Monday, March 10, 2008

a step off?

Alex called me and told me there was a drop in at Cook Arena last night, so I jumped on the opportunity to get some free ice. I was really excited to play with the TPS and play with Alex.

Started out by just passing around, a few sprints, etc. Then we started playing. There were 7 guys on each team, but no goalies, so we went 5 on 5 and played pipes. And from the get go, I was struggling. I was getting knocked off the puck, my passes were off, and I was out of position all the time. I didn't even get a shot off for the first 30 minutes of ice time. And it was frustrating.

I finally decided enough was enough and did my standard end-to-end rush, which allowed me to finally get a shot off. Granted, I didn't hit the post, but still felt good to finally be able to make some moves. I started playing better as well, stepping up and stealing the puck, making better passes, and even getting some cycling going in the offensive zone.

The exercise felt good regardless.

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