Wednesday, March 12, 2008

back with Gray

Did a workout with Gray today, one that was strictly upper body (go figure).

Warmed up at my house with the 45 minute treadmill workout. After that, I drove to the gym and Gray and I started by weighing me and testing my body fat. I officially have lost over 20 lbs since beginning the program. Not too bad. Body fat is down 4 percent since I started as well.

Bench first: 135/12-10-8-6-6
Seated Row: 85/12-10-8-8
Lat Pull ups: 25 lbs/10-10-10
Lat Pull downs: 85 lbs/10-10-10
Dumbbell seated fly: 15 lbs/10-10-10
Bicep curls: 35/10-8-8

Followed by pushups while balancing on medicine balls.

Good workout, taking it on this 3 day trip with me.

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