Saturday, March 8, 2008

two in one day? Represent!

Still frustrated knowing I have to stay in RDU for another night (although I might go try to check out Duke, as they are playing UNC tonight in college b-ball), I grabbed a quick bite to eat, and changed back into my workout clothes. I was pretty unhappy about the lack of workout that I got earlier today, so I was determined to run.

I created a playlist this morning of Linkin Park, Disturbed, and Fair to Midland, with Upgrade^Brigade scheduled to start playing right about the time I start my final 3 minute run.

The workout room is really hot, and there was no way to tweak the temperature (I tried twice). So it felt like I was running on a really hot summer day, which I guess will make sense over the summer as I do some 5K's with Theresa and for the Twin Cities Tri in 2009. But it was not easy, and I was pouring with sweat 20 minutes into it.

On the final stretch, I cranked it up to 12 and sprinted out the final 30 seconds. It really felt good, although I feel more dead today than I have in the past...stupid meds. Although I'm not nauseated which is good. =)

I may actually work out for a THIRD time today...jury is still out though. For sure tomorrow night when I get home from this miserable hell that is my job.

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