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