Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sprint Post

So in retrospect, Brandon and I both should have blogged Saturday night/Sunday morning when we got back from the Lounge since we both danced for a while, getting our hearts pumping (and, in my case, a nice quad workout since i was boogieing in stiletto boots). So yes, we did get some informal cardio in then as well as lots of unconventional workouts.

I'm probably going to lift tonight when Brandon does his thing in Greensboro, but I did a quick bit of cardio in the backyard as a warm-up. It's been gorgeous here so I wanted to run outside, but since I haven't eaten in a long while, I figured it might be best to just squeeze in a short sprint workout.

I started off with 20 jumping jacks followed by 20 quick squats followed by another 20 jumping jacks. I then sprinted the length of my yard - sprint, walk back to start, immediately sprint back - five times. I then rested to get my lungs back (fie, cardio endurance!) and then completed another five sprints. Nothing big, but enough.

I should also probably mention that while I only officially worked out once in Minnesota, I ran steps several times at the X rushing back up to the press box. I'm also on a softball team, so I'll be playing pretty much every Sunday night from March 30 through May 11. Woo!

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